I don't own Justice League: Unlimited

Author: Dimitri Aidan

Rating: Pg-13, per usual.

Series: Follows 3x5 Index Cards, which follows Secrets. I think this is officially a series. Sweet.

Pairing: Main: Bruce/John/Wally. Why? Because I can! Duh. Side: Diana/Babs, Don/Hart. Kara/Jimmy, Canary/Arrow. Past John/Shayera and John/Vixen. And if you see something that resembles Clark/Luthor I was watching Smallville when inspiration hit… That show perverts the mind.

Notes: I'm three-fourths done with the next chapter of You and I Got Something. Unless of course it's already out, in which case I'm done with it! Eh. Plus I'm indulging my urge to write Dove and Hart some more.

Warnings: Slash, Threesome Slash, Bruce's snarky sense of humor, John's biting sarcasm, Wally's dirty mind, and Wally's reoccurring conspiracy theories. Scary Hawk, Oblivious Dove, and Nosy Superpeople.

Summery: It's still Clark's fault. Rumors about Wally, Bruce, and John are circulating and they're kind of…weird. So the best solution is to get it out in the open…right? …uh.



Part the First


Have you ever had that thing happen to you? You know the thing. The one where you walk into a room and everyone inside goes silent and you can't help but feel like they were talking about you. Only really screw just feeling it, because damn it, they were talking about you. They had to be talking about you or else they wouldn't need to go silent like that.

So. Have you ever had that happen to you?

Because that's what happened to Wally West when he ambled into the break room one fine Monday afternoon. That was sarcasm by the way. Wally had a tendency to be sarcastic. He'd picked it up from his lovers, both of who had very dry senses of humor.

No…really dry. Like so dry cacti could grow in their direct vicinity and droughts began to look like floods. Yeah. That dry.

No, this particular Monday had sucked from the moment he woke up in his apartment. The problem was, to be blunt, that he'd woken up in his apartment. Alone. As in without John Stewart or Bruce Wayne (Yes that Bruce Wayne) in the bed with him. That was a terrible way to wake up in Wally's humble opinion.

Especially since that was how he'd gone to sleep. It was a tragedy really. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad except he'd gone to bed like that for a week now and woken up the same way and he was starting to get cranky. He knew it was lame and reeked of 'stupid teenager shit' but the lack of sex was not a pleasant thing.

He knew he shouldn't be whining. Bruce was up to his ears in chaos ever since Joker had announced he planned to run for Mayor, prompting all of the local criminals to support him. Violently. John was off planet taking care of some kind of Lantern stuff, Wally was not ashamed to admit he'd zoned out when his lover had been explaining himself, and wouldn't be back for a few days yet.

Beyond that Downtown Central City was under four inches of water thanks to the fact it had been raining for almost two weeks straight. Wally was beginning to suspect it wasn't just naturally occurring rain and had sent Kid Flash (Otherwise known as his name stealing 'cousin' Bart) off to check out a few leads. He'd then begged Piper to keep an eye on the kid and had only achieved that by promising to get Dove to go out with him.

Which was going to result in some damage to Wally's person, that much was for certain. Even if he somehow managed to get past the severely over-protective Hawk to talk to Don, there was no way he'd avoid the other man forever.

He cringed at the thought of what Hank might do to him when he found out Wally was trying to set his 'precious baby brother' up with an ex-criminal.

Oh yeah. That was going to hurt.

Anyway, all of the was the reason Wally had walked into the suddenly silent room. He needed to find Dove. Best to get the living hell knocked out of him now, so he could heal before Bruce and John were around and save Hawk an ass kicking of his own.

Bruce and John had developed this nasty habit of blowing things up when they threatened him. For the life of him Wally couldn't understand why they did it…oh wait! It was because he was incredibly sexy and had stamina that made even Bruce envious. Who wouldn't want to keep him in peak psychical condition at all times when he had all of that working for him?

He'd almost forgotten for a minute there.

He considered the way everyone was pointedly not looking at him or speak and decided to head for Black Canary and Green Arrow, because he knew that Arrow was entirely too rude to be anything be blunt and honest with him.

He didn't bother sitting down and, after nodding a greeting to Canary who smiled, albeit it was a touched strained.

