Hi! Sami, Ryou's Hikari here! This is my sixth fic, and it is the story of the Spirit of the Ring, who is called Akefia in this story, and his life tale. Read on.

The night before the massacre, all had seemed well. The young child was happily resting in his mother's lap, while his mother ran her fingers through his white locks of hair. He knew nothing of the terror that was to pass his way that night, for all he knew was a life of happiness in his village of thieves, Kuru Eruna.

Akefia, that was the child's name. He could be easily recognized because of his white hair, the only person in the entire village with such pale hair. He also had blue eyes, a rare thing in that village filled with brown, black, red and at the very lightest, lavender orbs.

His mother thought he was a blessing, a unique child who one day would be something great. He would have wonderful powers, as every one that lived in Kuru Eruna had one power or another.

That night, his life was about to change, and the sweet, innocent boy would fade away…

"Wife," Akefia's father shouted, bursting into the room, "The Pharaoh's soldiers are coming, quickly, we must leave!"

Akefia was pulled into his mother's arms, and they ran through the house together with his father, collecting belongings, precious necklaces, carvings and clothing. All of a sudden there was a pounding at their door, and the shouts coming from the door gave away the identity of the intruders. The Pharaoh's soldiers!

"Hurry, out the back!" Their father pushed them towards the back of the mud-bricked house, calling to them, "I'll stay and make sure you get away, now GO!"

Akefia clutched his mother's skirt while they ran through the alleyways and between other houses like theirs, evading the soldiers and trying not to drop their possessions. And then suddenly they were surrounded by the soldiers, and there was no where left to go.

"Run my child, run!" Akefia ran as fast as he could, diving between the legs of the men, and going as fast as his legs would go without collapsing on him. He never stopped until it was sunset, and he was on the outskirts of the wide-spread village. He climbed high into a nearby cliff, watching the brutal scene unfold before his eyes.

His people were being slaughtered like cattle at an abattoir, and there was nothing he could do about it. He watched as the bodies were round up, and the people that had lived were chained and led to a place just below the cliff face the boy was in. There was a cauldron of boiling hot rock under a raging fire, and the boy wondered how he hadn't noticed it.

He closed his eyes, wishing that the entire day had been a dream, and he would wake up and his mother would stroke his hair, but when he opened his eyes, all he saw were the soldiers and his people. He wondered if his mother was down there, or if the soldiers had killed her. Either way, there was no chance of him rescuing her or ever seeing her again.

He saw the villagers being lined up before the cauldron and knew what was too come, so he put his hands over his eyes. He still heard the screams of the people though, dying, burning alive in that molten pit of fire, and that stayed with him for the rest of his life.

He fell asleep listening to the screams, the laughter of the guards, as bodies both dead and alive were burnt. He opened his eyes when the screams ceased, to find his gaze locked upon several golden items, shining in the light of the moon. There had been 100 people alive in the village that morning. 99 had died to create these.

Akefia found his gaze drawn to the ring-like object, with golden shards hanging from it, and the eye of Horus in its centre. It gleamed with a white light, directed right at him, and he found himself almost blinded. In fear, Akefia ran into the night, stumbling down the other side of the cliff.

He tripped on a piece of loose rock, and the side of his face felt odd, and it was stinging.
Akefia reached a hand to touch his cheek, just below his right eye, and came away with blood. His face had hit a sharp rock in the fall, and it was likely the scar was going to be there forever, a reminder of that night. It was there, bleeding, underneath the silver moon, that Akefia promised revenge on the Pharaoh.

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