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Warnings: shonen ai, possible sap/minor angst
Author: Arigatomina
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Without the Moon

Part 7

He hurt. That was the first thing to register as Duo slowly moved, feeling softness beneath him. His body ached and he felt weaker than he'd ever imagined. It took an actual effort to open his eyes, and even his instinctual need to move back was impossible as he only managed a few inches. The white-haired man was standing beside him, and he glared as he slowly pushed himself up, his mind confused by the fact that he was lying on a bed. Then he shot a look around the room and his muscles tensed as he realized he'd been captured.

"Duo, I'm glad you've woken," Zechs murmured, brushing his hand over the angry boy's cheek. His eyes narrowed a bit when Duo jerked back, but he shook his head. "You shouldn't try to fight anymore, Duo. You're much too weak and besides, your fight has ended."

"Who *are* you?" Duo asked, his fury rising without bounds as he realized the man was right, at least about his weakness. Still, he managed to curl his legs so he was sitting, and he blinked sharply when he realized his state. Fear rose up in him, warring with his anger and he folded his arms over his bare chest, vaguely grateful that the man had at least left him his pants. "Bastard."

"Zechs," the white-haired man said easily, sitting on the edge of the bed. "My name is Zechs, Duo." Leaning forward, he touched the boy's long hair, frowning when the American jerked back again. "Don't," he whispered, his pale blue eyes narrowing.

Duo's eyes widened as he was suddenly unable to move, and he felt his breath catch when the man ran his fingers through his unbound hair. "What...did you do?"

"It's the crystal," Zechs said, a small sad smile curving his lips. "I would rather if I didn't have to use it, but you are so...fiesty. That's why I drained you when I brought you here."

The man had moved closer, and Duo looked away quickly, his mind screaming at him to think of something as warm breath touched his cheek. "Crystal? Is that...the source of your power?"

"Mm, yes," Zechs whispered, breathing in the scent of the boy's silky hair. "Duo, you are so precious. Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to do this?"

"Why me?"

The boy was trying to stall him, and Zechs let out a soft laugh as he moved back a bit, turning the boy's head so their eyes met. "I've longed for you since the first time we fought. You were simply magnificent, Duo...Saturn. I simply couldn't comprehend a boy who would be so willing to destroy himself merely for the sake of a planet. I couldn't let you do that, though.'ll never have to use that power." Those violet eyes were wide, and he took it to be confusion rather than fear. He didn't want him afraid. "Yes, I knew what you planned to do. Tell me, Duo, would you really have destroyed yourself?"

"I don't know," Duo said sharply. As long as he kept hold of his anger, he would be okay. He reminded himself of this as Zechs brushed his fingers over his cheek and he was unable to so much as flinch. "I've never used my full powers. I might have destroyed more than just myself, I don't know."

"And now, you'll never have to find out." Smiling, Zechs cupped the boy's chin, the sparks in Duo's eyes making him burn. "Your eyes are so beautiful...exquisite..." His arm moved around the boy's waist and he pulled him forward as he kissed him suddenly.

He couldn't close his eyes, and Duo felt them burn as the man kissed him. Then they glazed slightly as he was slowly pushed back onto the bed.

* * *

"He took him? But why?" Hilde's eyes widened when Heero cursed, and she turned to face him slowly.

"They never meant to fight us at all," Quatre whispered. "They were just waiting until they could distract us."

"Why Duo, that's what *I* want to know." Wufei glared at everyone in general, then he turned as he felt someone approach. Catching sight of the two cats, he couldn't help but notice the way the black one seemed to be drooping. "Duo said he followed them here, and now they've taken him. Why him? Shinigami, you know, don't you."

"I think he planned to take him eventually," the black cat said softly. He didn't look up as he sat down on the ground, his head hunched so that his chin touched his chest. "Duo knew...he was afraid this might happen."

"He *knew*?!" Heero's eyes were narrowed to slits as he glared down at him. "He said nothing."

"He didn't know for sure," Shinigami said, glancing up. "But the man...he gave him hints. He was always careful not to hurt him, too much."

"That doesn't answer my question," Wufei reminded him. "Why Duo? Is it because he's stronger than us?" Heero was glaring at him, but that didn't help his confusion. He honestly couldn't understand why their enemy would want one of them alive, and it *had* been obvious that Duo was their target from the start. "First they lead him here, to us. And *then* they take him?"

