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Chapter 9: Reminiscing

Tai stared down on the blue sphere that they call the Digital World. As he was gazing at it, he could remember all those times they had to run away from their enemies, times when other digimon helped them for their cause, the time when their digimon partners digivolved for the first time and the times that they lost their friends. It really brings nostalgia thinking about those times. The times they cried and laughed, and the times they lost and won. He could recall them all but it appears his fellow digidestined wouldn't give him a chance.

" how do get down there?" asked Davis, who was staring down and looked like he's going to have a headache.

"I have no idea, buddy." Takuya answered with his eyes wide open while trying to comprehend how high they were up in the sky.

Izzy, who was still typing vigorously on his laptop said, "It seems that they're sending flying digimon to pick us up, at least that's what Gennai said."

Tai turned towards him with a huge grin on his face, "No need for that Izzy, we're going there the old fashioned way."

The others are baffled when he said the 'old fashioned' way, maybe except the original seven.

"You sure about this Tai?" Sora asked, a bit skeptically.

"Sure, I'm sure." Tai said without taking his grin off his face. He then turned towards the First Regiment.

"Matt?" Matt answered with a thumb up and walked beside Tai near the edge of the ledge.

"Joe?" Joe scratched the back of his head and said, "Fine but if somebody gets injured I'm going to be pointing at you my friend." With that said he took his place beside Matt.

"Mimi?" Mimi has the same grin on her face. She nodded 'yes' and took her place next to Sora, who was standing besides Tai and with a giggle she answered, "Of course."

"Izzy?" The genius in question just closed his laptop with a sigh and started walking towards the ledge. Ken who was confused on what's happening asked, "Wait, what's going on?"

Izzy answered with an off character smirk, "Just watch."

"Tk?" the once youngest digidestined answered his leader, "You betcha!" With that, he too took his place next to Mimi.

"Kari? I know you didn't get to do this before but do you want to try it?" He asked his younger sister.

With the famous Kamiya grin on her face, she said, "Of course, big bro." She then took her place besides Tk.

To the other regiments, what they were doing was really...weird, for they do not know what Tai was up to. Whatever he was planning was not really on their minds though, the fact that they are seeing the legendary First Regiment standing in a line, together with the digital wind blowing through their hair was quite breath taking. To them, if this group had failed with their mission-- even though they think that what they did was better-- they wouldn't be alive to do it. They literally, owed their lives to this group of friends standing majestically in front of them.

"Uh, Tai what are you doing?" Davis asked his mentor.

Tai just gave him a lop-sided grin and said, "Going to the digital world. Are you guys ready?" He then asked his troops, which all of them nodded in agreement.

Tai turned his head towards the younger generations behind him, "We're going ahead. You guys just wait for the digimon Gennai sent."

"Wait...what do you mean 'going ahead'? You're not going to jump are you?" Takato asked.

Tai gave him a thumbs up and yelled, "DIGIDESTINEDS LET'S GO!" and with that, the First Regiment jumped and fell towards the digital world.

To Tai, having this feeling of the wind blowing on his face furiously and feeling weightless was heavenly. He really enjoyed it when they fell to the digital world for the first time, even though he was startled. For a moment after they jumped simultaneously, he was able to hear the shouts and yells of the other worried regiments at them, he could just chuckle at the thought. He couldn't see very well to look at his companions, who were falling beside him but he knows that they feel the same way, at least now they were falling towards somewhere they now know by heart. In this glorious experience, however, Tai couldn't still shake the feeling of being mildly nervous of the fact that Gennai and the Sovereigns called them back but he tried his best to keep that thought in the back of his mind. 'What could go wrong now?' he asked himself 'No one would be able to stand against the whole Digital Destiny. So I think there's nothing to be worried about.' After reassuring himself he just let the moment take over.

On the ground below them, Gennai awaits their return holding a small chest in his arms. He looked up and saw eight bright lights on the sky, "They really had to do that, don't they?" he chuckled. Around him was a swarm of digimon who have been touched with the heroism of the Digital Destiny, from the numerous Numemon to the proud Andromon and everything in between. They are now here to welcome their heroes back to the land they fought so hard to protect. Behind them was a large structure, clearly a building of sort but right now their attention was held by the eight lights that was dropping on them fast.

Those 'falling stars' landed hard, making a crater to the grassed earth. The digimon ran towards the eight holes that the First Regiment made, scared that maybe they got hurt in some way. Over head were three giant Garudamons flying upwards toward the 'Gate of Fate' to pick up the remaining destineds. A single Gekomon approached one of the deep crevices and discovered that in its center was a human standing as if nothing happened, though the place was still covered with debris to actually make out who it was. Suddenly, they heard coughing.

"That was a smart move Tai, 'cough' now my clothes are all dirty." A female voice whined.

The Gekomon waited a couple more moments for the dirt to subside before he could see a young woman standing in the center of the crater dusting out her clothes. The small digimon's eyes widen and yelled, "PRINCESS MIMI!"

Mimi shot up to look at who called her with a nickname she used in the digital world and saw the Gekomon. She immediately climbed up and glomped the poor frog. "Oh my god, gekomon! It's really nice to see you guys again."

