A/N: To celebrate Gordon's birthday being this coming Monday, I decided I would write a special birthday story just for him. The first part is a short introduction, the rest…well you'll find out what the rest is.

Disclaimer: the writer of this story owns nothing.

Summery: Its Gordon's birthday, and the family has come up with a special surprise for it. An extremely Gordon-centric fic.

Authoress: PTB

Title: With Love

Gordon rubbed the white towel over his head, causing almost every red strand to stand up on end. He had been swimming for the last two hours to keep his mind off of what day it was.

Gordon hated his birthday, for no particular reason other than it was his birthday. Sometimes he wondered if it were any other day of the year but Valentines Day if he would like it, but he doubted it. It wasn't that Gordon hated himself; he just didn't feel the point of celebrating that someone was growing older.

The odd thing was that his family hadn't mentioned his birthday hardly at all. John had called him early that morning to wish him Happy Birthday, and the others had mentioned it, but that was all.

Gordon didn't bother to turn on any lights as he walked through the house. Alan and Brains had gone up on a supply run to Thunderbird 5, Virgil was painting, Scott was taking a nap, Jeff was doing some paper work, and Grandma and TinTin were in the kitchen cooking something. He didn't have the foggiest idea where Kyrano was, but decided it really didn't matter.

As Gordon dug through his dresser and found some clean pajama pants. Despite his reluctance to remember, Gordon found his mind drifting back to past birthdays. He couldn't remember his mother clearly, but one thing still lingered. He could still hear her singing him happy birthday. As he pulled a shirt over his head, he wondered if perhaps that wasn't why he hated his birthday, because that song would ring in his head forever.

Deciding that a good long talk with Grandma and some chocolate chip cookies with milk would do him some good, the red haired Tracy son wandered down stairs. He reached the bottom and realized that he heard whispering. Kicking his mind into high gear, Gordon recognized the sound of Alan's heavy breathing. His little brother had a nasty habit of breathing heavily when excited.

"Thought you could pull one over on me, Alan?" Gordon yelled to the darkness. "Thought you could surprise me by being home early. Well I have news for you, Al, I'm never…" Gordon's hand flipped the light switch and just as suddenly as the bulb came on his family jumped up from behind the scant furniture of the living room.


"Wha?" Gordon stared at them, mouthing hanging open. They were all there, except Brains.

"We finally tricked the trickster!" Virgil crowed triumphantly.

"Happy Birthday, Gordo," Scott smiled, pushing Gordon down onto the couch.

"I thought you'd forgotten…"

"Who, us?" Alan grinned. "We could never forget you, Gorgon."

"Thanks, Algly, I'll remember that." Gordon smirked at his younger brother.

"Here kid," John smiled, handing him a parcel of letters.

"What are these?" Gordon asked, dumbfounded.

"Your presents," Virgil grinned as Scott wrapped an arm around John's shoulder.

"Genius boy here thought you might like it if we gave you something more significant this year," Scott offered by way of explanation, "so we all wrote you letters to tell you just how special you are?"



"Well lets get this ego trip started," Gordon grinned, and removed the first letter.