"It would have made more sense to do so without uniting us first." Trowa blinked when eyes moved to him. They must not have expected him to join in. "It's true."

"I don't know why they did that," the black cat admitted. "But that's the reason Duo never said anything about his suspicions. When that man first found him and Duo realized he knew his name, we both were certain of what he wanted. But then he led us here and Duo thought he was wrong."

"That man knew his name?" Catherine stared at the cat in surprise. "You mean his real name, right? How could he have found that out?"

"Follow him," Relena said quickly, shrugging her shoulders. "All he'd have to do is have one of his minions follow him around. After all, with that hair Duo would be easy to spot. And no one would pay much attention if the guy following him looked normal."

"You know something, Relena?" Dorothy gave a small smile when the girl turned warily, no doubt expecting an insult. "Just when I'm convinced you're an air-head, you show that you're actually pretty quick. Good job."

Relena looked a bit confused for a moment, then she smiled a bit, blinking at her friend. "Thank you."

"Of course," Dorothy said slowly, as if it were an afterthought, "all that experience following Heero around probably made the idea come easier." The girl glared, and Dorothy smirked. "So he found out who Duo was. And then he waited."

Still a bit 'put-out' that Dorothy had made fun of her, Relena frowned. "Why do you guys keep talking in code?" she asked crossly. She wasn't stupid, but it seemed to her that they were skirting around, playing with words rather than just coming out and saying what they meant. "If you know why that man took Duo," she said, looking at Shinigami, "just say why."

"Isn't it obvious?" Heero did nothing to hide his glare, and he wanted so much to hit the girl for being so blind. "He took him because he wanted him." The Japanese boy noticed that Wufei was staring at him, and he realized Relena hadn't been the only one to miss the obvious. "If you want to know *why* he wanted him, just look at Duo."

"You don't mean he..." Quatre's voice trailed off, and he winced when Shinigami let out a mournful mewl and curled up on the ground. Dropping to his knees, he pulled the cat into his arms, his eyes very wide. "Oh no..."

"All right," Dorothy said sharply. Unlike Relena, she'd understood what *wasn't* being said before Heero had enlightened them. "So how do we get him back? It's evident that they aren't going to kill Duo so where could they have taken him? Where are these enemies from, and where would they be hiding?"

Cursing himself for being dense, Wufei shook his head as he looked at the blonde girl. "That's the question. But we don't have the answer."

* * *

Noin sighed as she brushed her fingertips over the smooth arm of the throne, her eyes sad when they traced the empty chair. She wasn't sure why she let it bother her, the fact that Zechs was now sequestered with his prize. It wasn't as if she hadn't been prepared, he'd spoken of the boy often enough for her to know how obsessed he was. She hadn't lied when she'd offered to catch the boy for him. As much as it hurt, she was willing to do anything to make the prince happy, even if it meant seeing him with another.

They'd been friends since they were children, and when Zechs had asked her to join him in his flight from their home, she'd done so joyously. Like a fool, she'd thought the fact that he asked *her* meant he returned her feelings. Then she'd found that Treiz and Une and Alex and Mueller were also going to go, but she'd still held her hope. It hadn't taken too long for them to find the green planet, and they'd all agreed it would make a perfect home for them. Unfortunately, it was inhabited already. Treiz had been the one to discover how hostile the humans were, and their war had started.

As they'd been warned, they found strong opposition in the region the humans called Japan, and while they'd continued their siege there, Zechs had gone alone to look at the rest of the planet. She knew she would never forget his expression when he'd returned from America, and her eyes burned as she admitted Zechs had been struck after that one meeting. Still, the boy he'd spoken of had been an enemy, and she'd convinced herself that the boy would never return the man's feelings.

//Obviously it doesn't matter if he loves him. Zechs doesn't care. If he just wants the boy, then he'll tire of him eventually. Surely he will.// She gave a mocking smile as she shook her head. //I'm such a fool. I'd wait forever for him, follow him anywhere on the slim chance that someday he'll see me as more than just his childhood friend. But enough of this.// Pushing herself back roughly, she took a breath. She had barely turned when she saw the two behind her, and she had only enough time to blink in surprise before Treiz hit her with something and she was surrounded by darkness as she slumped to the floor.

"Don't," Une said, flinching when the man shot her a questioning gaze, his hand halting. "I may not like her, but I don't hate her either. I don't want her dead."

