Every time

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About the story: After their college years, Tai, Sora, and Matt's friendship were stronger and better than ever. When Tai sensed that Matt Sora's relationship is going downhill, he tries to patch them up again, but when a certain girl and forgotten feelings comes back to their lives things get even worse.

Ghikij: Let's get this story started right now…

Chapter 1: "Best of friends"

The last echo of music played across the studio. The band "DGdestiny" was rehearsing for their next big concert, and then they decided to call it a day it is dark outside after all.

(AN: I can't think of a name of a band so bare with me.)

"Okay people wrap it up." The lead singer spoke a little too loud in the microphone.

"Finally!" the rhythm guitarist sighed as he stretched for a bit then continued "but you don't have to yell at us through the microphone because we can hear quite well Matt."

The blonde called Matt chuckled "Whoops my bad, so what do you guys plan to do tonight? Tai I know that you have to coach a soccer game tonight right?"

"Yep, were almost late for it now too." Tai grinned.

"Ken, after we pack up, give or take we have about 10 minutes to get there right?" Tai asked the bass player.

"You could say that, it's about 7:30 pm so you two better hurry up. We'll just catch up with you guys later since we need to get the girls." Another blond said.

"So does that mean you'll clean up for us Tk?" Ken said hopeful he would say yes.

"Heck no, why would I do that?" Tk replied.

"Oh come on Teeks, just this once. I'll hook you up with Sophia if you want." Tai pleaded.

"No, clean up your own equipment." Tk said as he took his guitar then he continued "and besides I don't need Sophia. I have a girlfriend already you know and that girl is actually your sister Tai. Where and when did you start calling me 'Teeks' anyway?"

"Jeez, I'm only joking Teeks. Why would I want my sister's boyfriend cheat on her. Oh I heard Kari called you Teeks the other day." Tai laughed as he put his guitar in its case.

"What about you Izzy, anything exciting going with you tonight?" Matt asked his drummer who only shrugged.

"I don't know I already upgraded the computer yesterday. Maybe I'll just go to the game with you guys; after all it is the championships." Izzy answered while he is wiping his drum sticks with a cloth.

"THE Izzy Izumi watching a soccer game! Now I've seen everything." Tai laughed.

"What is so weird about that?" Izzy glared at Tai.

Izzy was about to shout Tai a negative remark when the studio door swung or actually slammed open revealing a very tired, hurried, and angry Sora.

"TAICHI YAGAMI KAMIYA!" she shouted as soon as she caught her breath.

The guys were startled, Tk almost dropped his guitar and Matt almost dropped the can of soda he was drinking. They stared at Sora then at Tai who is now sitting on his butt shaking.

"What is the matter Sor?" Matt asked his girlfriend since Tai hasn't recovered from his shock yet.

"Why weren't you answering the phone? Your team is in a nervous wreck right now and they won't stop bugging me, asking me where you were. I tried calling you in your cell phone but you didn't answer!" she shouted, this time little bit on the lower decibels.

"Calm down Sor." Matt said trying to calm Sora down, and then he turned to Tai "You heard the lady, move."

Tai was still sweating bullets because of what happened but quickly recovered. "Okay, okay I'm on my way. Thanks Sor." Tai waved to his best friends and then dragged Ken to his car. "I owe you one Sora." He shouted before speeding off the drive way.

"He'll never change." Sora groaned while massaging her temple because of the stress.

"Yeah, typical Tai." Matt said as he placed his hand on her shoulder, and then continued, calling out to Tk and Izzy "Okay come on guys we have game to catch."

This is a typical scene in the lives of the digidestined 10 years after Malomyotismon's defeat. Tai, Matt and the others are gonna be practicing in their band all day even though Tai has a college soccer team to coach. Since Sora is working as a tennis coach at the same university she was always the one person the soccer team turns to when their coach is missing because they know that she is a good friend of him. Then, well you already know what happens next. Sora's gonna call him in his cell which is most likely either turned off on purpose or drained of its battery, then after that you get the idea.

It has been a year or two since the original DDs graduated from college. Matt finished courses concerning music, Sora finished a course that allowed her to be what she is today and Tai finished a course about government and politics, much to their surprise. A lot of their friends were surprised that Tai is playing for Matt's band and coaching a college soccer team instead of being a politician. Tai's only answer to that question is that his college years were so hard that he wants to enjoy his life before he starts politics and besides he is still too young to be a politician anyway. Matt is very grateful for Tai's decision, he is really good at the guitar and he sings back up too.

About Tai's little heart break with Sora 10 years ago, well apparently Tai has moved on, he was just happy that Sora is with Matt and not to someone else he doesn't know. Since that incident though Tai has changed a lot. Sure he is still arrogant and cocky, but now Tai is more sensitive to others. The younger DDs are still worried about him and his feelings for Sora, since he never had a serious relationship for 10 years. He always seemed busy that he doesn't have time for his love life anymore. No one knows if this attitude of his being busy all the time is because he is in no hurry to have a girlfriend, is waiting for the right one to come or just an excuse to keep his long stored feelings inside him. Little did they know that they will not have to wait long to find out.