Needing You Forever

Its my first story. Much to my dismay I don't own any of these characters they all are someone elses ideas. I'm just playing with them.

Spoilers for Time Stands Still and Back inBlack(nextchapter)

As I am laying next to you. I am content with my life finally even after what has happened over the past year or so. Nothing can get me down. I am much better than when you re-entered my life . I was young and severely depressed and couldn't wait to get out of my hell hole of a life. I needed an escape from everything including myself no matter what I did it seemed to only get worse. When illness started to break apart my family I was in denial for a while, then it hit me like a ton of bricks. My world was slowly slipping away from me, out of my grasp and spiraling out of control. I couldn't even stop it . I was so powerless in that situation nothing I could do to really change it . It triggered me to be more subdued and I was more observant than I had been in the past. I stepped back and watched my peers interact with each other. I watched them fight over petty things. I withdrew myself from my world and almost seemed to watch from another place. I put up a front nobody knew what was really going on in my head what was going on with me. I smiled and pretended to be strong I would grin and bear it nobody noticed it really then again I wouldn't let them. I didn't want anyone to know about the bigger conflict I was having with myself everyday sometimes every minute. I was waiting for the first domino to fall and trigger the rest that were so delicately in the balance.

Then one day it happened, he changed my life. I was so scared I couldn't move at all. I never thought it would ever get this bad at our school. He couldn't handle it so he brought a gun to school. There I was standing in the hallway and he was pointing a gun at me. You were behind me, you grabbed my arm trying to get me to move but I was frozen as soon as we moved he yelled at us. We turned around to face him again. He started talking but I don't know what he was saying I wasn't listening to him to distracted by the gun that was in his hand. You stepped in front of me when he pointed the gun at me. Something that I will never forget. You wrestled with him to get the gun I watched through blurry vision trying to fight the tears away. Then I heard it I shut my eyes at the noise the gun went off. I quickly opened my eyes, you were lying on the floor with him both of you didn't move then all I remember is being walked to a room with Toby. I was looking for you , I needed to see you make sure you were ok.

I saw my mom and Snake they both gave me hugs I sat next to my mom I kept asking for you where were you . I don't remember if I saw you right when you entered the room but I did see you after a moment and I ran. I ran to you , tears were streaming down my face as I fought out of my mother's grasp, I ran to where you were on the other side of the room. I got to you tears were still coming and even faster than before. You just looking at me in your eyes I saw something I thought I would never see there fear, it was still there. I launched myself in to your arms, you slid your arms around my trembling body. I lost it completely everything caught up with me right then in your arms. I felt so safe in your arms you stood there and held me close to you knowing I needed someone to hold me. I could feel drops on my neck and then I realized you were crying too.. I was shaking from both fear and shock of the whole situation you didn't care you held me closer. We were so close, and I need to feel someone next to me to know I wasn't alone , you were there. As you pulled me as close as I could get to you ,I realized that you wanted to protect me and take away my pain. . You whispered in my ear " Em its ok ".

That's when I realized I needed you back in my life you hadn't called me Em in a long time and I had missed it. I thought I had moved on but I didn't you were always in the depths of my heart. I realized that only now that it was only a matter of time before our paths would cross again. I needed you and you were there. I don't know how long we stayed in each other's arms but I remember Mr. Radditch came in to get us to talk to the police and I remember you telling him not now. I forgot that my mom and Snake were in the room with us. I ended up sitting on your lap finally calming down and I had my head on your chest listening to your heart beat. I don't remember when I went home but as I got up and was gonna go home you stood up next to me and pulled me close one more time you kissed my cheek ever so gently as if I would break I rested my head against your cheek and you kissed my forehead ran your hands up and down my back and we finally broke apart.

I left and went home and trying to fall asleep but I couldn't erase the images from the day so I lied awake in my bed thinking of you remembering how good it felt to be in you arms again. I went upstairs to get a glass of water to return to find you in my room. You used the window to get in and I was relieved to see you. I went straight for your arms again after we broke the hug , we sat on my bed you kicked off your shoes. You started to ramble I knew something was wrong. I asked you and you said " Me and Ellie had a fight She tried to get me to talk. She said she understood and wanted to be there for me. But I don't want to talk to her, she doesn't understand, she wasn't there with me. I want to talk to you. I want you not her." I was shocked and speechless. You suddenly realizes that I am in my pajamas and ask if you should go. I quickly say no I really couldn't fall asleep anyway. You sits next to me on my bed and I was waiting for you to say something but it never came it was pure silence between the two of us. It was a comforting silence it wasn't awkward or uneasy just a comfortable silence .

I laid down and you followed my lead and laid next to me. You know that I am tired by the look I am giving you but I can't fall asleep because of everything that had happened that day. You look at me and with out even having to ask you move closer and put your arms around me . You know that I will have nightmares just like I know that you will too. I am glad that you won't be alone when you wake up and I am glad that I won't be alone when the nightmares become to real and I finally wake up. You spoon me against your chest your arms are wrapped around my body making me feel safe, secure, and loved. Later, I wake up trembling from my nightmare and you are there. You wake up kiss my forehead, whisper soothing words into my ear. You shower my face with little soothing kisses. You pull my shaking body so close trying to comfort me. You do comfort me and you hold me in your arms until I drift back to sleep . We wake up togther from the sun entering the window , the same one you used to come in my room last night. You say you should leave because the last thing we need now is to have my mom or Snake find us in bed togther even if we are fully clothed. You lightly kiss the corner of my lips a small but meaningful kiss we both know it . You said to call you later, you gave me a hug and then left. I never called though, I was to afraid what Ellie would think or say about it. But you called me then next day. We talked for hours and then said our goodnights knowing that we would see each other in our nightmares.

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