"Geez Mimi you don't have to kill him for that." Tai said as he too, climbed out of his hole.

As the rest of the First Regiment climbed out, Gennai walked towards them still holding that chest of his as if it contains something of great value, he greeted them, "Digidestined it's been a long time."

"Yeah it has, too long in fact." Tk answered.

"So what's so important that you need all of us here?" Matt asked, being the usually impatient one when it comes to suspense.

"Ho ho, Yamato you haven't changed a bit haven't you? We'll just wait for the others to arrive and then we would start. I don't want to explain everything all over again." Gennai calmly explained.

With a simple 'Hn' Matt walked towards the back of the group.

Within a few minutes the three Garudamons landed with the rest of the crew. The girls ran towards the First Regiment, some scolding them, some asking 'why did you jump?' The guys on the other hand are more interested on the building that lies in front of them. A huge marble structure stands majestically, as if it was built by the ancient Romans. Pure white marble pillars supported the structure, which was surrounded by different gems at the base. The entrance was regal, two huge doors welcomes everyone who wishes to enter it. The doors were so big in fact that even HerculesKabuterimon would probably fit in there.

"Whoah, what's with the pantheon look-alike?" Takato asked.

Gennai turned his head toward where the commander of the Third Regiment was looking at and said, "That's the Temple of Destiny, basically the headquarters of the Digital Destiny in the Digital World. Like it? Almost all the digimon present today built it with their bare hands."

"Wow." was all the other's can say.

"You will get to see the inside later, I would like to give these first." Gennai gestured towards the chest that he was holding. The ancient guardian opened it and inside laid all the digivices, D-3's, D-Arcs and D-tectors.

"Are those our...?" Sora asked.

"Why yes, Sora don't you recognize your own digivice? Now everyone pick up your respective digivices and I'll explain to you why you are all here." the old guide said.

Almost all of them were too stunned to even touch the digital devices, as if, if they do, they would be forced to fight again. It was Tai who grabbed his first, "I never thought I would be able to hold this again."

All of them followed, not fully believing that their most prized possessions in the digital world are now in their hands once again.

Gennai broke the nostalgia filled atmosphere, "Now, now don't get all teary on me yet. Especially the First Regiment..." Then from his robe his grabbed a purple pouch, which clanged when he made the slightest movement. He showed it to them with a grin on his face.

"What is that for Gennai?" Kari asked.

"Ahh… patience Hikari, you will find out soon enough." He then slowly opened the pouch, a bright light then exploded from the pouch each of a different hue of color. The rays of light flew around on top of their heads for a moment when Sora finally recognized what they were, "Oh my God! It's the crests!"

As soon as she muttered those words, the lights flew to their respective owners. The First Regiment was quite unsure, almost afraid, to take their respective crests but it landed in their hands anyway. The crests still has their symbols unchanged but the other than that it's all different, what was once the almost plastic-like tag was no more. They resemble a 'dog' tag or those of what military use as their identification cards, made of metal, though in the crests' case their metal was of the color they symbolized.

Mimi tearfully held hers and hung it around her neck. Sora, too, felt like crying but everything was happening too fast for her to react like that.

"Gennai...why...why didn't you tell us you have the crests again?" Tk asked.

"Well because the Sovereigns only gave it to me yesterday, so it's not my fault that the news wasn't sent to you. Especially ever since I lost my internet connection ho ho ho." Gennai laughed.

"Crests? As in THE crests? Courage, Love, Friendship, Sincerity...the whole shebang?" Takuya said astonished. The First Regiment only nodded.

"Oh and before I forgot the Fourth Regiment would have their Spirits back. The Third Regiment will be given a new deck of cards, in case you lost your old ones and the Second Regiment would receive their digimentals too. Gekomons bring them all out." He ordered the digimon around him. In turn they scurried in the marble structure that was called Temple of Destiny and got back out holding three chests. They slowly opened it to reveal the artifacts inside. The rest of the DD's then snatched their respective equipment.

The Fourth Regiment was so eager to use the D-tectors that they transformed immediately after getting their Spirits, impressing the others with them.

"So that's the Spirit Evolution I've heard so much about." Ken muttered while stroking his chin with his fingers.

"Pretty amazing isn't it?" Tommy, now Kumamon, said.

Ken nodded in agreement.

"Hey Mr. Gennai, where are our digimons?" Suzie asked. She's 16 years old now.

"They're not here yet? Hmmm...the traffic's heavy today hohoho." Gennai laughed. He then gestured towards an Elecmon, who in turn ran into the forest and sounded the bell like alarm.

In almost no time six rookie digimons and large champion, most Tai hasn't seen before ran towards the team.

"Where's the intruder! Guilmon is ready to fight...grrrr." a red dinosaur threatened. It then sniffed around, "Takatomon? I smell Takatomon, Gennai."

"Guilmon!" Takato yelled then gave his digimon a bear hug.

One by one the Third Regiment got reacquainted with their partners. They heard another horn being sounded.

"DAVIS!" a deep voice was heard from a clearing due south on where they are now. A blue medium built dragon flew towards the DD's.

