Ok, ppl! Here goes! This is my new story. It won't be very long…six, maybe eight chapters at most. Since I'm generally bored of author notes, and I know you are too, I'd simply like to say I don't own Yugioh, Kazuki Takahashi does. And for the record, I would never want to own Yugioh but I'd like to draw like Kazuki.


Since there are many references to ancient Egypt, we have people talking Egyptian in the story. Naturally, every single 'Egyptian' word I have written is COMPLETELY MADE UP! If we ever make this into a movie, we'll be sure to call REAL linguistic experts in order for the characters to speak REAL Egyptian. I think that for now, however, making up a new language was fun.

"Quick! After them! Don't let' em get away!" came the mighty roar of the general, which echoed throughout the entire dark crypt.

Rushed footsteps. Ragged breaths. Two bodies cramming up against the wall, groping frantically around for what appeared to be a door.

"Hurry up! They're coming!" Came the girl's anguished command, as she anxiously swooshed her head in all directions, hearing the guards' voices coming closer.

"I'm trying here!" The boy answered from her side, while searching despondently for a way to open the shut stone door. "I'd appreciate it if you did something other than whining, Reyna!" He added as a disgruntled afterthought, his gleaming green eyes sweeping towards her dark form briefly, then returning to the task at hand.

"Oh just shut up and hurry, will ya!" Reyna hissed back in annoyance, all the time clutching her notorious "Razor gun" close to her chest, preparing to throw a spiked bullet at any guard who happened to appear.

"There they are, sir! On the right side!" a shout of a guard was finally heard. Reyna and her companion's eyes widened ominously as they heard the footsteps of their persecutors becoming louder.

"Zorgi…" Reyna murmured in a warning tone towards her companion, not forgetting to raise her weapon and aim at the guard who was approaching them fastest of all.

"Just a minute! I have to break the friggin' code…"

"Zorgi…" Reyna repeated a bit more forcefully this time, her short auburn hair flowing freely around her head and her sparkling blue eys gleaming in annoyance "We don't have a minute…"

"HIYAAAA!" Yelled the guard who was now two steps from crashing into Reyna. It was now or never. She had to fire or be shot. It was kill or be killed.

"ZORGIII!" She screamed the last desperate call, hoping against all odds that he might have managed something at the last second. She was not prepared for the answer.

"Got it!"

And just like that, she was pulled roughly to the left, shoved through a particularly narrow door and disorientated thoroughly.

"What the heck…" she started saying, only managing to catch a glimpse of faded blonde hair and green eyes, as Zorgi fought to shut the now half open door on the guard's face.

"Don't let them get away!" a harsh command was heard from someone of the guards. Seeing as Zorgi was having a relatively hard time pushing the door closed while shoving the guards outside, Reyna decided it really was time for her to do something other than whine.

She threw herself viciously against the door and pushed with all her might. Her strength along with Zorgi' s was apparently enough to restrain the guards, if the shrill cry that was heard soon after was any indication.

The heavy stone door finally shut, and then…silence. From all that mayhem, suddenly Zorgi and Reyna found themselves in complete stillness. Naturally, Zorgi' s action-loving nature could not endure piece and quiet for long- he had to make a riot wherever he went.

"Man, did you see how I shut that door at his face?" he bragged on hautily. Reyna sighed and glanced at her surroundings while he continued with the familiar rant.

"…And the way I broke that code on the door! Man, that was sweet! Not even the king of hackers could have done it so fast! Tell you what, though, that code was downright ironclad…why would they have such an ultra-lock in the entrance of a place as sorry as this? What could they be hiding…?" he wandered airily, as he unconsciously ran a hand through his tousled blond hair.

"Maybe this." Reyna stoically stated, as she pointed at something in the middle of the room- something her carefree companion had surely not taken the time to notice.

Zorgi' s eyes widened considerably as he stared at it. Not very tall, not very short- it reached the level of his waist. It looked more like a huge golden box, with various meticulous inscriptions on the sides, the meaning of which neither of the two friends understood.

Zorgi swallowed dryly and followed Reyna half-heartedly as she carefully stepped closer to the golden box. Only then did the boy notice that there were golden inscriptions all around them- carved on the stonewalls. Tall, slim torches hung around the golden box, accentuating beautifully the shape of a star, which was carved in the middle of the box's surface.

