Title: Just What The Cat Needed

Author: electricgurl

Email: acoomes student. ednet. ns. ca

Rating: PG…For implied content

Summary: Alec helps Max

A/N: I know this is going to be a bit OOC but I thought it would be cute and it's also to explain why Logan never questioned the Max/Alec relationship…


"Ummmm, yeah just to the…ummm…"Max moaned deeper. "Alec!" She cried out. "So good never stop!"

"I know Maxie, just calm down…just a bit more to go." He assured.

"It's so…"She paused unsure of the right word.


"Long." They stated at the same time. They both laughed. She nodded and shifted again.

"What did I say." He warned. She bit her lip.

"I know but it's been so long."

"I know, Maxie….God do I ever." She moved again looking over her shoulder at him.

"So get with it." She commanded then pouted.

"A massage can't be rushed." She growled at him her eyebrow rasing.

"Whatever." He laughed and got back to work. She moaned again as he worked her lower back.

"RIGHT THERE ALEC!" She screamed. "That's the SPOTTTTTT!"


Logan paused outside of Max's armpartment door. He sighed as he heard her scream Alec's name. He sighed deeply and turned around. They were STILL at it.


A/N:Naughty, naughty….who had a bad thought? Sorry M/L fans but I don't see the passion there….Also yes I know that it sucked so if you are only going to review me to tell me that email me so I can at least talk back :)