"Ex-veemon! How are ya buddy?" Davis greeted his best digimon friend.

"'s an Ex-veemon. One of the ancient digimon in the card game." Henry said.

"I knew you had a Veemon from your files Davis, but it didn't mention there that you have Ex-veemon as your champion level partner." Takato said.

"You better believe it." Davis grinned.

The Fourth Regiment was standing there in awe; it was one thing to be a digimon, but it a completely different thing to be partnered WITH digimon. Matt noticed that every other regiment has their digimon partners back.

"Hey Gennai where are our digimon partners? Where's Gabumon?" He asked while looking around.

"I'm gonna be calling them right now." Gennai then raised his hand. A beam of light was shot up from the highest part of the Temple upwards towards the sky. It startled the DD's.

Gennai spoke again, "Though I have to say they are going to take a while before getting here. Your digimons are far busier than these guys here." He pointed towards the other regiment's digimon.

Before Tai, who got interested in the topic, could ask why, a giant golden insect landed in the clearing. As the dust subsided the younger Regiments stood there wide-eyed.

"HerculesKabuterimon...mega level, attacks Mega Electro Shocker, Giga Scissor Claw, Giga Blaster..." Rika trailed off.

"Izzy, is that you?" the golden beetle hissed.

"Tentomon!" Izzy asked quite unsure on if that is really his digimon.

"Yes it's me." HerculesKabuterimon said.

(AN: I'm sort of confused of which mega digimon Izzy has. It was either HerculesKabuterimon or GranKuwagamon. I just randomly picked one. If I'm wrong please let me know I'll be more than happy to edit it. Also even though I know that Kari's mega digimon is Magnadramon, in this fic she would Ophanimon instead.)

Then a quite large pink creature floated towards them, "Joe? Hey Joe!" It bellowed with an oh-so-familiar voice.


"It's MarineAngemon now for you." the pink digimon laughed.

As Joe was talking to his partner, Mimi heard a rustle from the trees. Out of nowhere an almost human-like creature jumped from the trees and landed gracefully in front of her, "Mimi?"

"Palmon? No wait...Rosemon?"

"You got it Mimi." Rosemon said with a matured woman's voice.

"Whoa I haven't seen that digimon before." Henry said then pulled out his D-Arc, "Rosemon, Mega level, attacks: Thorn Whip and Rose Spear. Wow, don't tell me that the all the digimon of the First Regiment are Megas!"

"Are you for real! Whoah…" Kazu piped in.

Tai and others, who haven't had their partners by there side yet, were getting worried. Their wait wasn't prolonged though because after a few more moments two angels landed to them.

"Ophanimon and Seraphimon!" The Fourth Regiment excitedly greeted their guardians.

"Takuya it's nice to see you again." the female angel smiled.

Seraphimon on the other hand was more interested in meeting his long time partner, "Tk? Is that you?"

Tk and Kari walked towards their digimon and smiled, "Hey we haven't seen you guys for a long time."

Takuya and JP's jaws dropped, "Wait, you guys are their partners? The Seraphimon and The Ophanimon are your digimon?"

Tk and Kari only smiled at them and said, "Yes."

The other two almost fainted.

Zoe couldn't believe her eyes too. Kouji and Kouichi on other hand, although surprised, didn't go psycho.

Sora started looking up at the sky, fully knowing that her digimon, what level she may be, would be flying. Moments pass and still no sign on Biyomon, Sora sighed and approached Gennai, "Where is she Gennai? She's not in trouble, is she?" She worriedly asked.

"Agumon's not here yet either." Tai pipped in.

The younger DD's were anxious; they want to meet the three most powerful digimons in person. They kept their eyes peeled in order to sense if the said three was there now. They didn't have to wait long though, for after a couple of minutes a silhouette came running towards them.

The trees rustled like grass as MetalGarurumon ran past them. The great metal wolf then pounced one last time and landed right in front on his partner. Matt was just plain shocked and happy to say anything.

"Long time no see Matt." The wolf growled in happiness.

"What took you so long MetalGarurumon?" Matt asked as he pats his partner's muzzle.

The Fourth Regiment just said in awe, "MetalGarurumon…."

MetalGarurumon looked at them and all the others that were already there. He then turned his attention back to Yamato, "It's because someone left in a hurry to meet her partner…" He then gestured to the flower digimon that was happily talking to Mimi.

Matt had a confused expression on his face; he didn't know what his partner was talking about. Before he could ask though, two great shadows appeared above them.

"I'm glad I'm not the only one late." MetalGarurumon said while looking up to his digimon best friend.

Tai and Sora ran up to their respective digimon.

"Sora!" the great fire-bird greeted her partner.

"Phoenixmon! I missed you!" Sora said while hugging the large beak of the digimon.

The First Regiment was quite a sight to look at. Eight kids, no not kids, young men and women standing there with eight Megas. The younger ones were amazed on how their mere presence spell power and might. Izzy finally noticed something and asked Gennai, "Why only our digimon are in there Mega Level?"

Gennai scratched his beard, "Well it's because of two things. One, they're much older than the others and they have already matured. And Two, the crests are back and in their respective owner's hands."

