POV- narrator

Little Did They Know

Little did they know…

That it was destiny for them to come together

That their love would live on forever

But their lives would be cut short

Never knew nothing of the sort

Nor that their only son

Would rise to defeat the evil one

More than one, two, three, or four times

That he would suffer much

And gain naught

But great friends with steadfast faithfulness

Raised up as a hero, then thrown down

Chosen by destiny

Hand picked by cruel fate

They did not know this at all

As they shared their first kiss

Did not ponder it as they fell in love

Nor fathomed it as they married

But it all came to pass

And would never know their role in destiny

Until it was too late

So one can only hope

They are above

Watching over their son

Hoping and praying

He will survive

But unable to do anything

For their fate is sealed

But their memory lives on

In the mind and heart of one boy

The boy they brought into the world

Unknowing his significance

At the time

Little did they know