Lacus' Love Story!

Chapter 3-Lacus Leaves Athrun

"Maybe we should attack the Earth Forces,"Ades said.

"They haven't tried to attack us,so that wouldn't make sense,"Rau replied."That would be something fun to do,though."


"Damn it!"Haro said.

"Silly Haro,"Lacus laughed.

Haro was bouncing around Lacus' room.A few minutes later,Haro went to Athrun.

"Something wrong,Haro?"Athrun asked.

"No problem!"Haro said,"No problem!"

"Haro is usually like that,"Lacus laughed.

"I don't wanna!"Haro said,"Haro!Haro!"

Maybe I should go see Kira,Lacus thought to herself.

A few hours later

Lacus quietly went into the room where the Mobile Suits were kept in,with Haro bouncing along behind her.When she got there,she decided to go into the Mobile Suit called Freedom.

"I'm sorry,Athrun,"Lacus said after she turned the Freedom on.She left the Zaft aircraft to go to the Earth Forces' aircraft,the Archangel.

Back at the Archangel

"Zaft is planning on attacking us!"Natarle said to Murrue.Natarle and Murrue took notice of a Mobile Suit that they assumed might belong to Zaft,due to the fact that they knew it wasn't theirs.

"Wait,"Murrue said,"they might not be attacking."

Just then,the person inside the unknown Mobile Suit started speaking to Murrue.

"Hello,"the pink-haired Lacus said,"is Kira Yamato there?"

"Of course he's here,"Sai replied.

"Well,"Lacus giggled,"I just came here because I wanted to join you guys!"

"Wait a minute,"Natarle asked,"how do we know you're not lying?!"

"If I was lying,which I'm not,"Lacus stated,"then wouldn't I have tried to kill you already?That would be something a real Zaft member would do,anyway."She giggled after she said her last sentence.

"Fine,"Murrue said,"but don't do anything stupid!"

"Don't worry!I just want to help you,"Lacus said in a cheery voice.