Although the explanation was quite incomplete for Izzy's taste he just let it go.

"Okay, now what?" Came the oh-so-famous question from Davis' mouth.

"We're going to have a meeting." Gennai flatly said. The old guardian then startled to walk towards the large doors. The Digital Destiny looked at each other, quite confused on what's going on but followed none the less with their digimon in tow.

Tai, who hadn't had a chance to get reacquainted with his partner, asked the great slayer digimon, "What's going on WarGreymon?"

WarGreymon relaxed his muscles and said with seriousness, "This could be one of the most important events that could happen ever since you guys gave up the crest."

Tai only nodded his head and lead the whole DD inside the Temple of Destiny.

The double doors opened with a loud and uncomfortable-to-hear shriek. Tai, who was standing in front of the double doors, was anxious to see what inside the large building. His jaw dropped on how luxurious the building was. Pillars of pure white marble ran through the hallways alternately with marble and granite statues of great digimon. The DDs couldn't take their eyes off the halls and corridors that Tai had to clear his throat so that they could continue to walk.

The long hallway ended up with another set of double doors. This time the doors were metal. Gennai gently tapped the door and it swung open effortlessly.

"Wow, old man I didn't thought that you were that strong." Takuya said.

Zoe just thwacked her boyfriend's head, "Would you show respect for once!"

"Okay, okay geez I was just joking." Takuya said in defeat.

When the door fully opened it revealed a huge circle room. The ceiling was so high that even the largest of the Megas didn't look that large. In the center was an equally big round table with chairs going around it.

"So this must be the meeting area." Mimi said in awe. Even though she has lead a luxurious life, Mimi hadn't seen chairs and tables studded with real gems before.

The table has a design going around it along the edges. All the symbols and crest was engraved at the table edge and chairs.

Ken approached one chair near the south-eastern part of the table and studied the carvings, "Hmm…It's has the symbol of fire, the same one that Takuya has." He said.

"You kids go on and sit to where your symbol is." Gennai explained.

"That was obvious enough…" Matt said and silently looked for his. Tk noticed that his now cheerful older brother is acting like a lone wolf again. He gave him a worried glance and then turned to look for his own seat. He made a mental note to talk with Yamato later.

Matt found his seat on the western most side of the table. As he sat down he noticed the symbol just beside him, the symbol of the Crest of Sincerity.

He just snorted and crossed his arms against his chest. Was he still irritated about what happened earlier this morning in the real world? No, that's not it. Matt knows that he's frustrated but couldn't quite put a finger on why he is.

"Wait what about us? Our symbols are basically the same as Tai's and the others." Davis asked.

"Can't you see those chairs that have both of the crests we represent?" Yolei answered, she was quite annoyed.

"Oh yeah…" Davis scratched the back of his head dumbly and looked for his, which was in the South-western part of the table.

Once everybody was seated, they noticed that the seating arrange has some sort of a pattern to it. The First Regiment was divided around the table equally. With Joe and Izzy sitting next to each other on the Northern side, then Tk and Kari in the Eastern side, Tai and Sora on the Southern side and, much to Matt's irritation, he and Mimi on the Western most side. The others were seated next to the one that their respective symbols relate to, since all of their symbols came from the original crests.

Gennai, who is now in the center of the room, just in the middle of a hole in the center of the large table, cleared his throat and said, "Now, although I think that it's a waste of time, hereby introduce the Four Sovereigns." Lights that were once dim were suddenly brightened that the people inside had to squint their eyes so that they cold adjust to the light.

They now noticed that there were four huge platforms on the, now they realized, none existent ceiling. On one platform, directly above Joe and Izzy was Ebonwumon, who looked like he just had woken up. Above Tk and Kari's head was Azulongmon, looking quite as tangled with himself as ever. Baihumon graced the platform above Matt and Mimi and Zhuquiamon perched himself above Tai and Sora. The phoenix sovereign looked down at his avatar with pride and said, "We meet again Taichi the Great."

Tai nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"Now Gennai, would you please start the meeting." Azulongmon's voice boomed.

Gennai scratched the back of his head and said, "Ok…to get to point…We need the Digital Destiny to be united as one army, not as regiments."

"That's was pretty straight forward." Kouji said. The others nodded in agreement.

"Why?" Rika snapped.

Ebonwumon answered the short tempered girl, "Simple, United we stand, divided we fall."

"Why just now? You didn't make us do this when we were fighting….don't tell me." Joe nervously said.

"No there's no big bad digimon on the loose. It's just that the digimon only unites when you are united." Gennai explained.

"What do you mean by that?" Henry asked.

"Well, let's started from the beginning. During the dark era, the time when all those bad guys are out, digimon were killed, limiting the population to a controllable number. But since the evil villains were taken out, digimon were reborn and with no one to capture and with no one getting killed, the population boomed." Gennai answered.

"So basically the digital world is suffering with over population. I still don't see where we come in to that though." Izzy said.

Baihumon raised his head and said, "More and more digimon are creating gangs and are raiding peaceful villages. We need you here so that they would know that they'll need to behave."

