Scratched Glass

Chapter One

Karyane walked slowly behind the bushes, trying to hide her rather inconspicuous gown. Luckily, it was night. The soft melody of the violins floated out from the mansion. Zenakabee would soon be after her. Holding up the skirts of her rather expensive gown, she tried to hide behind a larger bush. If Zenakabee spotted Karyane, then Karyane would have to suffer a week of hell. Something that she would rather not have to deal with.

The ball was in honor of Thomas Greeneley, a wealthy merchant, friend of her father, and admirer of Karyane. Karyane, on the other hand, despised him greatly. Why? She didn't quite know, but she did know that she hated him.

Thomas had just arrived at Port Royal from his journey to England. And he had signed a rather healthy contract concerning himself and a few other fortunate men. One of them included her father. And so naturally, her father was to attend. And if her father attended, then naturally, her mother would have to attend. But her mother was in France with Karyane's grandmother, Elice. And if her mother couldn't attend, then naturally, Karyane and her step-sister, Zenakabee would have to attend.

Crouching was growing rather painful upon Karyane's back. So she decided to move over to the next bush. Albeit, it was a smaller bush, but at least she would be allowed some movement.

She heard a rustling sound come from behind a bunch of crowded bushes. Fearing that it was Zenakabee, she hid behind the previous bush. She saw a rather disgruntled head pop up from behind the bush, and new at once that it was Zenakabee. A sigh of relief passed over her, but then she peeked over the top of the bush to see just exactly who it was.

And apparently, whoever was hiding behind the bushes opposite of her was doing the same thing, for the figure asked, "Who are you?"

Shocked into silence, she could not reply for a few seconds. Deciding to confirm if it was Zenakabee or not, she choked, "Are you Zenakabee?"

"Huh?" the other figure asked, scratching their chaotic hair. Guessing by the voice, it wasn't Zenakabee. And Karyane knew that the word, 'huh' was not in Zenakabee's vocabulary. Her step-sister greatly hated the improper use of words and grammar.

By now, Karyane's back was in extreme pain. And since the other figure wasn't Zenakabee, she decided to get up and reveal herself. Brushing off a few leaves, she walked forward to the other figure. "Who are you?" she asked, noticing that the person was a male.

The man stood up, leaves in his already messy hair. "I asked you first."

Raising an eyebrow, she said, "There's no need to be immature."

"Yeah, well, the same goes for you."

Sighing, she admitted defeat and replied, "My name is Karyane Ruele. Who are you and what do you want?"

"Ay, well……my name is Jack Sparrow. I'm a pirate and I'm looking for a man named Thomas Greeneley. Do you know him?" he asked.

"Yes, I know him," she said through gritted teeth, not wanting to think of the rather despised name. At least he was despised in her own mind.

"Show him to me," he ordered.

"Why?" she retorted, her fiery temper starting to flare.

The man pulled out a gun and held it to her head. "That's why."

A/N: This story needs major editing. Beware of plot holes, a character on the verge of being a Mary-Sue or already there, and general nonsense. Proceed with caution. You have been warned.