Hutch shifted his weight nervously as he stood under Captain Dobey's hard gaze.

"Tell me what happened."

Hutch looked away, towards the potted plant that had been his sad excuse for an anniversary present, while Starsky remained solid by his side. Dobey was not going to like this story at all. Trapped in Dobey's office was not a good place to be when you had to give a verbal report of a not-so-pleasant arrest. And it was only Monday morning.

"Well, there was a drunk driver."

Hutch watched for Dobey's reaction, which was placid, until Starsky said"Actually, he was on drugs."

Dobey narrowed his eyes at Hutch.

"Drunk, high… I couldn't really tell in the dark. He was dangerous though, and Starsky arrested him." Hutch turned and nodded his thanks to Starsky.

The burnet returned the gesture.

"That doesn't explain why your arm is broken" Dobey said, indicating that he would very much like to hear the whole story.

Hutch glanced down to the clean cast enveloping his arm. "Well, the guy took off and we followed in pursuit. There were some quite impressive maneuvers"

"Hutch followed the guy into traffic and was hit by a car."

Smoke seemed to leak from Dobey's ears. "And I suppose before that, you chased him to the roof of a ten story building and jumped from roof to roof three times before leaping off the building and landing on a parked car below."

Hutch looked at Starsky.

"I only jumped twice."

There appeared to be a small explosion inside of Dobey as his arms raised quickly in a burst of anger. "I can't believe you two! You weren't even on duty"

Hutch raised his gaze from the floor to look bravely at the Captain. "His reckless driving was endangering the lives of others, sir."

"Oh, tell him about the part where we chased him through the restaurant and the old lady hit you with her purse"

"Starsky, shut up"

"Right. I'll be outside." Hutch watched as his partner silently slipped out of the confining office. He was the lucky one.

Dobey sighed loudly. "You two are the most difficult team I've had the misfortune of babysitting."

Hutch looked up sharply. "We do not need babysitting, Captain" he said softly.

"You know what I meant, I didn't mean it like that."

"You can't protect us from everything."

"I can't" Humor blossomed in Dobey's gaze.

"I won't let you."

Dobey relaxed and chuckled quietly. "You've a mess, detective. Go home and clean yourself up."

Recognizing his dismissal, Hutch nodded and exited the office. Starsky was waiting outside.

"Everything okay"

They moved towards their desks. "Great, no thanks to you."

"He cares about us, you know."

Hutch smiled slightly. "I know."

"Aren't you gonna go home"

"Of course" Hutch sighed as he sank into his chair. "Just not right now."

"Why not"

"Because that's what he expects me to do."

"I can't tell who is more stubborn" Starsky replied, shaking his head as he too sat down. "You do realize that he will always look after you"

"And I will always fight him about it" Hutch replied as he leaned back in his chair. "Would it be right if it were any other way"