"So we're basically here to play police! That's just a waste of time for us. You have hundreds of champions and ultimates why ask us?" Matt sharply said, earning him a deadly glare from Mimi. Matt just snorted and closed his eyes.

"Because they respect the Digital Destiny…" Azulongmon said.

"Look we're digidestined but were ordinary people on our world and unless it's a life to death situation, we don't need to be here." Matt answered back.

"Matt!" Tai warned from his seat then said, "I understand the problem but why need us here? What can we do?"

"Tai, you can't be serious of acting cat to a bunch of mice are you?" Matt barked back.

"No, I for one have had enough of fighting; I just want to know what we can do. I don't want to waste energy on gang leaders, that doesn't really know to fight." Tai said decisively. Everybody else nodded in agreement.

"Alright, here's what we think would be enough. Unite Digital Destiny under one leader. If they feared Digital Destiny as a divided force I wonder how they would stand in line under a united more powerful one." Gennai explained seriousness evident in his voice.

"Ok, but we consider ourselves as equals here, how do you expect us to pick one of us as a leader?" Takato asked.

Zhuquiaomon fluffed his feathers and flapped his wings gently, "We already picked the nominees, and all you have to do is vote."

"Who are the nominees?" Kenta asked.

"The four so-called 'goggle-heads'." Gennai retorted.

"Huh!" was all the came from the said four.

Izzy rubbed his chin, "That makes sense, considering that they would be the most well known by the common digimon and the fact that they already had leadership experiences."

"I agree, although there's another problem. Like you said the Digital Destiny is divided, how can we know and can we be sure that all of us would vote intelligently, without knowing the others." Ken gestured to the other leaders.

"You have point there Ken." Henry piped in.

"We already planned on that. I'm going to run a conference report about all four of them, starting with youngest." Gennai said. He gestured with his hand and a transparent screen showed up from beneath the center of the room.

"Of course I am not going to mention things that the one I'm reporting would not want me to mention. After this, you'll get the rest of the day to relax think over who you want to vote for. Commanders although you too are part of DD you are not allowed to vote, is that okay?" the guardian asked and earning agreeing nods from all four of them.

Gennai started on Takuya's basic profile, saying everything from his name to his personality. Members of the other regiment listened carefully while the Fourth Regiment would laugh when they here something they remembered Takuya did.

After a few moments, Tai suddenly stood up making Sora look at him.

"I'm going out. Please don't take offense but since I couldn't vote anyway, I don't have a reason to be here. I'll just see you later then." He then cockily walked towards the door. Matt nodded in both understanding and humor, knowing that Tai really does have a short attention span. He was surprised when Sora followed his best friend out. He has a confused expression but his attention was brought back to the report when Gennai said that they should go on.

As Tai left the conference room, he was quite surprised that someone followed him. He was more surprise when he realized that it was Sora.

"Aren't you going to listen to what they're discussing? They're gonna be expecting your vote later." Tai said with a confused look on his face.

Sora just strode next to him and said, "I already know who to vote for….."

Tai smirked, "You can't be serious are you?"

Sora raised an eyebrow, "Why do you ask? And here I am willing to vote for you." She sighed, "You know what Kamiya? You should really show some gratitude." She smirked back.

"Oh, so you're voting for me and I have to act like you're the goddess of the world?" He smiled cockily.

Sora thwacked him upside the head and said, "C'mon I followed you so that I could spend less time on talking and more time on enjoying myself on a trouble free Digiworld." She pulled on his arm and ran outside the large double doors of the Temple of Destiny. WarGreymon and Phoenixmon only followed them curiously.

Inside the conference room, Gennai continued with his explanation. He explained Takuya's abilities and leadership skills in full detail. Positive or negative it's all there. The rest on the DDs only listened intently for they know that even though all the members are trustworthy they still need to pick a good if not the perfect leader.

"So the positives are: Compassion towards fellow destineds, strong sense of justice, and strong sense of adapting. Negatives: the ever so famous jumping to danger head first, a loudmouth that says things out of random and inability to listen to other's advice fast enough. That concludes Kanbara Takuya." Gennai finished his explanation.

Takuya, who looked like he shrunken with embarrassment, sat there fiddling with the table. Being able to see what you did as a kid, specially the embarrassing ones really hit one's ego hard.

"Don't fret Takuya, it's for the good of everybody. Hohohoh." Gennai laughed.

"Shut up old man!" Takuya barked back.

"Alright, now, next Matsuda Takato." The old guardian announced.

Takato was now sweating bullets on his side of the table.

Tai and Sora reached the entrance of the Temple of Destiny. Tai stretched, grateful that they are now in a more enjoyable atmosphere than the stuffy marble halls inside the great structure.

"You know, now that I think about it, this building looks more like a castle than a temple." Sora muttered.

Tai glanced at the Temple again and agreed, "Yeah it does huh…?"

The two megas, which are their partners, glanced at each other with worry. Wargreymon then spoke to Tai, "So what are you planning Tai…?"

Tai thought for a moment, in vain. He just seriously wanted to get out of that conference. Politics never ran first priority in his mind. Sora spoke for him though, "Tai…let's go on top of Mt. Infinity. It's been ages since we went there."

