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Okay. You all know me. I'm not a giant supporter of yaoi or other weird sexual triangles of the sort. I mean, you don't all know me or something, but, I'm usually a little adverse to yaoi.

But I must say when I read Gravitation, I fell in love. The story and the characters and the unconditional love at first sight made me go gaga in the weird, emotional way I do.

So bear with me on this one. This is a random idea I started to write down and I thought it would be a change of pace for my usual fanfiction endevors.

Whenever someone's name is written in Italicized text, it's from their point of view. Whenever 'Gravitation' is written in Italicazed text, it switches to third person.

DISCLAIMER: If I owned Gravitation, why wouldn't this story be part of a manga...? I know. A burning question indeed...

Oh yeah, and it's rated R for a reason. V for Victory! Or...something to that effect...


Start Three-Way Tie
Chapter One: The Contest Between Wisdom and Luck

Aoyou Tsumaru

I've always believed in Fate. I knew that one day I'd stumble across the path of my one true love and we'd live happily ever after.

Fate has not been idle, I found. Happily ever after has actually become some attainable goal, not some far fetched fairy tale.

Although all this is true, Fate decided my hectic life wasn't chaotic as it was and threw me one GIANT curveball niether I nor anybody else saw coming.

About seven or eight months ago, a nineteen year old Japanese American wandered the streets of Tokyo. That young woman's name was Aoyou Tsumaru, and she was drenched to the core by a steady rainfall. If that wasn't uncomfortable enough, she was frightened out of her wits, and completely and utterly lost.

That poor sucker was me, Aoyou. I was fresh from my parent's house in America, and ready to strike out with my new career. I had come to Japan to hone and perfect my skills as a manga and book translator and editor, seeing as I was fluent in both Japanese and English.

I had been emersed in Japanese tradition and modern culture for as long as I remember, speaking my first words in Japanese and always knowing which actors were the new hot thing or what band had made it to the number one spot in Japanese culture. I wasn't totally clueless about everything; just the more important things, like street smarts.

I had a rumpled scrap of paper with a hastily scrawled address written in a spidery hand. Wherever that place was, I had not a single clue about where to start looking.

I was in a more rural part of Tokyo, away from the scummy underbelly of the big corperate section. That didn't mean I was safe from lowlives and gangs. Not in the least.

Two shady-looking characters had been following me for a few blocks, always acting unconcerned when I glanced back at them, always getting closer. I knew I looked like an easy target, hauling an overstuffed suitcase and proudly sporting an American flag-patterned skirt. I was just begging for trouble.

"Hey, honey." The taller of the pair smirked, his voice trying to sound suave. The slur his words had to them made it hard to swallow. They had moved up closer and were a few feet behind me then.

"Good evening." My voice was civil, and I kept walking.

"Goin' somewhere" The shorter one was walking beside me now. I could hardly keep from running away, screaming bloody murder.

"Um..." I gulped. "Of course."

"Wanna take a look at a different side of town" The shorter one questioned, stopping short in front of me to cut me off.

I sidestepped him, and started walking more quickly. "No thank you."

My actions didn't seem to deter them at all. I knew I had to get inside safe somewhere, or risk getting gangbanged by these two idiots.

SO, as Fate would have it, I stepped off the street onto someone's walkway. I ran up the steps and knocked on the door loudly.

Please let someone answer, I prayed. I heard a loud curse come from the inside, and I winced. Perhaps I was only managing to make my situation worse by choosing the house of someone violent. I crossed my fingers against the wish that this wasn't true.

The two thugs had followed me, and were hovering by the low property wall, waiting for my plan to be ruined. They had called my bluff!

The cursing got louder as the occupant of the home I had chosen neared the door. By then, I was pretty sure than I had my toes, eyes, and everything else that could be crossed crossed, praying I would survive this encounter.

The door was flung open. I gaped for about five whole seconds at the angel who had answered.

He had beautiful blonde hair, and icy blue almond eyes a girl could drown in. The fact that made my mind go blank, however, was the fact this man had only a bed sheet wrapped around his middle. Otherwise, he was completely in the nude.

"What" He started, but I cut him off, loudly.

"Oh honey pie, so good to be back home" I made a desperate face at him while opening my arms for a hug. Very carefully, I gestured with my chin at the pair standing only yards away, waiting to defile me in WHO KNOWS what ways!

Luck was with me. He gave a small nod (although he didn't try too hard to act at all) and gave me the tiniest of grins. "Good to see you...darling."

He gave me an all too awkward hug with one arm, seeing as one of his hands was used to hold up the bed sheet he wore. The thugs exchanged looks, then approached. I felt like melting into a pile of goo. Goo, at least, is hard (if not impossible) to rape.

"Mister, we ain't convinced." The taller one slurred. "An' she's wi' us, okay"

"Our cousin." The shorter one said smartly.

"No, no they're- Mmph"

My desperate denial was cut off as Naked Man forcibly kisses me. Like, the kind where either you're making out or getting suffocated kind of kiss. To put some icing on the cake, his hand was definitely on a place where few men have touched me. And lived.