"Well, that's a surprise coming from you." Treiz smirked, but he stood, slipping his blade back into its sheath. "What would you rather I do with her? We can't have her around here, she'll try to protect him."

"Oh, I know where we can put her." Une smiled as she gazed at him, and her brown eyes sparkled. "She may end up being killed anyway, but it won't be by us."

"You can be so evil," Treiz said smoothly, eyeing the woman with appreciation. "I approve."

* * *

"It's not your fault," Wing said softly. Shinigami was curled on the window sill beside him, and the black cat hadn't moved in over an hour. He understood how upset and worried his friend was, but he couldn't help wanting to comfort him. "We'll figure something out. We'll get him back."

"I should have told them that man wanted Duo. He didn't want me to say anything...he was embarrassed...but I should have told. Then we could have hid him...or something."

"Shi-chan," Wing said, smirking a bit when the green eyes glared at him. "Do you really think you could have kept Duo from fighting?"

Shinigami managed a tiny smile as he could imagine how furious Duo would have been if he'd tried that. "He'd have killed me."

"No, but he might have made you spend the night at Hilde's house. That would have been punishment enough for such a suggestion." The black cat's ears flew back, and Wing let out a silent sigh. The situation was dire, and Shi-chan's worries were reasonable. But they were also useless, as much so as his blaming himself. Glancing around the room, his odd colored eyes paused on Heero, and he wondered if anything he said would be able to help the boy. While he knew Shinigami loved Duo more, the cobalt-eyed boy was taking his abduction badly to say the least.

They were all silent, no one knew what to say. No one knew where the enemy was, and they couldn't even hope of staging a rescue if they didn't know where to go. They didn't even know if they'd be *able* to go. It was obvious that their enemies teleported to their hiding place and each was again reminded that this was a power they simply didn't have. In the end, it was Catherine who broke the silence, and the girl's shocked gasp made them all look up.

"Something''s hurt!" Her eyes were narrowed, and she stood suddenly, crossing the room and pulling open the door. "Are you coming?" she cried, her eyes shooting sparks. "It's one of our enemies!"

"What?!" Heero was on his feet before anyone else, but they followed a split second later. "How do you know?!"

"I saw it," Catherine said as they followed her down the street. "It's that woman, the black-haired one. She's hurt, and alone. If we catch her, we can find out where they've taken Duo!"


* * *

"Why are you afraid of me?" Zechs pushed himself up with a sigh as the boy beneath him whimpered softly. Those beautiful violet eyes were damp, and it hurt to see.

Duo gasped when his glazed eyes suddenly obeyed him and closed tightly. Then he blinked slowly as he was pulled up so that he sat next to the white-haired man. Zechs was staring at him, and he was confused by the sadness in the man's pale eyes.

"If I could order you to stop being afraid of me, I would."

He was glaring at him, and Duo frowned suddenly. No longer helpless, his anger was quick to return and he nearly flew off the bed, not pausing until his back was pressed to the wall. "What do you want from me?" he asked coldly, his eyes narrowed. "Isn't it enough that you have control?"

The boy's anger nearly radiated from him, and Zechs smiled as he moved to stand before Duo. "I admit," he said softly, his tone mocking. "I'd rather have you willing, but I didn't think that was an option." The long-haired boy looked as if he would spit in his face, and his smile widened. "Duo...are you upset with me?"

//I'll kill him!// Lunging forward, Duo was amazed that the man still hadn't used his power to control him, but he soon saw why. Zechs was physically stronger than him, and the tall man caught his wrists and pulled him forward until they were pressed together. "I hate you," Duo cursed, turning his head to the side when it seemed the man was going to kiss him again.

//Yes, be angry. You're beautiful when you're furious. Hold your anger, keep fear at bay.// Zechs smirked as he moved so he could see the boy's eyes. "Duo, if you aren't careful, I'll fall in love."

"What?!" Duo stared at the man for a second, then he suddenly moved, mentally cheering when he managed to push away from him. "You're crazy!"

"Yes, he is."

Zechs froze at the whispered words, and his rage knew no bounds as he turned to see Treiz and Une standing a few feet away. "What are you doing here?" he demanded.

"You've become weak," Une smiled, stepping forward. "We've decided to get rid of you...*your highness*. We'll conquer this world ourselves."