Tai nodded and turned towards the only mountain in File Island, "I still remember Joe going up there by himself…" He trailed off.

Sora giggled, "Yeah Joe was really…tense during our whole escapade in the Digital World."

Tai laughed, "Yes he really was, too tense that he pissed in his pants every time there's something moving in the bushes, although, you didn't have to step on me when you woke me up the next day."

"You still remember that? Geez Tai, it wasn't my fault you were sleeping right next to me when I freaked at the fact that Joe was missing." She protested.

Tai just laughed and Sora laughed with him.

"So let's go?" Sora asked.

Tai looked at the mountain again, "I really don't want to climb all the way up there. I'm too lazy to." He sighed.

"Tai, you are hopeless…" Sora sighed and motioned for Phoenixmon. The bird digimon responded, "Just hop on my back Tai…"

Phoenixmon lowered herself so that they could mount her. Tai got on first and grabbed Sora's hand then pulled her to sit in front of him.

"Well…I think this is so much better than hanging on her talons the last time." Tai mentioned.

"Oh stop complaining Tai." Sora said as she nudged Phoenixmon to take off.

Startled, Tai instinctively grabbed the woman in front of him and held on tight on her waist. Sora just giggled and said, "Scared of heights Tai…?"

Embarrassed, Tai loosened his hold on her but kept his arms around her since out of the two of them, she is more suited in the air. Another reason to take his hand off eluded Tai's mind, "You just surprised me that's all."

"Whatever you say Taichi." Sora smiled and turned her attention upwards, although she could have sworn that him grabbing her like that startled her more. Sora felt her shoulder tense, although didn't know why. Why does she feel awkward with Tai now? It is really unusual.

Sensing her discomfort, Tai asked, "You okay Sor? You kind of froze for a moment there."

"It's nothing…" The entire flight is then spent in mutual silence.

As Phoenixmon landed on the summit of the mountain, Wargreymon spoke, "Tai, I'm really sorry for being late earlier. I am now ashamed of putting other matters before my other half."

As he jumped down, Tai retorted, "It's not a big deal Wargreymon, but why are you guys late anyway? Gennai mentioned that you guys are busier than the others."

"Well as megas we are responsible for the peace of the digital world as a whole. We patrol the whole Digital World for anything that is amiss and just so happens that Phoenixmon and I were at the southernmost tip of the Modem Continent when you two arrived." The dragon slayer explained.

Tai guided Sora down Phoenixmon. Sora jumped down and asked, "So basically you guys act like police or something?"

Her own digimon answered her this time, "I don't exactly know what police is but we are sort of like guardians. Wargreymon and I are paired up to survey the southern region; HerculesKabuterimon and MarineAngemon are in charge of the North, Seraphimon and Ophanimon to East and lastly MetalGarurumon and Rosemon to the West."

Tai walked towards the ledge of the peak that overlooks the whole of File Island. It was still the same view he remembered seeing 12 years ago, sea everywhere he looked, the only land he could see was of the mountain's base. Isolating himself from his companions, Tai's voice was almost inaudible, "It's the same…yet somehow it's so different."

Sora placed herself beside him; she also looked at the distance. The ocean looked to tranquil, the light from the sun is being reflected back like a sapphire being examined through the light. The trees that made up the forest of File Island are as green as they can be and with Sora agreed fully to Tai, "Yes it is different, although I do not know if it is because it's been a long time or just the fact that they are at peace that makes everything looks so…tranquil…so beautiful."

Tai looked at her from the corner of his eye. She had her eyes still fixed on the scenery that was in front of them. The fruit of their labors, the triumph that made them sacrifice their childhood to obtain. He turned to face her, with a smile on his face. Sora looked back him, bewildered with his expression. Tai suddenly said, "And to think, when we were standing here for the first time, I seriously didn't imagine this at all. Us standing here looking out to the world we saved. Standing here now makes me think…how in the world did 12 year old kids save this world? Don't you agree…?"

Sora nodded her head, "I wonder where those kids are now? I certainly remember a goggle-head scribbling what he calls a 'map' on that very rock over there." She said while pointing at a flat slab of rock just to Tai's right.

Taichi smirked, "Hmm…I'm still here right in front of you Sora and I still that that map was ingenious thank you very much. What about that girl…hmm…what was her name again? That girl always argues with what I decide and in the end follows it, you know that one with the blue hat on? She really is pain, always getting in the way of my glorious fun."

Sora was taken back, "A pain huh? I see how it is…" she then burst into giggles.

Tai laughed along with her then uttered, "I really miss that girl…" He meant that statement in more ways than one.

Sora confusedly looked at him with one of her red brow raised, "Don't worry Tai she's here, " She giggled again, "You really are a glutton for pain."

"Hey I didn't mean it like that…it's just that we've changed so much that it's hard not to miss what we once were." He said solemnly.

Sora caught the sadness and nostalgia in his eyes. She placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled gently, "Tai we all change…we don't a control over time."

He answered, "Yeah I know but is it wrong to think about the past?" He asked innocently.

Sora just nodded her head, "No…Tai you've changed. I just noticed that now."

