Super Glue Challenge By BakaChan

END DATE 2-14-05

Challenge: Hermione and Severus are super glued together during a potions class. Hermione must be of age, she must be Severus' apprentice/assistant, she can still be in school at Hogwarts but is not a must. Neville or one of his progeny is at fault for the potion that glues them together. They must remain glued together for at least 2 months, and charms and spells are unable to separate them. How they are glued together is up to you.(part of body) In the end Snape must award points to Neville/his progeny. Snape must award points to Hermione. There has to be at least one sex scene that Albus walks in on.


"Bloody hell, just cut it off"

"It can't be THAT big"

"What am I your nanny?"

"Helloo… like I asked for this"

"I'm not here.. I'm not here…gods above why me?"

"my eyes my eyes…"

"My heart can't take this…"