"What are you talking about? How dare you!" Zechs advanced on the two, his hands curled into fists as his eyes sparked dangerously. "Are you betraying me?"

"No. We are killing you. And we've already taken care of Noin." The white-haired man stopped as if he'd walked into an invisible wall, and Treiz took advantage of his distraction as he nodded to Une.

"And he dies first." Une moved to the side, her hands raising as she faced Duo. The boy was watching them in complete confusion, but he froze when he realized she meant to attack him.

"No!" Disappearing, Zechs was suddenly between Duo and the woman, and he sent an attack at her, cursing when she too disappeared. Then a harsh cry sounded behind him and he turned on Treiz, his horrified eyes moving to where Duo lay crumpled on the floor. Unable to transform, the boy had absolutely no protection. "You bastard!" Flying forward, he never expected the man's move and he groaned as he was suddenly on the receiving end of his own draining attack. Even as he wavered on his feet, he knew Treiz had gotten the power draining from Noin. She and he were the only two with that skill, even if she rarely used it.

As soon as he drained as much of the man's power as he could, Treiz disappeared. He waited until he'd absorbed it before blinking into existence beside Une and the two of them attacked the weakened man.

It was unbelievable, the combined powers stronger than anything he'd ever seen, and Zechs fell to his knees. Then he shoved his mind into action as he disappeared. He had to get to the crystal. He could only pray that Noin was still alive. Reappearing beside the dark stone, he grabbed it and stared in disbelief when the air in the center of the room shimmered suddenly, a rainbow of light that formed a large circle. Then he saw who it was and he didn't stop his smile as he knew, without a doubt, that Noin had lived. No one else could have told the eight youngsters how to teleport. Grabbing the crystal, he looked once more to Duo and disappeared as he could see the boy's chest moving. His friends would protect him. //They just have to hold out long enough for me to find Noin. Together, we can finish this.//

* * *

The woman had proved to be very cooperative, and while she hadn't had the strength to take them herself, she'd done what she could to teach them the skill of teleportation. In the end, they had to work together in order to do it, but they obviously succeeded as they were suddenly in a large room. They recognized Treiz and Une, remembering how Noin had told them of the two's betrayal, and instinct kicked in. Almost immediately, the eight fighters had separated and paired off. They were aware that without Noin's shield, their fight would be more straightforward, and they attacked instantly. The woman had warned them that Treiz had the draining attack, but she'd assured them the shield was useless to him. It only worked for females and Une hadn't taken any of her powers.

The enemies were caught by the multiple attacks, and Heero left the others, his eyes having spotted the still figure lying against the wall. His fury almost consumed him, but the boy moved when he knelt beside him, and he shoved it back. Holding Duo's shoulders, he slowly pulled the boy up, taking in the way he leaned against him. Then those violet eyes opened and relief soared through him. "Duo."

"I'm..." He felt something, and he blinked as he realized what it was. "The crystal...where..."

"What?" Heero frowned when the boy suddenly used him to climb to his feet. He was shaky, but he managed to stand. "Be still."

"No, it's okay," Duo said quickly. His vision was a bit hazy with the pain from Treiz's attack, but he knew it would be gone if he transformed. And the crystal was gone from its pedestal. Not waiting to wonder at the presence of the seven teens fighting so nearby, he transformed quickly. "Oh, that's so much better." Heero was frowning at him, but he smiled and shook his head. "I'm fine. Come on, let's finish this."

He wanted nothing more than to shake the boy, to yell at him, but he knew the fight had to come first and he gave a sharp nod. Together, the two rushed to where the others circled their enemies, then they faltered a bit as their comrades were thrown back.

"You fools, do you really think you stand a chance against me *now*?" Treiz smirked as he glared at the fighters, noting that they were quick to get back to their feet. "Well, then."

Wufei cursed as the man appeared behind him, and he whirled quickly, swiping his double bladed staff and causing his enemy to leap back. Hilde and Catherine were already focused on him, but the Chinese boy saw that Treiz didn't seem phased at all. Then he was caught by a rush of pain, and he could feel the energy leaving him replaced by sudden blackness and he hit the floor.

Hilde gave a cry of warning as the man turned on Catherine, but it wasn't quick enough to help the girl as the man was already draining her as well. With a quick glance, she saw that Dorothy and Relena were hitting him, but it did no good and she jumped forward, crouching over the red-haired girl. Treiz glared when the girl in blue was suddenly surrounded by a *very* familiar pink light, and he disappeared as he absorbed the stolen power.

