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The day after the dance, Zoey felt good. She found out that Chase liked her too and that Nicole wasn't mad at her anymore.

Since it was sunday, Zoey could do whatever she wanted. She decided to go to the beach since she really hadn't gone to the beach much since she got to PCA.

Zoey put her bathing suit on under her clothes and packed up her purse.

When Zoey got down there she found a nice spot, set her things down and laid down to tan.

" Hey Zoey." She opened her eyes to see Chase. " Hey Chase." Zoey answered.

" So did you have fun at the dance?" Chase asked. " Duh! It was so much fun!" Zoey exclaimed.

" I didn't know you liked me. Then why did you say no?" Chase asked. " It's kind of a long story. See, when you asked me, I just liked you as a friend. Then when you asked Nicole I guess my jealousy got to me. Im sorry." She said. " Don't be sorry. I shouldn't have rushed into things. I know we were just friends and now I ruined it." Chase said. " No you didn't, but now that you mention it, I was wondering if we are like going steady or anything?" Zoey muttered. " I don't know." Chase answered. " Well you like me and I like you so..."

" Maybe we should." Zoey said.

" One of us has to say something." Chase said. Well it's not going to be me, Zoey thought. I think your looking for a certain answer and I don't want to give you the wrong one!" Zoey said. " Me neither." Chase said. they both smiled.

Fine I'll say it, Zoey thought. " Okay, I think we should be boyfriend and girlfriend." Zoey was proud of herself.

She couldn't believe it. Before the dance had started she was glad she said no and now he's her boyfriend. " You do?" Chase muttered. " Yeah, I've never had one before." Zoey said. " I haven't either. Okay then I want to give you this." Chase pulled out out a seashell that was a tanish-pink. it had swirls around it and at the bottom it was pointy. " Thanks Chase." Zoey said. " When did you get this?" " On the first day you came to PCA." chase answered.

" This is so sweet." Zoey told him. " I wish I had something for yo-" Zoey was cut off. " That's okay, I don't need need anything." Chase said.

Just then Nicole came. " Hey Zoe." Nicole was squinting because of the sun in her eyes.

" Hi." Zoey answered. " I think I'm going to catch some waves." Chase said entering the water. " I'm really sorry." Nicole said. " I shouldn't have said yes to him. I know you like him." Nicole said. " I didn't like him before when he asked me and then he asked you and I just got a little jealous. Im really sorry. Still best friends?" Zoey asked.

" Definitely." Nicole answered

" Hey come on you guys, the water's great!" Chase yelled to them from the Pacific Ocean.

" Were coming!" Zoey yelled back.

Nicole and Zoey undressed into their bathing suits and ran into the water.

" I'm glad your my girlfriend, Zoey." Chase told her. " Me too." Zoey said.

When they got out of the water, everyone put their clothes on and decided to head back to their dorms. Nicole already left. " How about I give you a ride back to the dorm?" Chase said getting on his bike.

" Sounds good to me." Zoey said and put on her helmet and they rode off into the sunset.

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