My Magic Mirror
(Broken Valentine)

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"...And they were forevermore buried beneath the Sands of Time."

Raine sighed and put the book down. It was so good, so hopelessly romantic, and so tragic. It had seemed so perfect at the beginning, the heroes had fiinally been able to settle down after the war, and one of them fell in love with the other. Life was destined for the happy ending, wasn't it? Tragedy struck, and the woman was stricken with a deadly disease. The hero valiantly slew many monsters to find the cure, but when he had found the cure and returned, he had found his entire village, his home, burnt down to nothing but blackened stumps and ashes. Amongst the ruins of his cottage, the charred remnants of the person he held so dear. Grieving, he left the village, vowing never to come back. Alone and depressed, he built his own little home, far, far away. One day, after many many years, he too, died, from sorrow. It was oh so sad, Raine cried as she read it, tears streaming down her cheeks.

This was one of the books she had salvaged from the fallen Tower of Mana. It was not like the other books, the other books were about the Great Kharlan War, and Mithos, the Hero. When she had found the book, it had a small mirror inside the cover. Heck, it was still there. She used it as a bookmark. The mirror was circular, very pretty, and very clean for something so ancient and had been found in a reckage. Little did she know what the mirror really was, or whom it had belonged to. All she knew was that the book was titled 'Magic Mirror'. It was actually a really strange name, for the book had nothing to do with mirrors, with an exception for the little mirror in the book.

Setting down her lemon tea, Raine stood up, stretched, and set the book up on her bookcase. Just then, the great grandfather clock chimed seven o'clock. Already? Raine thought. Time must have really flown by. It was only right after lunch that I started reading. There was a tapping on the door, and Genis' voice came from the other side, "Raine! Dinner's ready!"
"Okay, Genis. I'll come in a minute," Raine responded. She blew out the lamp, and hurried after Genis.

Dinner was promptly served in the Sage household. Everyday, dinner was at seven fifteen sharp, and ended at seven forty-five. Raine set down a steaming platter of pescatore (Genis cooked it), and her little brother brought two bowls of miso soup.
"So, Genis..," Raine put down her fork. "Are you planning to take up school anytime soon?" After traveling around the world, the two siblings had finally settled down back in Iselia. Several remodelling issues had occured, and now the house was quite a bit larger.
"Why do you ask that? Of course I do!" Genis piped, taking a sip of his soup. "I want to continue my studies, too, you know."
Raine nodded. "That's good. I want to see that you complete your education before you do anything else. By the way, you were at Lloyd's earlier, weren't you? How was it?"
"Lloyd seems happy. You know how he is. When he opened the door he knocked down the coat rack. It tipped over, and you know..." The younger mage made a comical sound effect. "Domino effect. Colette and I had to help put things back up. Wasn't good, either...Colette kept tripping over everything."
"Oh? And what about you?" Raine raised an eyebrow and smiled.
"Well, uh...I didn't fall as much," he stammered.
Raine laughed. "I knew it. You keep falling over everything anyway."
The mage pouted. "Raine," he said with a false trembling lip. "That's not nice!"
"Did they tell you anything about anyone else?"
"Yeah. Regal and Presea had finally finished demolishing the exsphere mining area in Toize Mines, Zelos is the usual...Sheena's fine, and Mizuho's moved over to what was Sylvarant. I thinkColette said Mizuho's around Umacy Lake. Oh yeah, and Lloyd said Kratos and Yuan are coming back to here to check up on Lloyd. Well, not Yuan, you know...that stupid-"
"Enough, Genis. You forget, Yuan also helped us through our great adventure," Raine admonished. Her heart thumped painfully in her ribcage. Kratos...was coming back...? Oh God, if it could beat any louder!
"Are you finished, Raine?" Genis stood up, his finished plates in hand. "I'll take that for you if you're done."
"Yeah, thanks, Genis."
Her little brother took her dishes and put them in the sink. Before she could tell him not to magic the dishes cleaned, he had chanted a spell, and then-
There was the tinkling of broken dishes, and water flooded the kitchen, sweeping the little mage and the pieces of the dishes out with him. Raine sighed. "Genis, how many times have I told you not to magic things around the house?"
"Uh...a lot?" Genis responded feebly. "I can fix this, hang on a sec-"
"You better not use 'Raging Mist'. Remember last time?" Raine told him.
"I wasn't going to!" Genis argued.
"Well, what were you going to do?"
"You will certainly NOT use Explosion!" Raine raged. "You are GROUNDED!"
"I didn't use it yet!" The brother protested.
"I'm not grounding you for going to use Explosion. I'm grounding you for flooding the kitchen. Go to your room! Now!" Raine led him out of the room, and ushered him to his room. "You're grounded for a week."
"Awww, come on!"

