Elektra II An original Elektra fan fiction

Written by: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssassinElektra


I do not own Elektra or any other Marvel Comics characters. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Elektra movie and comic fans.

Title: The Treasure

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Comics

Setting: This story is set in the Elektra Movie-verse directly after the movie

Rating: PG-13, for violence

Author's Note: I was listening to Elektra The Album when I wrote this, particularly "Wonder" by Megan McCauley, "Your Own Disaster" by Taking Back Sunday, "Breathe No More" by Evanescence, and "Angels With Even Filthier Souls" by Hawthorne Heights. Download the songs or buy the Elektra album or the respective artists' albums.


I met Matt when I was very young, when I still had everything to lose. I had been training constantly then, under the direction of my father, unaware that it would lead to what I later chose as my temporary career.

Physical training was a way out of reality for me—still is. I have the strangest liking for it that no one else has ever matched. You see, when I'm in my training room, surrounded by sandbags and life-size dummies, I'm in completely control of everything around me. I can swing my sai with the expert ease I have acquired from years of practice and destroy everything around me in one blow. But, there was a time when I was not a killing machine, when I was capable of and even tried falling in love.

His name was Matt Murdoc, and he was eventually the death of me. Yes, I died. I can't remember much more than the blinding pain of being stabbed and the darkness that then took me. However long I was gone I'll never know, but the first thing I saw when I awoke to my second life was my respectable sensei Stick.

If I was a good warrior before, Stick taught me to be a great one. He taught me not by instructing in martial arts or ancient techniques—both of which he did—but rather through a test that determined the person I already was and would become.

I was an assassin for hire for the longest time, paid to hunt and kill those not so innocent citizens of this world. I loved what I did—I relished in the power that came behind taking someone's life from them before they could even scream for help. I was undefeatable. Until I was hired to kill Abby and her father.

Abby was a thirteen year old girl who, like me, had been a martial arts prodigy since her infant years. Her father was a kind man, and although he tried to get close to me, I pulled away—my mind still on Matt after all of those horrible years since my death. For some reason, as soon as I tried to kill Abby and her father, I froze—something I had never done before. I was unable to carry out the job and ended up protecting them instead.

This was the test that Stick had set up for me—would I kill them or protect them? I chose the later and ended up saving their lives more than once. Abby gave me my life back when she showed me my soul and the person I really was.

But, now that Abby and her father were safe, I wanted only one thing, only one person, because only one name kept popping into my head—Matt. So, I started for New York, started for Hell's Kitchen to find the love of my life.

Chapter 1

How was I going to approach him? Matt thought I was dead, after all. I'd left him the necklace, but that meant nothing. It could have been a practical joke played by some neighborhood kids. I smiled and realized that no neighborhood kids knew of our conversation about my own necklace, the one that had been my mother's. No, Matt wasn't stupid. He would know that I'd left the necklace there for him.

But would he understand why I hadn't waited there for him?

Memories flashed through my mind.

"I didn't get your name." He had said that the first time I met him, and I had answered back rudely, thinking him just another scumbag looking to get in my pants.

"I didn't give it."

Matt had asked me how I learned to fight like I did.

"It's my father. He had me train with a different sensei every year since I was six."

"Sounds like he wanted to turn you into some kind of warrior."

"No. Just not a victim."

When he found my mother's necklace, Matt had asked me a simple question that had conjured so many terrible memories. But, he hadn't known that at the time.

"It was my mother's. Her good luck charm."

"It's a good luck charm, eh? I could use one of those. Do they come in brale?"

There had been rain that night on the rooftop, rain tha fell and carresed my skin gently as I looked at Matt 'see' me for the first time.

"You are so beautiful." That's what he had said, and then he had kissed me for the first time. I still remember how it felt, how much I just wanted to stay with him right there in that moment. But then he had pulled away and turned to leave, and I spoke.

"Stay." I had told him. "Stay with me."

"You should know that the only reason I got dressed up for this thing tonight is because I wanted to look beautiful for you." I'd told him that at the Black and White Ball, and I had meant it. "I wish could see me tonight."

"Me too." He had said, smiling.

And then there was my father's funeral.

"Stay with me." Matt had said that, had pleaded with me, and when it started to rain I did the meanest thing I could and I used an umbrella so that he couldn't see me.

"There's no place for me now." I had said, walking away toward the car.

"Elektra?" At least I had had the decency to glance back. "Stay. Please." But then I had ruined the moment by getting in the car and leaving him there, alone.

And then there was the horrible night, the night Bullseye had killed me, and Matt had begged me to not fight, but I had to avenge my father's death. I will never forgive what Matt told me.

"I don't want to lose you again." He had looked so sad, so much in pain—not from the wound I had given him, but because he knew I was not going to listen to him.

"I'll find you." I'd said, kissing him for the last time.

I blinked the tears that those memories brought away and leaned back. I hoped no one noticed, but then no one could even see me. I was on a rooftop in Hell's Kitchen—one of Matt's favorite places to be. I figured that if I was looking for him, waiting on a rooftop would be the easiest way to find him. I'd have to wait until he came my way though. I looked at the sky and realized that it was sprinkling, that tiny droplets of water were splashing against my skin

Meanwhile, I'd be haunted by memories, doubts, and regrets. What if he no longer loved me after all those years? I have done terrible things, have seen and carried out things I never dreamed I would do, and I did them with expert skill. I was the most expensive assassin in the world until I gave it up. I was powerful and strong, so why was I so worried now as I waited for the man I loved?

