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The girl pushed herself up where she had fallen. She looked around the small cave.


Suddenly all the memories came flooding back. Everything, the Titans, Slade, that volcano…and her name. Terra. The cave looked no different, just the same as when she last saw it. Well, except for the fact that all the lava had dried. She jumped down from the platform she had been standing on. Behind her was a small plaque that had her name on it.

"Well, I guess they don't hate me entirely." she said to herself.

She picked up the plaque, looked around the cave one last time, and ran outside.

"I hate checkout lines." Terra thought to herself.

After leaving the cave, she was able to find her bag with all of her belongings, right where she had left it, amazingly. Now she was standing in the checkout line waiting to buy some much needed clothing. At this point in time she was wearing her old clothes, the ones she was wearing when she first met the Titans. However, they didn't quite fit anymore (A little snug). She wondered exactly how long she had been in that cave.

Terra looked around the store. Several clothing racks, some checkout lines, nothing out of the usual. Up on the wall behind one of the checkout stations, she saw some calendars for sale. She tried to make out what year it was.

"Strange, it looks like it says "2000 Calendar"." She whispered to herself.

Then it hit her. The calendar said "2010 Calendar".

"It's been five years?" She screamed.

Suddenly every eye in the store was on her. The women behind her said, "I know, this line's been taking forever…"

Terra laughed and blushed.

After paying for (and putting on) her new clothes, Terra tried to figure out what to do next. She wasn't very excited about the idea of going to see the Titans, especially after five years, but it was probably a good idea to at least try and talk them.

"It's been five years." she said to herself. "I wonder how they've changed?"


Well, that's it. A little short, I do realize, but there's more to come. I hope you enjoyed.