Tai lifted his hand and place it on top of hers and smiled, "Like you said, we don't a control over it but then again thanks Sor. Going on a trip in memory lane really got me back there."

"No problem Taichi, what are friends for?"

Tai looked at her with an irritated face, "Sor how many times do I have to tell you not to call me my full name?"

She just poked her finger on her chin and said, "Never…actually you once told me that I'm the only one that could call you that."

"Fine you got me…"

"Of course I did…" She giggled.

Wargreymon and Phoenixmon only watched their partners through knowing glances of both joy and worry.

Meanwhile, in the conference room, the discussion on who should lead the Digital Destiny as a single entity drags on. Gennai have been very thorough about the information he was unveiling, much to the embarrassment of the people that he was talking about. Takato and Davis' report went smoothly. Everybody took notes and raked their minds on who would be worthy enough for the office. Of course not all of them had the patience that Joe had when is comes to stuff like this. Davis is now currently dozing off, convinced that he did not need worry much since he could not vote anyway. Takuya, too, was bored out of his mind, although he enjoyed himself on knowing Takato through Gennai's report. Izzy and Ken look like they are drilling holes on Gennai in the way that they are looking at him. Rika, never really the type to care about these things, resorted to her new deck of digimon cards.

"Now last but certainly not the least, Taichi Yagami Kamiya or as most digimon call him, Taichi the Great…" Gennai introduced the last of the four Regiment Commanders. All the other commanders perked up, intrigued on how their personal hero did in his first time the digital world.

Gennai started his report, "Taichi Yagami Kamiya, digimon partner Agumon. Taichi, or Tai as he likes to be called, started his journey at the age of 12 like most of you. Accompanied with six others, Tai had it hard as a leader at first. These other six that came with him aren't exactly the people that you can get along easily, especially if you're carefree, practically irresponsible young boy such as Tai at the time. Loud and very outspoken, Tai took leadership automatically, even though some of the team were against it."

The remaining First Regiment members subconsciously looked at Matt, who just blinked his eyes confusedly.

"Tai usually jump into trouble head first; I personally have seen this, spontaneous side of him when I was watching over the First Regiment 12 years ago. Against all odds, during the Myotismon phase, Tai united the First Regiment, officially being hailed as the leader. Brave and courageous, Tai was undoubtedly the Child of Courage, bearing the Crest of Courage and with Agumon by his side, Taichi was the most powerful force in Digital Destiny at the time. He was first to have an Ultimate level digimon, and defeated most of the enemies. Of course if Tai was the Sun, there would always be a moon." Gennai paused and continued, "There's only one other digidestined that could stand up against Tai, Yamato."

Everyone gazed at Matt, who looked down on the table. He knew where Gennai is going with his report and he wasn't quite sure if he wanted the whole Digital Destiny to find out of what he did. Gennai then spoke to him, "Matt if you don't want me to tell them then I'll gladly move on but you do realize that if we are going to be as one everyone must know the flaws of everyone else."

Matt stiffened. He kept his gaze on the table, his concentration on the Sigil of Friendship that was engraved on the marble. Mimi, who was sitting beside him, looked at him, making Matt feel more of an ass hole in her eyes. He has to admit that Mimi was his worst critic. He could almost hear her say, 'Don't be coward and share it with everybody already' but to his surprise she kept silent.

Through her eyes, Mimi could see a very lost Yamato, not the same man she was fighting with just a few hours ago but the boy that was misunderstood 12 years ago. Temporarily forgetting her anger towards him for the time being, Mimi placed a gentle hand on Matt's rigid shoulder, almost whispering, "It'll be fine…"

Matt looked at her, only to see her smiling at him, after muttering 'thanks' he nodded his head to Gennai to keep going. The old guide smiled and said, "This would for the best."

Matt glanced at Mimi once again. She just pats his shoulder and with a playful smirk turned her attention back to Gennai. Matt felt like swearing right then and there. How she made him so irritated yet wanting to laugh was beyond him. He could almost see what is going to happen after this. Mimi would annoy him nonstop about this.

Gennai cleared his throat, "As I said, if Tai was the Sun, Yamato was the Moon. If there is one person who Tai couldn't just boss around to follow him it would Matt. Always questioning his authority, Matt never made giving out commands easy for Tai, although there are instances that Matt's judgment was more practical and reasonable. They never agreed most of the time but somehow Tai was able to drag him along. Then there was the Cherrymon incident…"

Matt could have sworn that he was holding his breath when Gennai paused.

"Burdened by the sense of inferiority, the 12-year old Yamato was easily led astray by Cherrymon, pitting him against Tai. Mega against Mega, their battle was one that would never leave the history books of the Digital World. Although no one was considered the victor, after the battle Tai realized that the most important lesson that he would ever learn so did Matt, the value of friendship. Soon after this betrayal the First Regiment was scattered, Joe and Mimi left and Sora was stuck with Tk and Kari as Tai and Izzy went looking for medicine. I once feared that their disunity would spell destruction but at last they pulled through. In a last ditched effort to unite the First Regiment from Tai, they mended the bonds of friendship and made it stronger than ever." Gennai looked around the room, almost all the people inside were deeply intrigued about how the First Regiment did.