"Cool…" Zorgi simply commented, not really understanding what the thing was "Looks kinda like a casket though, don't you think, Reyna?"

Reyna visibly rolled her eyes and shook her head in exasperation "That's because it IS a coffin, you idiot! Where were you at history class, genius? Don't you remember when we talked about ancient civilizations? This is an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus!"

Zorgi grinned in a goofy way and ran a hand through his hair again, only this time uncomfortably. "Oh…uh…cool…so, uh, what's a sacro…saroc…"

Reyna rolled her eyes yet again as she dared touch the soft shining surface of the golden coffer in fascination. "Sarcophagus. It was a special kind of coffer the ancient Egyptians used in order to place their dead, after they removed their inner organs- brain included- and place these body parts in sacred jars."

Zorgi had worn an expression of disgust to say the least. "Uhh…what can I say…fascinating." He threw a nervous glance at Reyna, only to realize she really was fascinated. "Uhh…can we get the heck out of here now? This place is giving me the creeps…" he commented while trying to shake off the sudden feeling of unease that had consumed him.

"What are you talking about? And leave this unexplored? This must be a great secret of the Fuhrer…maybe we can reveal a secret plot or something…Besides, there's no where to go, remember? We're trapped in here, for now, so we might as well make the best of it and check this out!"

Zorgi was looking at her as if she'd grown a second head "'Check it out?' Reyna have you turned completely bonkers? What is there to 'check out'? There's just a coffin, and…and most probably a corpse and…and some organs in jars…and…ewww, I get the creeps just thinking about it! Let's just hurry and find a way out of here!" the boy insisted, grabbing the girl's hand and attempting to drag her away from the golden coffin. Unsurprisingly, she wouldn't budge.

"SHHHH!" she silenced him in an alerted manner, as she pointed at the golden star encrypted in the middle of the sarcophagus. "Look! There's something written here! It's in our language…I think I can read it!" she cried in delirious excitement. Once again, Zorgi tried to reason with her, tried to make her see the light…but to no avail.

"Oh, COME ON, Reyna! When we can live back to the surface, I'll buy you a book if you like this so much! Let's just hurry with our escape route, already!"

It was then that Reyna gave him one of those looks. Not really a puppy eye-look, but not really a glare either. The one thing that made this look special in comparison to Reyna's other random glares, was that it displayed emotion- a thing Reyna rarely, if ever, showed. And Zorgi could now see it, written bold and clear in her eyes, that for some ludicrous reason, she wanted to occupy herself with that god-forsaken Egyptian box.

Zorgi huffed and puffed and blew his fringe out of his face "Fine! Fine! Just- Just, read it already- see what happens! Great! Now we get to interpret Egyptian gizmos too- as If we didn't have enough problems as it is! Oh, great…this is-this is just great…this is perfect… what am I gonna tell Lend, huh? Oh…sorry we didn't get the information, we were catching up with Reyna's freakin' EGYPTIAN SKILLS!"

And as Zorgi was going on and on about the importance of their mission and the unimportance of the sarcophagus, Reyna whispered what she thought she could mysteriously read on the sarcophagus.

"Sha…Shashta…Bakura…Shashta Bakura…Yup! That's it!" She beamed proudly.

Zorgi sighed "Happy now? Can we please get on with it now that you're satisfied?"

But their mission was not meant to be completed that day. At least that's what the creaking sound coming from the sarcophagus probably meant.

Zorgi froze dead in his tracks towards Reyna. As for the girl, she paled considerably and her breathing turned harsh and rapid.

"Oh…Oh my God…" Zorgi whispered in morbid pallor, as he heard the occult sound of chains rubbing against stone floors intensify around him. Suddenly, he wasn't the cheerful teenager anymore…he was the warrior-rebel again- serious and stoic.

"What…what have you done…?" he asked in alert.

Reyna looked hoarse and desperate. She turned around and watched the tomb intently, looking for some kind of…freaky sign. "I…I don't know…"

Zorgi grabbed her arm and forced her to face him "What the heck did those words mean…?"

Reyna's eyes were wide and dilated as they gazed into his "I…I don't know Zorgi…I don't know what they meant…I just read them…"

And then it came: the disgusting, blood-curling sound of old gold slipping noisily against gold. The cover of the sarcophagus was moving in that slow, unearthly, bone-shattering way…and all Reyna and Zorgi could do was watch.