But kicking the guy in the...sensitive spot...would by far and wide blow my cover, so I just tried to concentrate on making it look like I enjoyed this. And as hard as it was to see past the sharp pain spreading through my lip, I did have the thought of 'Oh, he's so aggressive! How hott is that?!' floating through my mind.

"Hey, that's our cousin" Shorty would just not give up!

Naked Man breaks away (to the utter relief of my now-bleeding lower lip) and slams his fist onto the wall parallel to him, all tough guy. His eyes get all squinty and mad and he growls"Touch her and I'll kick your asses so far you'll need a map to find your faces."

Needless to say, the thugs turned a few shades paler and retreated bowing repeatedly. Naked Man waited until they were out of both eye and earshot before turning to go back inside.

"Hey, wait" I caught his arm.

"Will you leave" The Naked Man said patiently, with a hint of annoyance in that silky smooth voice. "You're ruining my buzz."

"Wha" I blinked a few times. This man was very odd.

"There's no more slugs waiting around to have their way with you, I'm most certainly not going to baby-sit you, and my buzz is being absolutely destroyed. Leave."

I was about to protest, say how grateful I was and all that when a MOST familiar voice rang through the interior of Naked Man's house.

"Yuki, what's taking you so long" A tousled-headed boy, also wearing the apparently fashionable bed sheet, came walking out into view. I gaped. Again.

I swear it. I swear upon my life that I saw Shuichi Shidou, lead singer of the new uprising band Bad Luck, almost completely naked!

It took me maybe one point two seconds to comprehend that I was viewing Shuichi-san. Then perhaps another four seconds to realize he wasn't wearing anything under a floral-patterned bed sheet. Then, another ten to realize Shuichi-san and Naked Man were naked TOGETHER and apparently I interrupted them!

And then, to the utter horror I knew I was going to feel as soon as I regained consciousness, I fainted. Out cold. I had KO-ed on the front steps of Shuichi-san's lover's home!


Aoyou opened her eyes groggily to the sound of hushed voices. The naked man's and Shichi Shindou's.

"-We can't just let her leave"

"And like we can force her to stay? I mean, sure we could, but if we ever let her out we'd have to...I dunno."

"Shindou, you're an idiot. I really sometimes wonder why I put up with you at all." The Naked Man said calmly.

"Yuki! Y'don't really mean that" Shuichi said, apparently horrified.

"Yes, one big idiot."

While watching through slitted lids, Aoyou saw the Naked Man, apparently Yuki, lean foreword to place his lips ever so tenderly on Shuichi's. Shuichi relaxed visibly, melting into Yuki's touch, bringing up a tentative hand to stroke Yuki's face while they were still locked in embrace.

Aoyou squeezed her lids shut, and reopened them. She could hardly believe that Shuichi Shindou was...was...queer. Not like it diminished his attractiveness, she admitted. In fact, those two look right, somehow.

The couple broke apart, Yuki tracing invisible patterns on Shuichi's bare stomach. "If this leaks out to the press, we can say goodbye to both our careers. No one wants to read a romance novel written by a homo, and fan girls will find your preference a serious obstacle. She obviously knows who you are."

Shuichi leaned back to lay on the floor, eyes closed and lips slightly apart. It was obvious to Aoyou that Yuki's slightest touch was enough to bring the teenage rock star to throes of passion. "But..Yuki.."


"We can't force her to keep it a secret, can we" Shuichi opened his eyes, and Aoyou was startled to see the shimmer of tears reflected in his russet orbs. "We just can't."

Yuki sighed. Suddenly, in a quite business-like manner, he stood up. He moved out of Aoyou's brief line of sight, but she heard the sliding of dresser drawers. "Shindou, sometimes I wonder if you're a boy or not. Stop bawling like some virgin girl."

"But Yuki"

"Oh, shut up." Yuki snapped. His feet walked back to where Aoyou could view them. She noted that now the man wore slacks, expensive grey silken ones at that. "I'm not going to stoop so low as to quote one of my novels at you, so don't expect me to tell you everything will work out fine. I can't promise you that."

Shuichi sat up, the tears running down his face making him look child-like, innocent.

"But just to make you stop crying like an idiot, I will tell you this." Yuki paused, his voice gruff. "You do...mean...something to me."

Although under different circumstances, Aoyou would of found herself disgusted, freaked out, and maybe even angry. This Yuki seemed so harsh, whereas Shuichi was so gentle. Their love was already forbidden, simply because they both were men. Then to add the impending dread of discovery, to the ruin of blooming careers, it seemed as if they both would just be better off without one another.

And yet, even within the first few minutes of watching them, Aoyou knew. Like two misfit pieces of a puzzle, those who don't quite work with the others. But they fit so well together, it made Aoyou forget whatever was so wrong with their relationship. It was just too..right.

Yuki Eiri and Shuichi Shindou both looked over in surprise as Aoyou Tsumaru sat up, tears cutting lines down her cheeks, a smile on her face. "Don't worry. I don't think I could tell. Even if I wanted to."

End Chapter

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