It was chaos, but Heero and Duo jumped into the fray, hitting Une who was currently being attacked by Trowa and Quatre. The woman obviously hadn't gained anything from Treiz's rebellion, as she screamed from the pain, falling to her knees. Still, her comrade didn't appear to help her, and it wasn't long before she lay still before them. She obviously wasn't dead since she hadn't faded out as their previous enemies had, but the four boys left her there. If necessary, they'd deal with her later. A quick look showed that Hilde was shielding the two fallen members, and they searched the room, watching for Treiz to reappear.

The power was incredible, and Treiz didn't bother to block the attacks sent at him when he reappeared. Instead, he focused his energy on the black-haired girl, his brown eyes narrowed to slits as that pink shield failed to reflect the attack. It wavered, and her eyes widened as she was pushed back a few feet. Then there was someone in front of him, and his beam was cut in a double-slash of curved blades. "Fool," he whispered.

"Quatre!" Hilde screamed when the man suddenly appeared in front of her, and she dropped her shield, hitting him with everything she had. It wasn't enough, and the blonde boy cried out as he was caught in the back, thrown forward into the wall by an awful surge of power. Then the man turned on her again, and she raised the shield, knowing it was up to her to keep Catherine and Wufei alive.

"No!" Trowa's heart clenched, but he ripped his eyes away from the pale boy as he ran forward. Hilde couldn't hold for long, and he joined Relena and Dorothy as they again tried to hold the man with their combined attacks. //We can't win!// The man turned suddenly, facing the three of them, then Treiz reeled a bit as two powerful attacks hit him from behind as Heero and Duo were there.

He couldn't move. The others might not have had the strength, but with Saturn and Earth, the two he knew to be the most powerful, he was held. Still, Treiz glared as he was certain they couldn't sustain their attacks indefinitely. While there was pain, he wasn't to the point of falling and he knew it was only a matter of minutes before they weakened enough for him to be free.


They didn't turn as a shout was raised over them, but Treiz did, and the man's horrified eyes made them push harder. He was struggling now, trying to move out of their hold with a desperation that spurred them on.

"You should have killed me," Noin said loudly, her voice faltering a bit as she leaned against Zechs.

"Didn't you think I'd find her?" Zechs asked smoothly, his pale blue eyes glinting as his hold on the black crystal tightened. Raising it, he saw Treiz follow it with his eyes and he glared at the man. "Only the heir can wield its true power. I may not have had the strength alone after your betrayal, but Noin and I will vanquish you."

"Not that!" Screaming as he was still held, the brown-haired man cursed violently. "Kill me, anything but that!"

"No, you deserve this."

The fighters stared as their enemy was suddenly enveloped in a dark mist, and Hilde's eyes flew to the fallen Une as she too was surrounded by the thick light. It closed around them, then it seemed to shrink somehow, swallowing the two figures, Treiz's scream echoing for a moment before it too faded out. Ceasing their attacks, they turned to where the white-haired man stood, and their eyes followed the black mist as it was suddenly sucked into the small stone he held.

Noin turned her head to the side as the mist was completely gone, and she gave a silent apology. Death was surely better than being trapped inside the black crystal as she knew, they'd never be able to get out. Then she looked up at the man beside her, following his gaze to where the fighters stood together. They looked ready to attack.

"We wouldn't be anything against you right now," Zechs said slowly, his eyes caressing Duo's face as the long-haired boy glared at him. "You may keep your planet. I'm tired of fighting." He looked at Noin for a moment before pulling her a bit closer as she wasn't strong enough to stand on her own. "Go home, now. This ship is leaving."

* * *


Trowa snorted softly as he helped Quatre into the room, the boy's limp pronounced as he hung his head. "Right."


"He'll be fine," Duo said quickly. He was worried about the pale blonde, but he was certain Wufei would be fine once he woke up. After all, Quatre and Trowa had been when *they'd* been drained. "And Catherine, too." The red-haired girl lay on the couch, and he could see her moving even as he glanced at her.

"It's over," Hilde smiled, brushing the bangs away from her friend's face. "Hey, Cathy, we won."

"We...won." The girl smiled slowly, then wrinkled her nose as she was helped up.