The boy pulled his friend close, wrapping a protective arm around her and taking a step back. As for Reyna, she was too shocked to even remember the only means of defense in case of emergency- her Razor Gun- since she was too terrified to think.

They couldn't run! They couldn't go back to the guards that were chasing them! If they ran for it, they would die! But if they stayed in there and watched till the bitter end…what would come out of that coffin?

The logical answer would be…a corpse….Right?

"AHH!" Reyna most uncharacteristically screamed, as she distinguished the very real and very alive outline of a skeleton hand coming to rest on the side of the coffer.

Zorgi swallowed dryly, fighting to keep his temperature down for the sake of his horrified friend, who needed all the reassurance and comfort she could get at that moment. "This isn't real, Reyna…Don't be afraid…This isn't real…This can't be real…This is a hallucination…What you are seeing does not exist…It's another one of the Fuhrer's tricks, you'll see…it can't hurt you…it…holy shit!"

That was the conclusion of Zorgi' s attempt in courage and self-assurance, when he heard the unmistakable rattling sound of bones clattering against other bones. Consequently, all brave thoughts left him, to make way for sheer horror. He saw the skeleton hand move, and soon he was granted a full gory view of the creature's head, as the thing sat up in its grave.

Half skeleton and half disintegrating. There was no blood, really, but there was still that disgusting sense of molding, rotting flesh- complete with worms, germs and other parasitic organisms, which ate at the zombie flesh. Two hollow crevaces as eyes, with slugs trailing around them morbidly. And the lower jaw, that still had some flesh clinging onto it, was hollow and thin with lines of skeletal structure.

As for the corpse's teeth and other facial features…well, needless to say they weren't very attractive.

Zorgi' s breath caught in his throat, as he was offered the full view Reyna was trying so frantically not to see. As the skeletal zombie slowly and unnaturally turned its head toward him, Zorgi waged a logical bet with himself that it had no eyes and therefore could not see. Apparently that was not the case.

It stretched its hand suddenly towards him, and he took a few steps back, pulling Reyna along with him, while she squealed pathetically. When he saw that disgusting thing stand up from its golden prison and reveal its bony, ragged, overall unbelievably terrifying legs, he really did feel the need to vomit.

But that was nothing compared to the feeling that came next- a sense of pure helplessness, as the skeleton climbed out of its cage and took a shaky step toward him with its hand outstretched.

Zorgi and Reyna, who was now reduced to a screaming mess, looked around frantically, trying to find a place to hide from the non existent eyes, that were ever so watchful…Nowhere to go…Nowhere to hide…the thing was coming…crawling, gripping, clutching, coming…it was coming…coming for them…

"This is not real…this is not real…" Zorgi repeated his unhelpful mantra, and gasped when he sensed his back hitting the wall- dead end. He clutched unconsciously at his friend, praying to any god he had ever known…hoping…wishing…

The thing had brought its hand a few inches from the boy's nose. Zorgi distastefully caught the vile smell of death and rot, and involuntarily noticed the long, claw-like, curiously not yet disintegrated nail that the beast's index finger had.

"Get away from me, devil! There is nothing you want here….nothing!" he repeated a phrase he had heard a priest say once and thought might be appropriate. To his mild surprise, he saw the hand which was pointed at him pull back and form a strong fist. That was when he knew, even though he could see no expression or facial features, that the creature was frustrated. That was probably when he started considering, shyly at first and more boldly later, that the creature's reactions didn't seem quite so godly or demon-like, as it did human.

Human reactions…human…movements…

Just then, it bent dangerously over the two friends, making Reyna snivel pathetically and Zorgi cower back in plain and obvious fear. The sickening smell was suffocating at this distance, and the level of nausea was also climbing in dangerous levels in the two friends' bodies.

And then, to Zorgi' s uttermost astonishment- Reyna was too horrified to notice- the creature spoke. It wasn't exactly a voice…it was more of a low growl…or the sound of an animal being slaughtered…or something as squealing and simultaneously deep and heart-shattering as that. Only one thing was for sure: it was not a voice produced by voice chords.

