AUTHOR'S NOTES: For Ang, who is gently luring me into SG-1 miniland.

A Matter of Pink (a.k.a. Mighty Morphin' SG-1)

The schoolyard was busy, but the quintet who sat in the corner by the azaleas ignored the rest of the world. They made an eclectic mix, with no apparent commonality between them.

Then again, appearances could be vastly deceiving.

"We could call ourselves the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" Daniel suggested, innocently, knowing his team-mates were not fully conversant with pop culture.

"No, Daniel." Jack didn't even look up from the motorbike magazine.

"You don't even know what the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are, Jack!"

Jonas raised his head from his textbook, hurriedly swallowing his sandwich, but Sam beat him to the punch. Like Jack, she didn't look up from the novel she was reading, turning the page over as spoke. "No, but I do. And pink is not your colour, Daniel."

"But I wouldn't be wearing the pink" Daniel was dismayed to suddenly recall that Sam had a nephew and niece who were old enough to be up with nineties culture. Well, technically, so were they, but that was the fault of the Asgard.

"Yes, you would" she said firmly. Blue eyes fixed on blue eyes. "Because there is no way in Netu that you'd get me into a pink anything"

Now Jack looked up, a wicked smile on his lips. "So I shouldn't get you the pink g-string for your birthday, then?"

Sam coloured, while Teal'c regarded Jack with unblinking astonishment. Jonas choked on a grape and had to be thumped on the back to recover.

Daniel was tempted to slap Jack. Hard. He'd thought that two decades of military training might have prevailed, even when Jack was no longer strictly in the Air Force, or Sam's commanding officer. Instead, he'd discovered that within every forty eight year-old man lurked his teenaged self.

It was a depressing thought, particularly since Daniel's inner teenaged self was a geek, through and through.

Sam took the teasing in her stride. Her colour remained high, but her retort was immediate. "You shouldn't get a g-string at all. Unless you're going to wear it yourself, Jack."

It was Jack's turn to colour.

"Jonas Quinn looks good in pink" Teal'c offered, a faintly wicked gleam lurking in dark eyes.

"I do not" Jonas protested, glowing scarlet. "How do you know"

"I had a dream. You wore a pink apron."

"God," Jack muttered, returning to his magazine. "So not asking!"

- fin -

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Will make no sense to anyone who hasn't seen 'Fragile Balance' and doesn't know about 'the minis'. Essentially, the Asgard Loki cloned O'Neill, but couldn't get him to full age: so we have a fiftysomething man running about in a teenaged body. My evil little mind went: 'What if they cloned others of his team?' and wrote 'The Difference Between Men and Boys'.