"Have either of you seen Dove? And if so, was he by chance alone?" And really that sounded a lot more…shifty than it was meant to be. Still, he had to at least speak to Don in private long enough to convince him to give Hartley a chance before Hawk pounded him.

Arrow arched an eyebrow and Canary turned a slight shade of pink before looking the other way. Wally blinked at her. O-kay then…

"Yeah, I think I saw him around the library. Hawk's training with Supes."

"Thanks man." Wally smiled widely. "You just helped me postpone the inevitable Hawk-induced body cast I'm about to work my way into." He straightened up and, pretending he didn't feel the dozens of eyes burning into his back, walked towards the library.

Why did they have a library? He wasn't sure. But they did. Wally didn't use it much. Until they stored chocolate, comics, or video games in there he just didn't give a damn.

Thankfully not using it didn't mean he didn't know where to find it and, five minutes later, he was outside of the library and about to walk in just as Don came walking out. Finally something was actually going his way.

This probably meant things were about to get a lot worse. That was just the way his luck liked to run.

"Hey, Don!"

The blond turned and blinked at him curiously before flashing him that patented 'I'm the nicest guy in the entire world' smile he was famous for. Or at least that was how Wally interpreted it and he wasn't exactly known for his skill in reading the more subtle things. That's what he had Bruce for after all.

"Hey Wally, what's up?"

Wally liked Don and honestly how could he not? Even Bruce grudgingly admitted that Don was a good guy at heart, if not a little 'naïve and idealistic'. John preferred Hawk, but that was only because John had serious mental issues that Wally wasn't even going to attempt to get into.

After all, last time someone had attempted to get into their heads they'd ended up sleeping with Bruce. Not the most sane of actions, that much was for certain.

"I was wondering…wait." He frowned. He didn't even know if Dove actually swung that way. After all, being a peace loving hippie type didn't make you gay; it just meant you were in the wrong line of work. This was a potentially awkward and even more painful situation than he'd originally thought. "Damn."

"Something wrong?"

He sighed. "Your brother is so going to kick my ass for this." Don blinked at him in something resembling confusion. "Don't take this the wrong way or get all offended or anything like that because I'd hate to have to start ducking your brother on a permanent basis, but do you by chance like guys?"

Don's eyes went wide and he looked around almost nervously. "Wally…you aren't…you know, asking me out are you? Because you're a nice guy and you aren't hard on the eyes or anything-"


"Your welcome." Don said distractedly. "But I don't want to risk my neck for a date. If you and John are having…problems or…not having problems or-"

"Don I am asking you out but not for myself." He wanted to laugh. Sure, Don was a nice guy but that would just be…greedy of him. If anything Don looked slightly more panicked than he had before.

"I think maybe I should-"

"Haven't you gotten tired of taking all the hot guys off the market Flash?" Kara's very annoyed voice came from inside the library. She poked her head out and scowled at him. "Leave some for the rest of the human, and not so human, race okay?"

"Don't you have a boyfriend?"

She sneered. "Doesn't stop you does it?" With that she vanished back inside leaving Wally to stare after her in confusion. …Whatever. He didn't have time for weird teenage girls right now. Hell, he hadn't had time for them when he was a teenager…

He took Don by the arm and started to tug him down the hallway. "Look I have a friend, Piper. Maybe you've heard of him or something?" He got a shaky nod it return. "Great. He's hot for your body or…something." He shrugged absently. "I promised I'd try to get you to go out with him. Work with me here? Just a date and then when you find his personality to be completely abhorrent-" Yes he knew words like abhorrent. "You can tell him to fuck off. How's that sound?"

"Wait!" Don came a halt and made Wally stop as well. "You're asking me out for a friend?"

"Yeah. I already told you I wasn't asking for myself."

Don nodded sheepishly. "Right. I thought…well. Doesn't matter what I thought now. Sure Wal, it's fine. I need to get out but for some odd reason guys keep running off."

"I owe you." Wally flashed him a smile and decided not to point out that Don's brother was probably what caused guys to run off. "I'll call you with details later. And if you could not tell Hank I would be really appreciative."


Wally sighed. So naïve. "Forget it. Thanks again."




Next Part: Hank tracks down Wally who finds about certain rumors and tries to smack Clark's head in with a blunt object. It doesn't work.