"Taichi's contribution didn't just end after the battle of the Apocalymon. He stood as a role model to Davis as well as a mentor. He and Izzy assisted the second regiment whenever they can with their more advanced experience in dealing with Digital problems. Through Tai's leadership, the First Regiment defeated more evil incarnate than any of the others, thus the title Taichi the Great."

Walking down through the last few steps of the mountain, Tai couldn't help but sneeze, "I guess they're talking about me now."

Sora laughed, "C'mon let's hurry…I would have to vote too you know."

"Fine…fine." And with that, they entered the Temple of Destiny once again.

After concluding his report, Gennai clapped his hands and made thin computer screen, made of light appear before every digidestined. Tai and Sora barely made it in time and sat down to their respective chairs quickly. Before proceeding to the voting Gennai explained, "I'm sorry, it must have slipped my mind. If you are wondering on why you are sitting in a strange arrangement I would gladly explain. You see, the First Regiment obtain the crests, the Second the digimentals, the Third unique cards and the Fourth obtain the Spirits."

"As you know, when each of you was summoned here, the Digital world was torn in fourths to minimize the damage that would be imminent. Aside from the Sovereigns, the Digital World is protected by another force, a nameless force that is stored in each of your special item. There are four levels to this protective shell, first is the Spirits, more human in nature they use human elements as power. Then there are the cards, also more human using armor and weapons in its arsenal. The digimentals are next, leaning on the more digital side of the scale, using legendary digimon armor only seen in the digital world. They also used human emotions as catalysts."

"So you mean that each of the Regiment is one of the four levels?" Izzy asked.

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Imagine the digital world, a sphere, that in its core are four levels of power those levels are the power of Digital Destiny." Gennia cleared his throat and continued, "In the very core of power come the Crests. They are by far the most powerful force in the digital world. As digimentals use values and emotions as a catalyst for digivolution, crests use them as a power source. The stronger the user feels the stronger they become. The stronger the digimon feels they grow even stronger. Powered by both the Sovereigns and the bearers, the crest is the closest thing you can to an unlimited power source. Of course, even we can make mistakes. Using the power of the crests, level four protection, first, we disrupted the flow of energy to the digital world, creating more evil digimon. We though that using the most powerful thing we had would get rid of the problem faster but we were wrong."

"So you mean, we should've have summon in a different order?" Ken asked.

"Yes…but as you can see we've made a mistake."

Tai, getting irritated, spoke up, "Hey old guy this still doesn't explain the sitting arrangement can you just spit is out?"

"Ah..yes of course. The eight crests are divided into four, directly representing each sovereign or is it the other way around? Knowledge and Reliability is represented by the ancient sovereign of the north Ebonwumon, Hope and Light, two very special crests, are represented by the leader of the Sovereigns Azulongmon of the East. The intertwined qualities of Friendship and Sincerity are represented by mysterious Baihumon of West. Lastly, the burning nature of Courage and Love are represented by Zhuquiaomon of South."

Tai's eyes went wide, "You mean the Sovereign that I ranted on earlier was supposed to be the one my crest gets power from!"

Sora tried her best not to laugh.

"Worry not Taichi the Great I am not, anymore, offended but honored. After hearing your achievements I'm enthralled with your deeds." Zhuquiaomon's voice boomed from his perch.

Gennai scratched his head, "As I was saying…where was I oh that's right. From the core of power, the crest comes the other level of force. You are arranged so that you are sitting to where your powers lie, placing harmony and equality among our ranks. If we are to unite, you must know where your power now stands. Now…for the voting, it's pretty straight forward just pick one and well count them up…just like how you humans vote in the Real World.

The digidestineds looked at each other and shrugged, then voted.

"Of course the voting would only satisfy you as humans but as digimon, your partners have agreed on a tournament to prove strength and bravery."

"You mean the winner still has to fight!" Davis protested.

"Why yes…we digimon only respect the strong." Baihumon roared.

"Just shut up goggle-head and vote already." Rika snapped.

And so the voting went on, after a few minutes, Gennai finished the counting. He displayed a screen in the middle of the room so that everyone could see. Everyone has their eyes on the screen and in a blink of an eye the winner was named.

"Getting more than two-thirds of the vote…is Taichi. Tai you are going to fight against the other nominees to prove you worth to the digimon tomorrow, until then you can relax." Gennai said.

"Oh hell yeah I get to fight Tai!" Takuya and Davis yelled simultaneously.

Mimi was taken back, "And I thought they're going to be depressed by losing…"

"Oh and one more thing I need to say to you the…." Gennai tried to speak but was interrupted.

"You can just tell me when this all over Gennai. I would like to see what we fought to hard to achieve." Tai smiled at the guardian.

"But this is…" Gennai just sighed, "Alright I'll let you kids go now." He then glanced at the sovereigns with a weary and worry gaze. Azulongmon looked at him as if saying, "It'll work out."

In his mind, Gennai said, 'Is it right to rob one of them his life?' and with that question, he walked out of the room leaving the Digital Destiny in what seems to be the perfect opportunity to socialize, although he knew quite that Taichi being chosen is going to hard for them in the near future.

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