"Shahai dnama hira me? (Was it you who woke me?) the thing growled somewhat menacingly, making the boy shake and shiver. Needless to say Zorgi could not understand a bloody thing out of what the undead was telling him. He tried to make an expression of confusion, mixed, of course, with fear, so as to get his point through.

The skeleton seemed to withdraw slightly and stand there for a second. Then, it raised its hand and seemed to observe its own fingers thoroughly with its non-existent eyes. Old, torn bandages hung loosely from the dusty bones and germs moved around, eating what little of the rotting flesh remained.

"Ahh…mihaya seki kumana…" (Ahh…I understand your problem…)

And with those strange words, the zombie swept around and made two curiously agile strides towards its sarcophagus. The next few instants were somewhat confusing for the two friends, as they saw the thing slide the side of the sarcophagus away from the box, and reveal a small cupboard…A cupboard which contained, to Zorgi' s uttermost dismay, six marble jars. The canopic jars. The notorious sacred jars in which ancient Egyptians locked a corpse's vital organs…

Zorgi didn't even want to think about the possibilities…Maybe that thing was planning to disembowel him and lock his guts in those jars for later use…the mere thought made him shiver.

But the next few actions of the walking skeleton confused him further. It grabbed one jar and swept around the room as though observing the glyphs on the walls. Reyna was finally starting to gain some courage and idly settled on watching the fuzzy white remains of hair flow around the skeleton's head. How…disgusting.

With the same unnaturally fast movements, the undead had reached a specific section of the wall, which featured symbols of birds and suns and seas…The skeleton took hold of the golden lid of the canopic jar it was holding. Finally, it took the lid off and clenched it in its bony fist. And then, before Zorgi and Reyna knew what was happening, the walking carcass threw the contnets of the marble vase on the glyphs.

Zorgi didn't really know if he should be surprised when he saw the glyphs glowing, suddenly. Actually, he was surprised at himself for being able to feel surprise about anything at all, after what he'd recently witnessed.

Nothing could surprise him anymore. Not even the fact that those shining glyphs were somehow doing something to the skeleton, making it glow all over and lifting into the air. Rusty muscles and bloody organs started to reconstruct in its body, as it cried sudden howls of pain. The whole process had to be repeated six times- one for each sacred jar. And with each of those jars, the corpse turned more and more alive. Zorgi didn't really know if he should be happy or even more terrified. The creature seemed to be growing a lot stronger…more dangerous.

Organic tissues rippled through the rotten bones, blood surged into recently empty veins and glowing porcelain skin covered the once dead body. By the fifth jar, Zorgi and Reyna could actually distinguish facial features, and with the sixth jar, they could finally witness the person's rebirth.

The hollow blank spaces that were once his eyes suddenly started to glow, and flaming balls wreathed in pumping veins replaced them- his eyes. Thin layers were pulled over the newly reconstructed organs so as to curtain them from the light- eyelids. And then, the more refined elements of human nature were accentuated: his lips, the curves of his shoulders, the shape of his ears and nose, his long, curved nails…and last of all, his wonderful hair. It was ebony black and looked positively silky to the touch and robust with health. It cascaded freely down his soft skinned pale back, only to rest a little above his waist.

Suddenly, it wasn't a thing anymore…'It' was human- a man. Something far more human and natural that either teen had seen in a long time. Strange, they thought, that mere moments ago this sublime being seemed like a nemesis to their sins.

His eyes remained closed as he allowed the magic of the glyphs to set him back to the ground, after his transformation. The soft glow faded away from his body, leaving only a very pale, thin and beautiful young man in its place.

He grinned slightly, it was inevitable that he felt reborn. Slowly, he lifted his hand to the level of his face, and opened his eyes.

Something deep in Reyna's heart exploded, as she looked into his eyes for the first time. Not brown or blue or green…unlike anything she'd ever seen before…They were red. Demonic red. Sultry, blood red.

And it was strange, that this explosive combination of features had such an immediate effect on her. Black ebony hair, strong jaw, soft porcelain skin and red eyes…it was…breathtaking- absolutely exotic and spicy.

Zorgi seemed to be having different thoughts as he observed the stranger. The black haired, tall man grinned as he observed his hand in the same manner he had done a while ago, when he still had the form of a carcass.. He was obviously satisfied with the difference from before.

