AN: OOC and kinda sucky. Please don't flame me! From Ida (Max's mother)'s point of view. Contemplation of Vincent and her son. Not slash. However, if you feel the need. Take it however you want.

Since he was little I'd always known Max would be different. He was quieter -less confident- then his brothers. A mother always knows.

I admit I probably didn't give him enough attention until all his brothers were gone. By then he'd already become who he is. Shy, insecure, indecisive.

Though I'd never admit it to anyone else (what mother would?) Max had never had any real nerve. He always let other kids bully him around, steal his stuff, all that.

But he's a good son. The only one who comes and visits me every night. I suppose my other sons are too busy with their families. Max needed a family. No matter how much I like the company I'd like it ten times better if Max finally commited.

The last time he had seen me he was real nervous. I ignored it, thinking it was nothing. I was more interested in the stranger he brought with him.

Max had never brought anyone in with him before. I could tell Max didn't like him being here. He was a strange man. Yet I felt as if he was just a child who needed love. He seemed needy to me. I felt like slapping Max upside the head for not noticing but then again, he's never been able to pick up things like that quickly. He could take years if you let him.

The man - who's name is Vincent (I can't remember if he introduced himself that night or if I'm just remembering his name from the news) - was proper at best. I felt he was kind of taunting Max. As I said, he reminded me of a needy child.

I wasn't really sure at first what Vincent and Max's relationship was. To be truthful, I'm not even sure now.

When I first saw the news cast I was scared. The police had at first suspected Max until a nice lady name Annie saved him. I kind of wish Max had ended up with her. I suppose Vincent needed him more. Vincent's body hadn't been found.

Two days after the investigations Max had disappeared. I had known - as only a mother does. I hadn't informed the police until later that week.

Just tonight my worry finally stopped when Max called me. I was happy, I was beginning to think I'd made a mistake when I let him go.

He'd told me he was Mark - his older brother. We both knew it was him but I played along. Mark was somewhere in Mexico on vacation with his wife. I discreetly asked if he was still in Mexico.

I could practically hear Max's grin as he realized I understood. I asked him about his 'wife' Camilla.

He answered that 'Camilla' was fine and doing well. He didn't exactly give me any details. He also mentioned that he and 'Camilla' were working out some problems in their relationship and that they were becoming better friends. And by that I knew he meant that they had developed a weird sort of understanding. The closest Vincent could get to friendship at present - based on my impression of him.

I had asked him about Ann (One of Mark's girlfriends from highschool). Of course meaning Annie. I asked if he regretted leaving her. He had answered that someone else had needed him more. Besides they were still good friends and she would still be there if he ever got back (I got the feeling he was saying that just to please me. We both knew that there was no going back).

With a final goodbye the call had ended. I knew Max had changed. I could practically feel the confidence and decisiveness in his voice. That was a big change.

I started to cry. Before I could start into a real fit my phone rang again. It was another call from 'Mark'. An awkward voice broke the silence.

"uh...Hey, I justed wanted to let you know that I'll call you sometime soon, 'kay? Love ya Mom."


And I was proud.