I jumped at the sound of a man's voice. He was yelling, and then there was the sound of breaking glass. I jumped to my feet, collecting myself, and readied my sai. I walked over to the ledge and peered down. There was a man being mugged.

My first impulse was to smile and walk away. Years of pretending to not care about human life had almost made it a reality with me. But then I realized what an opportunity it was, and I looked around for a way down. Finally, I found a drain pipe that would hold my weight, and I slid down, my books clicking on the ground as I turned to face the mugger.

He sneered, looking me up and down. "What are you supposed to be?" He asked sarcastically. "Victoria's Secret to the rescue?" I kicked him so hard that I knocked a couple of his teeth out. He held his jaw and glared at me. The man he'd been mugging backed away from us, and once I saw that he was a safe distance away I face the mugger again.

"Obviously, you've never heard of me." I said, using my assassin voice. His eyes were full of such hatred.

He lunged at me, tried to punch me, but I stepped aside and kicked him onto the ground so that he rolled. He got up to his feet as quickly as he could and faced me again. "Oh yeah, and who are you that I should have heard of you?" He snarled, grabbing a glass bottle from the ground and breaking it against the wall of the building next to him. The alley was so empty and still that nothing was heard but the falling rain and the glass that fell to the ground.

The mugger lunged for me again, this time holding the glass out in front of him. I snagged it with my left sai and threw it back behind me, where it shattered on the ground, not longer useful for him. He looked at me, wide-eyed and almost with respect.

I smiled, then kicked him onto the ground. He didn't even try to get up this time as I threw my boot against his neck and held him down. "I'm Elektra." I said, and his face became full of fear. I pulled my boot off, surprised by his reaction.

"You…you died." The man said, struggling to his feet.

"Yes." I said. "I did."
"Then…how?" I looked at him for the longest time, not answering, until finally he took off running. I fought the urge to throw one of my sai into the back of his neck—a move that I had used to take so many lives—then turned to face the victim once the mugger was gone.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, but he backed away in fear.

"I've heard of you." He said, his voice shaky. "I thought it was just a story told to scare people though. But here you are, red costume, bloody sai, and long, dark hair." He looked at me with so much fear that I actually felt bad. "Please don't kill me."

"I'm not going to kill you." I said, looking him right in the eyes so that he would know I was telling the truth.

What he asked next surprised me. "Why not?"

"Why not?" I asked, and he hesitantly nodded. "Because…" I thought about it and a million faces of those I'd killed over the years flashed before my eyes. "I don't do that anymore." I finally finished.

"You're like a good guy now?" The man asked me, sounding a little relieved.

"I'm not a guy, and I'm not exactly good." I said, thinking about how badly I had wanted to kill the mugger. "I don't know what I am." I admitted. The man looked at me, then ran away, and I was left alone. My thoughts turned to Matt again.

And all of the sudden he was there, was standing in the shadows that the buildings cast and looking straight at me, even though he couldn't possibly see me.

The look on his face was mixed with emotions. It was a mixture of doubt and relief. He opened his mouth to speak but hesitated. I stood up and looked at him, tears coming to my eyes again.

"…Elektra?" His voice was music to my ears, something I had missed hearing more than I had realized. He still hesitated when he spoke, and I could tell that he doubted if I was even real.

The time had come for me to say something, but I had no words for him. I almost took a step towards him but stopped myself before I moved. Matt stared at me and slowly smiled.

"You're real, right?" He reached out to touch my cheek, and I pulled away roughly—more out of instinct from years of loneliness than anything else. "I'm sorry." He said, sounding sad as he pulled his hand back. "Is it really you?" He asked again.

The rain was starting to fall harder now, starting to collect in little pools all along my skin and I could only imagine what Matt was seeing. Could he see the tears that now fell down my cheeks and mixed with raindrops? Could he see my mouth quivering as I tried to keep the scream that I wanted so badly to let out from escaping? Could he see my sai, one in each hand, and could he tell that I was losing my grip on them, that they would fall at any second because I was so in love with him that he made me weak?

"Why are you crying?" He asked, and one of my questions became answered. He waited for me to answer, but I just looked at the ground. "Elektra?" He pulled my chin up gently with his hand, and this time I forced myself to not stop him. I dropped my sai, completely helpless now that I was near him again. The sound of their clatter rang out through the night, louder than the falling rain. "What's wrong? Are you all right?"

What could I say to him? No, Matt, I've just spent years as a murderer until I saved this little girl, and now I want to be good again, now I want to be with you again? It wasn't exactly dinner conversation. But then we weren't at dinner.

"I am…" I thought about my words carefully before finished, and Matt listened with more attention than I had ever seen anyone keep. "…so tired." I said, and that was when I fell into his arms.

Matt held me for the longest time, asking no questions, asking nothing of me at all, and I cried into his shoulder. The rain poured and still he held me there on that rooftop. It was the very embrace that I had needed for years. When the sun began to rise I wondered what the new day would bring.

To Be Continued...