The Phantom's Sherezade tale


The young Jeanne felt her tears go down her face. Her wrists still urt incredibly from the rope they had been bound with.

''Please, miseour..!'' she uttered frightened, her body shaking. The figure in black, masked, sat at the organ, playing it with fury. She tried to yell out, to shout so he could hear her, and turn to her, but he did no such thing. Her voice was quivering with fear as she tried to shout one more time:

''Please, miseour, let me go..!'' poor Jeanne. She had been there for some time. She wasn't even sure how long she had been in the hands of him, that monster! The Phantom! Erik lost his control and took the Punjab lasso that was beside him. He walked over like a demon with his black cloak as wings. He garbbed her by her throat and made her raise on her knees.

''I told you to leave me alone when i am at the organ, you stupid girl!'' she cried and cried which even made him more infuriated.


Erik... he shook his head and screamed in fury, suddenly putting the punjab lasso around her neck and pulling on it. She had no time to scream. Her neck was broken. He pulled away the Punjab lasso and starred at her lifeless body on the floor.

''This is your fault Christine, all your fault!'' he whispered, a tear coming down his disfuguried face. He walked back to the organ and started to play violently. He would bring the girl's corpse back up to her dressing room later.