Raine plopped down on her bed. Damn was it hard to clear out all the water. In the end, she was reduced to using a plain mop and bucket. Her back ached, her head hurt, hell, all of her hurt at the moment. Mopping her forehead with much aching in the arms and shoulder, she promptly fell asleep...a blue mist filling her room...

When her eyes snapped open, sunlight streamed through the curtains. "Unngh..?" She moaned. Her muscles ached dully now, and a blanket was wrapped neatly around her, sort of like a cocoon. Genis, she thought. Thank you. Slowly, as if she were swimming through syrup. Groggily, she made her bed and opened the door. Strangely, Genis was right outside it.
"Good morning, Genis," Raine said, hiding her confusion, both at the sight of her brother outside the door, and his awestruck face.
"Morning, Raine. Why was your door locked?" He said finally.
What? So he hadn't been the one who wrapped the blanket? Then who...?
"Is anything wrong, Raine?"Genis asked.
"Nothing, nothing! I'm fine, really. Really fine!" Raine said, her words very rushed.
"Kratos is here. He's at Lloyd's. Want to go greet him?"
"Finesure!" The healer said, stringing two words together. "I mean, that sounds good."
"Okay. I'll give you five minutes to get ready. Hurry up!" With one more strange look, he shut the door.
Upon changing into her clothes, Raine noticed something very peculiar with her skin. At the nape of her neck, there was an odd symbol, sort of like a tatoo, in the shape of a broken heart with wings. Behind the heart, there was an hourglass, the sand at the top portion, with little sand at the bottom. Frantically, she rubbed at it, but it would not come off. "Dammit.." She cursed. With no choice left, she pulled on her clothes, making sure they covered the tatoo well.
"I'm ready, Genis," Raine called down the hallway. "Let's go." From his room, the little half-elven mage scampered out to meet her. "Let's go!" He said happily.

Boots crunched loudly on the dirt ground, snapping twigs and stepping over twisted roots."Hurry up, not much longer, Raine," Genis said, much farther ahead."I wanna see Kratos again!" But of course, like any other child, he was eager to meet 'long-lost' companions."I see his house, I see his house!" He said, jumping up and sprinting towards the house, Raine following him.

Knock knock.
"I'm coming," Dirk called to the visitors. "Hang on a second." Soon after, the door opened wide, a short dwarf grinning up at the two half-elves. "Welcome, Raine, Genis. Lloyd and the others are upstairs."
"Thanks, Dirk!" said Genis quite enthusiastically. "Come on, Raine!" He grabbed his sister's hand and bounded up the stairs, pulling Raine along. She was able to throw a quick 'Thank you' over her shoulder, as she clambered up the stairs. Why Genis of all people would be so happy to see Kratos, she wasn't able to say.
"About time!" Lloyd grinned as the two appeared at the top of the stairs. "Long time no see, Raine!"He, miraculously, and Colette had graduated from school the previous year.
"Yes," Raine said, slightly panting still. Looking around the room, she noticed that Kratos was not there. She smiled awkwardly at everyone else. "You've grown, Colette," she said.
"Thanks! Another two and a half inches," the blond angel said proudly. "According to Grandmother."
"Wow, in a couple of years you'll be taller than I will," Raine commented. "Now if Genis will grow faster," she teased.
Everyone laughed. "Flooded your kitchen yet, Genis?" Dirk said happily as he joined them.
"Actually, yes," replied Raine, before Genis could reply. "Yesterday, when he was trying to wash the dishes. Then he tried to use Explosion to dry it up." She smiled wryly at her brother. "Isn't that right, Genis?"
"Uh, yeah.." the little mage laughed nervously. "By the way, where's Kratos?"
"He's out by Anna's grave," Colette answered. "He's paying her a visit."
"I see."
"I paid Regal a visit the other day," the younger elf said, smartly changing the subject.
"How did it go?" Dirk asked. "How was the Lezareno Company, as well?" He fiddled with the tool belt around his belt.
"He seemed fine. The Toize Mines are shut down temporarily, though. The library archive is much bigger, too. Seems they expanded the building quite a bit."
Suddenly, Raine winced, holding her shoulder. The conversation stopped abruptly, and herf riends and family looked quickly to where the sound had come from. But the pain ceased as quickly as it had come.
"Raine, you okay?" Colette asked. "No, of course not. You wouldn't just.." She broke off the sentence. The professor had always tried to be so strong.
"I'm fine. I need some fresh air right now, that's all..." She stood up, slid open the door to the balcony, and shut it as she went.
Being the good friends they all were, nobody believed her. However, they knew not to push the subject too much.

