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Author's Note: This is a slash (yaoi) story which means male/male loving. This one is based around Harry and Draco. If you don't like it don't read, that's what the back button's for. It's also quite obviously AU (alternate universe) since Harry and Draco hate each other. Well, it's probably more Draco hating Harry and Harry strongly disliking Draco, I don't think Harry can really hate anyone besides Voldemort. Draco hasn't killed anybody that is important to Harry, Voldemort has. In fact I don't think Draco has killed anyone... ever.

Falling For You

By: Kitty Maxwell-Yuy

I know you want me, I've seen you watching me. Your eyes grow dark whenever someone approaches me for some up close and personal study sessions. Do you know why I always say yes? Because I'm expected too. I have a reputation and an appearance to uphold, I am a Malfoy after all. But did you know that I always turn them down when they suggest we do something other than study? I can't be with someone without seeing you, because you see I want you too. I want you as much as you want me. I can't... I couldn't be with anyone but you.

After potions you draw me away into a nearby empty classroom. I don't know what you're planning, this can't be good.

"What do you want Potter?" I sneer. You just look at me and do the absolute last thing I expected. You draw me close and kiss me hard on the lips and then walk away as if nothing happened. You leave me speechless in an empty classroom.

In that one instant when your lips were on mine I knew peace, true unadulterated, undiluted peace. Did you feel it? Did you feel the unbridled passion and electricity? Did you feel the fire burning within me? I felt your fire, your passion, but did you feel mine?

Do you know what you've done to me Harry? I can't stop thinking about you. Did you know the world stops turning every time you enter a room? Everything but you and I ceases to exist. If you turn to face me your eyes locking with mine and smile I'll be lost. I will be yours, I will know nothing but you. Can you imagine me being nothing but yours utterly and eternally? Draconis Lucian Malfoy in love with the-boy-who-lived, Harry James Potter.

Then you do it, you turn to face me our eyes locking, can you see how I feel for you? How much I want you? I think you can because then your use your secret weapon, your innocent smile. That's it, the end. Draconis Lucian Malfoy is head-over-heels in love with Harry James Potter.

"I love you, Harry," I confess to you once we're alone.

"I know. Do you want to know a secret?" you ask me looking into my eyes.

"Yes," I answer drowning in your emerald pools. I want to know everything about you, I need to know everything about you.

"I love you, too," he replies his voice barely above a whisper. Then he kisses me. For the first time in my life I'm actually happy, and Harry's the reason why.

–Finite Incantatem–