My response to the 100 words challenge set on weirmckayship yahoogroup in celebration of 100 members.

Rodney's PoV from that adorable scene in 'The Storm' where he and Zelenka are vying for Elizabeth's attention about their brilliant plan - and exactly 100 words!

It's Just There

He found himself rambling on, ignoring Zelenka's glare at him for hijacking the explanation.

It was there, he wasn't just imagining it.
Did she even care what he was saying?

In the look she gave him.
In the carefully placed secret smile meant only for him, and most importantly in her eyes.

She shone with pride as she watched him and he couldn't help but smile back a little flirtatiously.
Hadn't that been why he'd rushed to get here, he'd wanted to show and tell his science, to impress the girl.

Only now he could see there was no need.