"You're damn right." Dorothy smirked when Wufei also began to stir, and she knelt beside the boy, determined to be the first one to speak to him. When black eyes opened, she grinned. "Hey, Cathy woke up before you. Not bad for a girl, right?"

Wufei glared at the blonde girl and shoved himself upward quickly. Then he wavered a bit and almost fell over again before steadying himself. "Get away from me," he growled, scowling when she laughed. "What happened?"

"We won," Hilde said again. Still smiling, she walked to Relena and put an arm around the girl's shoulder. "We were great."

"Well, I think we would have lost if it weren't for Zechs." Duo blanched when Heero glared at him, but he couldn't lie. "I guess we'll have to get stronger if we're going to be the 'defenders' of the planet."

"Why do you have to be negative?" Relena asked crossly. "We rescued you and we beat the bad-guys. Isn't that enough?"

He grinned at the girl. "Sorry, thank you guys for rescuing me," he quipped. Then his eyes narrowed when Catherine let out a shocked gasp and everyone turned, staring at Trowa. "Um...did I miss something?"

Quatre's eyes were very wide, and he refused to blink as the tall boy kissed him. He hadn't said a word, he'd simply pulled him close. Trowa was watching him, his soft lips moving over his, and those green eyes were shining so brightly it was blinding. Closing his eyes, he wrapped his arms around the boy's waist as he sank into the kiss.


Duo turned sharply when Wufei choked, and he laughed suddenly at the boy's horrified expression. "Guess I'm not the only one surprised," he murmured.

Dorothy watched Catherine closely, and she gave a small smile as the girl didn't seem overly upset. Sitting beside her, she nodded to the two boys as they continued, evidently oblivious to their audience. "Cute, aren't they?" The girl glanced at her for a moment, then blushed and dropped her eyes.

"How long till they come up for air?" Duo asked, smiling as he glanced at Heero. Then his smile faltered when he found intense cobalt eyes boring into him. "Uh...Heero...?" The boy was glaring at him, and he suddenly felt the need to hide somewhere. "What did *I* do?" he asked quickly, taking a step back.

Duo's hair was down as it had been before he'd transformed, and Heero stared at him, his eyes drawn to the boy's lightly muscled chest. He didn't stop to think as he'd decided to follow Trowa's example. With a light growl, he suddenly stalked forward until the long-haired boy's back was against the wall.

"Whatever I did I'm sorry!" Duo cried, raising his hands when the boy advanced. He shivered as he stared at Heero's expression, then his mind shut down when he was grabbed and kissed roughly. He melted, his arms slipping behind the Japanese boy's back as he returned the strong embrace.

"Heero!" Relena was going into shock, and the surprised laughter that came from Dorothy wasn't helping at all. "What are you *doing*?!"

"It's pretty obvious," Dorothy smirked, loving the girl's horrified expression. Then she saw how hurt Hilde looked, and shrugged at the black haired girl. Hilde glanced at her and their eyes met, then she joined them on the couch, a disappointed look on her face.

"In my *house*?!" Wufei's face suddenly went red, and he was out the door in a flash, his flight drawing a smile from everyone but Relena and those otherwise-occupied.

"This is good," Wing whispered, his tail lashing as he grinned at where Heero was.

"It took him long enough," Shinigami returned, scowling for a moment before looking sharply at the white cat beside him as his tail was brushed. With a smirk, he lay his head on his front paws and stared at Wing. "Hentai, isn't it, though?"

"Watching them?" Wing ducked his head for a moment, then grinned again. "Yes, it is."

I know, the ending kinda sucked. But I wanted to keep it PG since it *is* based on sailor moon. Plus, there are plenty of movies and a series or two I can use to write another fic from, so the story doesn't end here. I don't know when or what, but you can expect another eventually. I was thinking about Sailor Moon R as the basis for another fic, who knows, it could happen. Anyway, the fic is finished! Yay! That makes two! And Sound of Music is almost done, too. Wow, I'm on a roll. Okay, feedback? Onegai? (If anyone has a specific idea for another fic let me know. Aside from the R movie, I'm not getting any specific ones as of yet, so who knows, maybe you'll inspire me. Also, if you have any specific suggestions as to something I should change in this part to make it better, let me know also, okay? Just as long as you don't tell me to add a lemon, because the answer is no. Rotten hentai minds, not in *this* fic, anyway. Maybe in the future fics, though. (^_~) )