Chapter 13

With Ganson watching over him all night, Link slept a dreamless, peaceful sleep. He woke up at dawn the next morning and sat up in bed, looking at his older brother, sitting next to the bed in a chair, ready to fall asleep at any moment. Link smiled and shook his brother, brining him to attention. Ganson snapped out of it and looked at Link, smiling.

"Sleep well, Link?" asked Ganson tiredly. Link nodded.

"I did, thanks to you," replied Link. "Now it looks like it's your turn to get some sleep."

"Nah, I'm fine. I'll be wide awake after breakfast."

"Go ahead and crawl into bed. I'll bring some breakfast up to you so you can get some rest." Ganson blinked.

"But what about your arm?"

"It's fine. It's just my shoulder that's injured, not my whole arm. As long as I don't live anything heavy and keep it in a sling, it's good. It's a good thing Hylians heal quickly." Ganson smiled, then nodded.

"Okay. I'll see you in a bit then." Link smiled, nodded, then headed downstairs. Ganson yawned tiredly, crawled into bed, pulled the covers over himself, then slowly fell asleep as he rested his head onto his pillow.

Ganson was walking through Gerudo Fortress in the middle of the day, waving and greeting the other Gerudos. He walked into the throne room of the fortress and sat down in his throne. He picked up some papers and began to thumb through them.

"Another good day, Your Majesty?" asked a male voice. Ganson looked up and grinned.

"Hey there, Little Brother," he replied. He stood up and walked over to Link. The two embraced in a brotherly hug. Ganson then took out a dagger and stabbed Link in the back with it, causing Link to cry out loudly in pain. Ganson's eyes widened as he quickly stepped away from Link. Link collapsed onto his knees and looked at Ganson with hurtful eyes.

"Why…?" Link's lifeless body then fell forward onto the ground. Ganson looked fearfully at Link's body, then at the bloody dagger in his hand. He quickly tossed it away and backed away from it, backing into a mirror. He quickly turned around and looked at his reflection in it. He was garbed in Ganondorf's outfit, his reflection laughing menacingly back at him. Ganson's cackling reflection then turned into Darrel laughing.

"You're becoming more like your father everyday, Ganson Dragmire," laughed Darrel. Darrel's image then turned into Ganondorf's image. Ganson's eyes widened in horror as he looked at his father.

"I knew you'd live up to my expectations, son," cackled Ganondorf. Ganson then turned around and saw the bodies of his friends lying by Link's corpse; The king, Zelda, Impa, and Nabooru. Tears started flowing down Ganson's cheeks as he screamed at the top of his lungs, the evil laughter overpowering his cries.

"Ganson! Ganson, wake up!" shouted Link as he shook his screaming brother. Ganson quickly sat up wide-eyed and looked around, sweat beading on his face. His hard breathing started subsiding as he grew aware of where he was. He was back in his bedroom in the castle, in his bed. He looked at Link in surprise.

"Link! You're alive!" Ganson shouted. He went to hug him, but then stopped himself, remembering his dream.

"Ganson, calm down. You just had a nightmare, that's all. Do you want to talk about it?"

"I…no. I'm fine. It's nothing. I'm going back to sleep." Link frowned, then nodded.

"I'll watch over you while you sleep, in case you get another nightmare." Ganson quickly shook his head.

"No, don't worry about me. I'm fine."

"Are you su—"

"Yes." Link sighed, then stood up.

"All right then. I'll see you later when you're up." Ganson nodded, then watched Link leave the room. Ganson sighed and leaned against his pillows, looking at the palm of his shaking right hand, frowning.