"Umm…Zorgi…" was heard a sudden strangely shy voice form his right "Don't you think we should give him a…a cloth to…to cover himself up or…uh…something…?"

She was blushing quite hard by now while looking at the floor, and Zorgi mentally noted he was going to get a good laugh because of this later on. Feminist, strong, decisive Reyna blushing…HA! Wait till the others heard about THAT! She'd never hear the end of it!

Luckily for Reyna, however, the ancient stranger seemed to think the same thing, seeing as he took hold of a black cloth, which was hanging form a nearby torch. The two friends watched him tie the tunic around his waist so that it reached his knees. When he was finished, he promptly turned his freezing, haunted eyes towards the boy.

"Nahlame rehta unaa Mariku…poreesa htaro, niaha" (I must find Mariku…tell me where he is, mortal) he demanded suddenly, piercing holes through the unknowing boy's head the whole time.

Zorgi and Reyna stood there frozen, not knowing quite how to react apart from just standing in place and keeping quiet. The ancient sighed finally, probably realizing the others did not understand what he was saying.

"Shinra saho noke" (Give me your knowledge) he simply said, obviously ignoring the terrified faces, which were staring up at him when he started moving towards them.

Maybe he didn't mean to move so predatorily, or maybe he did it on purpose…no matter what though, his red eyes certainly had a dose of danger in them, and the two companions felt profusely threatened by it.

He gave the two of them no time to react, however, since he close down on them with lightning speed. Zorgi vaguely noted that there was something wrong about the unnatural speed and agility with which he moved…but then again, many things were wrong about him.

He practically pounced on the person closest to him- Reyna. Zorgi made a move as though to protect her, but the ancient was already standing in front of her when the boy tried to move. And then, in a heartbeat, the black haired man had placed both hands on each of the girl's temples.

The black haired man's hands started to glow slightly, signifying it was something to do with that ancient hocus pocus. As for Reyna, she seemed to be in a trance-like state- as though sleeping…a state mimicked by the ancient at that moment- as though he was listening to something intently.

"Stop it! What are you doing to her!" Zorgi frantically shouted, not daring to interrupt the ancient, for fear of hurting his own friend, instead. After a few moments, a wave of relief washed over him, since the strange man finally released his friend.

Reyna shook her head slightly, as if to wake up after a long slumber. Zorgi gathered her in his arms and fearlessly glared at the taller man, who seemed to be frowning off into the distance. The boy was trying to see if Reyna was okay, when he heard the ancient speak yet again. His voice was now soothed and placated, but also a little gruff- much like the man's evident nature.

"Curious language this one…" was heard the immaculate English tone- slightly accented, but more from inaptitude of tongue rather than lack of knowledge. "Too few words for too many meanings…uninteresting." The man commented, turning his eyes towards the two friends and granting Zorgi an obvious frown- if not a downright scorning gaze.

"Now where is Mariku?" the suddenly frosty tone hit Zorgi. The glare was accompanied by a very accentuated threatening forward step, which the boy tried to avoid via evasive manouvres. Needless to say…he failed, and was found with his back to the wall once again.

"I…I have no idea what you're talking about…what…what are you?" was asked the question that had been burning his tongue this whole time, pleading to be asked.

The ancient grinned, and if Zorgi didn't know better, he'd say it was absolutely satanic.

"I am what I am. What are you, mortal?" the cold tone hit him again.

Zorgi looked away…oh-oh…that word 'mortal'…that signified he was somehow inferior, didn't it? That was bad…really bad…

"I…I'm Zorgi…and this is my best friend Reyna…." Zorgi stuttered as he felt his heart clench and unclench painfully in his ribcage.

The handsome ancient sneered in that evil way once more "Interesting…Call me Bakura. That is who I am…"

Reyna suddenly piped up, as though reminiscing suddenly "Shashta….Bakura. Isn't that what the inscription said?" she wondered to herself.

Immediately, a fierce hiss was heard, and Reyna was pinned to the wall by the neck. Piercing red eyes bore into her consciousness, making her lose face.

"Don't …say…that…." Bakura venomously whispered, making it perfectly clear that there would be lots of pain for the next one who spoke those two words. Finally, he let go of the blue-eyed girl, ignoring the pleading look she gave him and focusing totally on the boy.

