Zoey was sitting under a tree doing homework on a sunny day at Pacific Coast Academy boarding school. Classes had just finished and she decided to start on homework.

"Chase, I don't get this problem, can you help me?" she asked her friend who was also sitting under the tree doing homework with her. "Sure, what's the problem?" "Its this math stuff, I don't get it." "Oh that stuff? Sorry Zoe, I don't get it anymore than you do."

" Well I guess I'll ask Nicole or something. See you later!" yelled Zoey as she was leaving.

"Bye." muttered Chase, even though Zoey was already gone.

Ever since he first saw her at Pacific Coast Academy, he thought she was pretty. Now that he knew her a little better he kinda liked her.

When Zoey got back to her dorm she asked Nicole for help on the math problem. Nicole didn't get it either, so Dana ended up helping her instead. " Thanks Dana!" Zoey said. "No problem, just don't ask again!" "Okay, I wont", Zoey muttered sarcastically.

" I cant wait until Logan comes to drop off the sushi. He's soooo cute!" exclaimed Nicole.

" He's not that cute" Dana said. "Okay, so maybe he's number two on my cute lip chart but he's still sooooo cute!" exclaimed Nicole.

Just as she finished speaking there was a knock at the door. " I'm coming!" yelled Dana.

" Hey girls, heres the sushi." Nicole's smile faded off her face when she realized it wasn't Logan... it was Chase. " Oh thanks, Chase!" Zoey said. "But where is Logan?" Nicole said unhappily. "He's out sick." "Okay, bye now!" Dana said, kind of irritated. Then she shut the door right in his face.

"Great, it was Chase again, what is that, like the 30th time now?" Nicole said, mad. "Why what's wrong with him?" Zoey asked curiously. "I don't know, he's just not that cute and he's boring." Nicole said. "Nicole, How could you say that?" "Ooh, Zoey likes
Chase!" Dana said in a song-like way. " I do not!" Zoey said. Then why were you standing up for him when Nicole was criticizing him!" "Because he's not boring and he is..." "CUTE!" Nicole chimed in. "Zoey likes Chase, Zoey likes chase!" Dana and Nicole were both chanting. " I don't think he's cute, okay. Lets just go to bed."

Zoey turned off the light and they drifted off to sleep.