Written Words

Disclaimer: Characters, settings, etc owned by J.K Rowling.

Chapter One: Entry One; Scatter Thoughts

Dear diary,

I'm here in my small room wondering what the hell is going on. First off, Harry and Hermione announce that they're a couple. Where does this leave my poor brother Ron? Poor having two meanings in that sentence. Due to Voldemort's defeat Percy has come back.

Wow, where did that sentence come from? So random…My train of thought is so hard to follow. Well anyway, here's the shorten version. Percy back, Voldemort gone, Harry/Hermione a couple, Ron single, Sirius alive, and-Well I rather not think of this or even write it down. Writing it down would mean admitting it's true. Admitting its true would mean accepting the fact.

I can't accept the fact! Reality is harsh and I hate it! Gonna go now, Mum's saying lights out. Hermione has now entered the room. Probably gonna tell me what Harry and her were up to along with how Ron's taking the whole thing. Poor thing, she'll never know how much he cares for her.


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