"Tell me where Marik is. Now." He demanded quite clearly, making Zorgi tremble inwardly.

"I…I don't know who 'Marik' is…honestly, I swear I don't…"

Bakura looked positively murderous, his red eyes taking an even deeper, more dangerous shade of brutal fire. His outburst of rage was only prevented by Reyna's next words.

"What did you do to me…before…? It feels weird…" she commented lightly, earning a disinterested half-nod form Bakura.

"Since I am back to full power, I used my powers to gather information from your brain. I learned English through you…that's it."

Reyna nodded slowly, not daring to look at the beautiful man straight in the eye "Oh…" she simply acknowledged. Bakura seemed to lose interest in her immediately.

"Have you seen another tomb- one similar to mine?" he questioned somewhat urgently, his eyes taking on a new color- a color of bruised whine red…one that signified worry.

Zorgi was glad that the ancient seemed to have accepted the fact that he didn't know who or where 'Marik' was. Unfortunately for Bakura, though, identical shaking of heads showed that neither boy nor girl had seen another sarcophagus. Nevertheless…

"Hey…but there's that door over there on the left side of this room…We never got the chance to go there since Reyna wanted to brush up on her Egyptology…" Zorgi lamely commented.

Bakura seemed to snap in alert at the mere mentioning of the possibility, his eyes glowing strangely.

"Follow me." He ordered regally, taking his queue and using his customary agile, feline movements to approach the door. When he reached it, he grinned in that same evil, haughty kind of way and placed his palm on the metallic surface. After a moment, a satisfying click was heard. The lock was open.

Effortlessly pushing the door open, Bakura entered the other room with no fear whatsoever. This general attitude of his came to great opposition with Reyna and Zorgi' s behaviors, which seemed to be constantly evolving from frightened to more frightened. Bakura didn't even bother with reasoning with them. They were afraid of him, so why bother?

Despite his fear and anxiety, however, Zorgi did manage to notice something. He noticed Bakura's eyes when they spotted the new sarcophagus in the new room…and they were shining with obvious excitement. He idly wondered who this 'Marik' person was, with the power to get Bakura so worked up over things…Bakura seemed especially soft on that matter, actually…suspiciously soft…

Bakura once again completely ignored Reyna and Zorgi and glided to the golden sarcophagus. He murmured a few words that the others didn't quite manage to catch, and then bent down to stroke the golden surface somewhat wistfully.

Unfortunately for Reyna and Zorgi, the dire fate of that day had not yet been completed. They were cursed to witness yet another rebirth of the dead for that day…Naturally, they weren't exactly prepared for watching another corpse stand up and walk, at the moment, so it did come as a little shock when Bakura simply said, in an exultant tone: "Shasta Mariku"

"Oops…this is not good…" Zorgi commented, as he felt a slight tremor hit the earth beneath his feet.

"Not again…" Reyna unhappily wailed, as she latched onto her friend's arm and prepared to watch yet another disgusting zombie sequence. In opposition to both friends, Bakura had stood up next to the coffin and seemed to stare at it with sparkling fiery eyes.

It was as though the disgusting creaking sounds of death did not frighten him…on the contrary, he seemed quite satisfied.

The by now familiar sound of the tombstone slipping away from the sarcophagus was heard. Yet another skeletal hand made its disgusting, slithering appearance. Only this time…it did not come alone.

Something like a glowing, golden river seemed to crawl out of the coffin along with the hand. The strange hissing sounds and the patterns in which the slithering river moved, proved it was not at all a river…it was actually…

"A serpent! A snake made of light!" Reyna commented, aghast. It was thick and seemed absolutely healthy- a complete opposite to the dead, bony hand that had brought it to the world.

"Mariku…" came the impossibly softened voice, as Bakura approached the grave. He stood on the side and fearlessly took the disgusting hand in his own. The two friends fought their nausea, as they saw Bakura actually pull the corpse up via its outstretched hand.

And up came the second, disgusting, zombie-like walking skeleton of the day.

And worst of all, Bakura didn't seem at all unfazed by it. He was rather deliriously exultant.

"How can he…TOUCH that thing?" Reyna whispered fleetingly in her friend's ear, only to earn a shrug, which clearly said 'I don't really wanna know'.

