Spoilers: Up to 'The Eye'

Another drabble, I'm getting an appettite for writing them. this ones Rodney's PoV on The Storm/The Eye.
Hope you like.

I stood by until that moment.
He had a gun but something didn't register there.
Delayed by my shock I'm sure.

Then I was all mouth,that was all I had apart from fear and arrogance.
I had to stand aside, take everything from them quietly.
But not that.

If I'd thought for a second, just one, I would never have stepped out in front of her.
It wasn't brave. It was monumnetally stupid in fact.
It just happened to have a lucky outcome.

Sheppard saved the day, he had the luxury to be the gungho hero.
He could be angry for all of us, whilst I kept my comments to myself; mostly.
No putting my foot in it, not after I'd told him what he wanted.
Me and my big mouth.

Consolation is I saved her with that mouth.
But...jumping in front of guns, lying through my teeth despite the fact I couldn't bluff to save my own life?
What's next?
Not exactly my scene, is it?

I'm not a hero, I'm a coward.
I give in, I told Kolya, just like Kolya knew I would.
He had that look, a smugness, but not without good reason.

I'm not a hero, but watching John save her, watching him take her hand and pull her to safety; I wish I was.

After all, I remind myself, sidekicks never get the girl.