A/N: So as some of you know i have been bad, not following rules and all, so i hope my case serves as an example for anyone who dares to defy FF net-smiles innocently-Anyways, I'm back! with a new story! I got this idea from a Simpson episode I saw once where they divided the day into each of the charachters point of view, so I did this. These are a lot shorter than what i normally write but it gets longer with each new chapter. Alsio, if you don't get most of what happens if will get clearer as we see the others days! Review this or die! Kidding!... maybe.

second A/N: Um... the setting is the currenmt season, Leo's an Avatar but the girls don't know, Phoebe's back "working" and Leslie's gone, and Paige and Brody have only started dating! K? Questions? Good!

Piper's Day:

"Wake up San Francisco! Today we have a beautiful morning" That was the last thing that stupid radio said before Piper blew it up. It was the beginning of yet another normal day in the Halliwell Manor. And Piper was not in the mood for any stupidities. "Piper" Speaking of stupidities-Piper thought as she heard Phoebe's voice screech from downstairs. Phoebe was probably waiting for breakfast. And everyone just assumes Piper is the only one that should cook. Bastards.

Piper drag herself out of bed-wishing she were the one that could levitate-and walk to the bathroom. It was busy. What a shocker "Who's in there" Piper shouted" I need to take a shower now" She screams.

"I can't hear you" Paige responded from the bathroom. Piper was not surprise it was Paige hogging the bathroom. Again. Stupid half sister. She never thought in anyone but her stupid self. She better not had used all the hot water-Piper thought.

Piper went to the downstairs bathroom. There was no hot water. Piper was not a happy witch. Twenty minutes later, Piper was ready to start her day. She went to the nursery and dressed Wyatt and Chris. She took them downstairs, to the kitchen, where the idiot, aka Phoebe, was predictably waiting for her breakfast. She gave Piper one of her goofy smile that made Piper feel like she wanted throw up and smack Phoebe around for a while.

Piper made a batch of pancakes-hopefully big enough for Phoebe to choke on-and put the plates at the table. She put Wyatt's food on his plate and gave Chris his bottle. Phoebe began to munch like the little glutton she was. God she had no matters! Piper ignored her sister and got her day-planer from the counter. She served herself some coffee and was about to take a sip when-

"Thanks, Piper" Paige grabbed the mug from Piper's hand as she rushed in the room. "I'm in a hurry! Gotta get to Magic school early! See ya" She said and orb away. Piper was beyond piss.

After serving herself another mug, and helping Phoebe turn on her laptop-I mean it's hard for her to just push the on button-Piper proceeded to look at her schedule for today. Call Leo so he can take the babies. Inventory check at P3. And last, but not lease, a trip to the spa. Piper had won a free visit to a new trendy spa in a contest on some radio show. And it was the only thing that would make this day better.

"LEO" She called her lazy pseudo husband. He orbed in immediately. Piper smiled-He was so whip-She thought. "The babies are ready." Piper began "They're both fed and clothed and"

"Piper, I know I promise I would take the babies..."Leo started.

"No, no, no, no, no." Piper interrupted. "You promised you would take them today. My day's booked! Now quit your whining and act like a father." Piper told him and then headed for her car, not caring enough to hear what he had to answer. He got her pregnant and he should take responsibility for his actions.

By noon, Piper had finished doing inventory at P3. Well, considering Rex did most of the work. Normally Piper would double check, but not today. Today was relaxed day. Nothing was going to get in the way.

"There you are, Charmed one" The demon or warlock said when he shimmered in. Great, just great-Piper thought. "I am Aramloz" The demon or warlock began"The demon of chess" Demon of chess? "I came for this" He said as he grabbed Piper's spa pass.

"What the..." Piper stood up"Give that back" She raised her hand to blow him up but miss him. She didn't miss the 12 cases of beer that were by the bar. "Shit" Piper turned to the demon but he shimmered away. Why the HELL did that stupid demon steal her spa ticket? This was not good! Why do the supernatural forces do nothing but pick on her?

Piper arrived at 6:00 at the Manor. It had taken her all day to find a supplier that would replace the cases of beer at the last minute. Then she had to clean up and give Rex a lame explanation about how exactly 12 cases of beer would suddenly exploded. When she entered her house it was empty. Figures. She wanted to yell at someone and there was no one to yell at.

Piper fell on the couch in the living room. Well the least she could get was a good nap. "Piper" Paige said when she rudely orbed in. "Where the hell were you" Paige's tone was extremely annoying for Piper.

"What do you want" Piper asked forgetting any plans for relaxation.

"What do you mean WHAT? Phoebe was kidnap! Didn't Leo tell you"

"Kidnap" Piper didn't really cared at this point. "What do you mean kidnap? By whom"

"Aramloz" Paige said like it was the most obvious thing.

"The chess demon guy? Why would he want Phoebe" Piper asked as Paige force her to get up and orbed her away. This was definitely not a good day.