Back to the action at hand, Bakura helped his zombie friend stand up and climb out of its grave. The tall, black haired man led the other ancient a few steps further and turned to fully face the monster. His eyes mirrored absolute, utter adoration. He touched naught but a single bony hand, making Zorgi wonder how he could stand the smell and feel of mold beneath his fingers. Then again, it really wasn't his place to judge.

The glowing serpent, which seemed so robust and lithe in comparison to its zombie master, had somehow managed to slither around Bakura's leg, beneath his black tunic and over his chest. Now it was slowly sliding around his outstretched hand, moving as though caressing the black haired man's body, as if doing every thing its master could not.

The serpent slowly slipped from Bakura to his zombie friend, as it slithered round their holding hands, and back around its master's shoulders.

And then, much to the others' dismay, started a conversation from which they couldn't understand anything, and in which it was only Bakura who spoke, since their zombie friend could not, for one reason or another, speak.

"Shihali mara kunaha…" (It's been so long…) Bakura started with his luscious gaze fixed on the other's blank skull of a head. The skeleton nodded slowly and seemed to move its fingers slightly in order to caress Bakura. Soon, the snake slithered once again through their adjoined hands from one body to the other. It started circling Bakura's torso slowly, sensually…probably doing what its master had sent it to do…

"Narima unna hueini, hareeta kekoome…hokomere" (They stole everything from us, our lives…each other…) The skeleton obviously fisted its free hand at the mentioning of the new, unknown words.

"Kehame…thaoi hira kehame…marama shakra undar, oteni hunaaka" (We will kill, if we have to…we will do what we were afraid to do before…If they threaten you, I swear I will kill them…)

Resolved words and red eyes to go with them…as for the skeleton…just silent apprehension.

"Mera hau suhu" (I want to see you) came Bakura's sudden confession " Himara krau suhu" (I want to feel you)…

And with that, the skeleton suddenly pulled its hand away from Bakura's tender grasp and nodded in understanding. The snake instantly rushed to leave the handsome man's body, in order to return to its master's shoulder.

At first, Reyna and Zorgi thought the two ancients had gotten in a fight because of their sudden movements, but soon they realized that the skeleton was bent over its sarcophagus, searching for its canopic jars. Bakura tried to lend a helping hand. He moved the golden cover, so that the canopic jars were revealed. The skeleton grabbed one of them and looked around, obviously searching for the glyphs that would help transform him in the same way Bakura's glyphs transformed him…

Bakura froze. Zorgi blinked. Reyna gasped.

The skeleton backstepped.

Naturally, Bakura's first reaction was one of reassurance. "Sekara narkata pooraketa" (Don't worry. They're here somewhere) he said, more to himself than to his friend. The room was small, however, and none of its walls had glyphs drawn across it. Not only that, but there were no passageways to other rooms. The rooms were only two. One for each person…so why weren't the glyphs were they were supposed to be?

The jars were here, the mummy was here…where were the glyphs?

The skeleton that Bakura seemed to be so fond of visibly crumbled to the floor, falling on its frail knees and very nearly crashing the canopic jar it was holding. The skeleton placed down the marble vase and took its naked cranium in both bony hands.

Zorgi had a feeling that if that skeleton could speak, it would be screaming and if it could shed tears, it would be crying. Its snake was currently tangled in its legs, having lost all glow and royal charm. Now it was wiggling like mad- like a dying fish.

Bakura seemed alerted to say the least by this turn of events. The psychological state of his friend, however, seemed to occupy him much more than any other problem.

"Mariku!" He yelled, as he ran to the despondent form and tried to comfort it in the best way he could while touching it as little as possible. After all, how could he take in his arms…a corpse?

And that thought seemed to make the poor skeleton even more desperate. If it remained like that forever…then…

He wouldn't even be able to speak…to tell Bakura how much…

"Mariku, deraken! Ptarna okti!" (Marik, don't give up, we'll find them!) Bakura comforted lovingly. And then, with absolute ire, he turned towards his usual scapegoat.

"YOU! Were are the glyphs? Tell me now!" Bakura roared at Zorgi, shaking the boy completely out of his wits and scaring the living daylights out of Reyna.

"I…I don't know…." Zorgi simply answered, not quite registering how Bakura managed to pin him to the wall soon after, and bring his face suffocatingly close to his. A sad flashback from before, when Bakura was a zombie, came back, making Zorgi nauseous.

