Mckay/Weir and very bizarrely Kolya/Weir

Spoilers: Up to 'The Eye'Summary: A very very angsty, twisted drabble - most definitely a darkfic and not to everyone's taste. Not quite sure where this came from but...

It's based on if they didn't get saved at the end and had been taken back with Kolya.
I would say enjoy but that's not really right to say here.

I'll Be Yours

Kolya loved her.
And she hated him for it.
It was sick and twisted.
Everything was in this place.

There should be another name for love.
Because 'Love', the old fashioned kind doesn't exist, just something to sell cheesy cards and flowers.
Real love is different.

I can't call it by the names the Greeks invented. None of them fit, not for how I feel.
This is something else.

A pain more than a joy. You feel it, deep inside, like an ache. A missing link except they don't fill it and if they did it's because they broke you in the first place. Even unintentionally.

Love equals pain to me, and the blackest kind of darkness, of the unknown. A future thats not pretty or nice or planned to perfection, its raw and real even when you pray it won't be.

I know she doesn't love him, but she's his and not mine.
She won't ever say what he wants to hear. The word love won't come from her lips, not now and maybe not ever; not after what he's done to her, to us.
But I love her still, admire her even if she does give in and say she's his.

She's his with all her passion - she despises him wildly but it's enough for him and so he claims her as his.
And he makes me watch.
Makes me listen to her promises.

But she'll never be tamed, never be broken to the love he wants.
That's good enough for me. To see it in her eyes, set in her shadowed face over his shoulder.
She can't say she loves me anymore, if she ever would have, but her eyes tell me I'll be yours.
One day truly and for today maybe she is, even in his arms.