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Chapter 8 A mother's child

Erik had told Megan to leave him. She hesitated, but went back the way they came. He stood there, looking across the city, still holding his violine close.

''Come out!'' he suddenly shouted, turning towards the shadows. A cane stepped infront of the black skirt first and the moonlight revealed the face of Madame Giry.

''Madame...To what do I owe your spying on me?'' by the look on her face, you could tell she was in no mood for jokes.

''What are you doing with my daughter?''

''What am I doing with her madame? Maybe I should rephrase the question for you...Did I seduce her, beat her, rape her? Is that what you think this monster is doing?'' Madame Giry approached him angrily and slapped him hard across the face.

''How dare you! I saved your life, I took care of you...I loved you and you repay me in this way! You try to take away my only child, my little Megan!'' Erik looked towards her, saying nothing to her slapping him, but flashing a small grin.

''Love? You speak of love Madame?'' he placed his hands on her neck and pulled her close. She tried to break away, but seeing she couldn't, she remained still. His breath was on her face.

''You once kissed these disfigured lips...When we were children. You didn't call me a monster. I was your friend, your dear Erik, and you were my Angel...My dancing Angel.''

''Erik...'' he stepped back, letting go off her.

''I lost you first, then my beautiful Christine...Those dead girls would have left me aswell. But Megan...''

''Erik! She can't mend your heart, she is just a child!'' Erik turned angrily towards her.

''And you were not a child when you married Giry!'' hearing nothing but silence, he quickly turned to leave.


''Leave me be, my dancing Angel...'' he looked towards her, that grin shing on his lips again.

''The Demon has finally found someone who can accept it's face!'' he quickly left, leaving Madame Giry to stand there, alone.

''Erik?'' Marie shouted, her voice echoing in the darkened hallway. Se could hear Erik cry. She isghed and quickly ran down the steps towards his voice. He always cried, her dear sweet Erik and she was always there to comfort him.


''Go away!'' she smiled slightly and approached the boy curled up in the darkened corner. He still kept the hideous bag over his head and his knees close to his face.

''Erik...'' he looked up, peering with his two eyes at her behind the two holes on the bag. She knelt down infront of him, placed the small black bag she was carrying with her on the floor and gently reached out to pull of the hideous bag of Erik's head. He roughly grabbed her wrists, the anger in his black eyes showing. When he saw the sadness flash in young Marie's eyes, he let her go and whispered:

''I'm sorry...'' his voice was shaking. Marie smiled at him and gently pulled off the bag from his head. Erik kept looking down, not wanting to face his dearest and most beautiful friend. Marie raised his chin and said:

''Hey...Don't ever look down Erik. Alaways look...'' and pointing to her eyes and then his said:

''...In the eyes.'' Erik managed to smile and nodded. He wiped away his tears and watched Marie as she took the black bag she had with her.

''What's that?'' he asked, curiously galncing at her. Marie grinned and pulled out of it a beautiful white mask.

''It is just one of many. They won't miss it in the production.'' She gave him the mask and added:

''It will suit you much better then that old sack!'' Erik looked at the mask, holding it as if it were the most precious thing on Earth. With teary eyes, he glanced at her and whispered:

''Thank you, Marie.'' She smiled, and without warning kissed him softly on the lips.

''You are most welcome.'' Erik blushed and smiled, holding the mask close to his chest.