" I. NEED. THOSE. GLYPHS." Bakura simply stated in a tone, which didn't exactly leave many options to the other.

"Why can't you just use the same glyphs as before?" Reyna simply proposed, making Bakura growl.

"It's no use" the ancient barked in frustration, making the zombie from nearby rush close to him in an attempt to calm him "We need HIS glyphs! We have different powers, so we have different seals…"

In a rare flash of intelligence, Zorgi acknowledged that he was in the advantaged position here, which meant he could blackmail Bakura into doing something for him in return for those glyphs…

"Look" Zorgi started weakly, snapping his eyes briefly towards Reyna and the Marik skeleton, seeing they were both turned towards him. "I don't know where your glyphs are, but I can find out their exact location form the base, so, if you help us get out of here we'll get you your glyphs…" Zorgi was elated by his incomparably witty trail of thought, or so he believed.

When he saw, however, the downright murderous glare Bakura was giving him, he started considering taking his statement back. After all, he did value his life. Just then, when he was about to change the terms of the deal, Bakura spoke.

"If you try to use me, you will pay. Do not forget you are a mortal, and we are undead."

Zorgi gulped involuntarily, followed by his best friend. They both noticed the stress on 'we'…it wasn't just Bakura any more…now it was zombie Marik AND Bakura…and Bakura really liked making that painfully obvious, as it seemed.

"Hushta pare tayalia, Mariku…dakra taafat" (Take the jars with you, Mariku…we're leaving.) Bakura simply said, and spooky Marik immediately did as he was told. He grabbed a nearby cloth, which hung from a curtain, and assembled the sacred jars in a bundle. Bakura took the bundle and tested its weight. He nodded in silent acknowledgement- he would carry it.

"Oi, you!" the black haired youth shouted at Reyna's direction. Upon being addressed, even indirectly, the girl turned around briskly.

"Yeees?" she asked a little too sweetly, hoping against all female romantic odds, that Bakura had something to tell her…

"Give Marik your gloves…his hands may attract attention." Bakura finished, leaving the girl to fume in white hot ire at being scorned in comparison to Marik!

Just then, she noticed Bakura ripping another purple piece of curtain. This one was wide enough to create a robe suitable for covering Marik's body….in this case, however, it would be more of a shroud than it would be a robe…

Bakura lovingly wrapped the cloth around the skeleton's body, giving it a slightly more concrete look. Marik's form didn't cease, however, to look skinny and overall disturbing. Reyna's black leather gloves were worn by the zombie, and the girl made a mental note never to wear those gloves AGAIN!

The golden snake, now once more shining and healthy, slipped around Marik's shoulders, playing with his robe.

Bakura took Marik's hand in his own, ignoring the fact that though the gloves gave the vision of a normal hand, the touch actually betrayed its bony structure.

"Great!" Zorgi nastily murmured "It's not as if we had enough problems with the Fuhrer and the revolution, already…Now we have an ancient vampire/zombie and his zombie girlfriend! And don't try to say Marik isn't his woman, coz you know she is…"

At the painful feeling of jealousy, Reyna shut her ears to more pleasant thoughts. But…could it be true…Was Marik Bakura's love? Oh that Marik…what more did she have than Reyna? Marik was a walking corpse, while she was a healthy young woman…Reyna turned back to check on Bakura.

As always…whispering ancient, unknown words to the unseen face which now hid behind the darkness of a purple cloak…as always…Bakura seemed to only have eyes for one person…

And that snake…the way that snake moved, up and down Bakura's body…it seemed familiar with him- it seemed to know his body… where he liked to be touched. What was that snake exactly? And right now, when Bakura was whispering in Marik's unseen ear, why did that snake swing from one body to the other? What did that action mean?

Zorgi, luckily, had other thoughts in his mind…like how he would explain to Lend the presence of two zombies in their bivouac…that is, if they ever got to their bivouac…Bakura was not to be entirely trusted…at least not yet…

And so they walked, a boy, a girl, a beautiful youngster, and a cloaked, thin figure…where would this journey lead, no one knew…

Bakura, however, knew one thing.

"Shakara manna yataha ra…toplasma su meni" (We'll take back the life they stole from us…a love for me and you)


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