'What's wrong with me?' She thought, holding her shoulder. 'The mark..It's the mark...' Another wave of pain, and she winced again. The half-elf fell to her knees, clutching her shoulder, pulling at the mark on her skin. What was happening..? The pain intensified, like it was burning her entire body, setting it on fire. The half-elf gasped, falling to her knees with a considerably loud 'thwump'.
"Raine?" Genis opened the door, a worried expression on his face. "Raine, are you okay?" Neither siblings noticed Kratos looking up at the balcony, distrupted from all the commotion.
"I'm...fine, Genis. Just...give me a moment..," she gasped. "Genis, really...!"
"Fine, fine...," the little brother closed the door. "Lloyd, I'm going to get the doctor. I'm sorry, but I'm just really worried about Raine," he said quietly.
"Yeah, I'll go with you. You're not the only one that's worried about her!" Lloyd agreed in a low voice. "Something's definitely up."
"I want to go too," Colette whispered, tugging on Lloyd's shoulder.
"You should stay here with Raine, in case anything happens," Genis said softly.
"No, Dirk and I will be enough," Kratos said, appearing at the foot of the stairs. "She'll be fine with us."
"O-okay!" Colette agreed a little too loudly.
The door slid open again, and Raine stumbled in. They all stopped talking immediately, and Genis, Lloyd, and Colette quickly clambered down the stairs, almost knocking Kratos out of the way.
"Bye Dad! Bye Dad!" Lloyd threw over his shoulder.

"W-what's going on?" Raine tried to say without a falter. "Where's Lloyd going?"
"They were just going to get everyone else to come," Kratos lied. "You know, Sheena, Zelos, Presea, Regal."
Raine studied the angel. Obviously she knew he was lying...Damn...another wave of pain! The teacher tried not to wince, or to grab the tatoo, but the burning grew more and more insistent. She tried to concentrate on the pain, and block it out, but it failed to work. Biting hard on her lip, she told herself not to double over, not to wince...especially not in front of him...

Dear Martel...

She brushed past Kratos and Dirk, determined not to let them see the trickle of blood down her lips. Hurriedly, before they could see, Raine slid stealthily into Noishe's pen. The ancient creature whined confusedly.
"Shhh, Noishe..." she whispered, shifting her heavy jacket.She examinedbare shoulder. "Be quiet..."
Noishe tilted his head to one end, but remained silent.She saw Dirk move into the forest, searching for her.
The mark had become brighter, darker, and barely, yet eerily, luminous. The hourglass seemed to have lost some sand to the bottom portion of the glass, too...
"Raine?" Kratos appeared at the doorway. "Raine, are you in here?" His dark eyes fell on the small figure, crouched in the corner. More particularly, her shoulder.
"Your shoulder..." He said, when words came to him. "The 'Valentine' mark? It couldn't be...!"In one move, he wasdown beside her, his eyes fixed on the mark."Tell me," he saidquickly. "Did you read the book, 'Magic Mirror'?"
"That's the book I found in the Tower of Mana," Raine recalled. "Yes, I read it. It's a very good book, actually."
"No!" Kratos exclaimed. "You're not supposed to read it! Or look into the mirror! How did you break the seal on the book?"
"It was like just unlocked itself when I got it. It was easy...Why? Is it enchanted or something?"
"Enchanted! If only! The book's-" He couldn't bring himself to say. She would suffer so much from this point on...
"It's cursed, isn't it?" She said softly. Standing up, shestood outside, looking at the sun."It's cursed, and I'm going to die, aren't I?"
And all he could do was watch helplessly.
All this because of a book...

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