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And now, ladies and gentlemen, the epilogue of A Three Way Tie.

A Three-Way Tie

Aoyou Tsumaru

That night, after I came home to Eiri (he lets me call him that now) and Shuichi, was the best of my life. Never before have I felt so loved by another person, let alone two!

I was astounded to know of my perfect timing when Shuichi informed me of the sold-out concert I was to attend with Eiri that very next day. My Shu-chan was so excited to have me home; he was acting more like an adorable puppy than usual.

Eiri tried hard to give me the cold shoulder, as "punishment" for leaving. However, this lasted only a short time. Under the pressure of both Shuichi and my puppy-dog simpering, he soon cracked and ordered: "Get the hell into bed, bitches."

The next morning, the morning of the concert, Eiri rewrote the ending to his still best-selling novel, Three Hearts Tangled. It's amassed one of the largest revenues in the romance novel business. It's well-known in Japan and wildly popular in America and the UK. He continues to write steamy novels that are enjoyed by perverts, lonely women and schoolgirls all over the globe. Each one is slyly dedicated to me and Shuichi.

"To my editor and my friend:
You are both my bitch and my inspiration."

Oh, did I forget? Yes, Mizuki had a steamy experience of her own. Out of the blue she upped and eloped with someone from the Translating department! As she was on her honeymoon when Three Hearts Tangled was meant to be published, Eiri appointed me to be his new editor. This arrangement continued after Mizuki went back to work, and Eiri's books are now my sole responsibility.

But back to the concert. Shuichi had left Eiri and me tickets at the door, and so we got prime seats near the stage. Amid the screaming fan girls (and fan boys, Hiro and Shuichi have quite the male following) Shuichi's eyes found mine, and then Eiri's. He gave the softest, most beautiful smile, and then started singing. I actually started crying, and I was most certainly not the only one. He was so heartfelt, so godlike, bearing his soul and pouring out this ethereal music.

He even dedicated a song to me, which has amazing. He looked straight at me, leaned down and murmured into the mike: "To my Aoyou, bishojou."

Remember? Back in what feels like forever ago, I told the media Shuichi was my boyfriend. Now, we keep the image up. Poor Eiri. He complains all the time about not being able to kiss me or Shuichi in public. Shuichi tells him he shouldn't complain, because Eiri has an iron rule over the both of us in bed.

All the same, though, it's been a little difficult being Shuichi's girlfriend. I get hate mail every now and then, and I have to use an alias when I'm credited in Eiri's novels. Once, someone actually sent me a bouquet of flowers with poison ivy among the baby's breath. That rash stayed for awhile, the entire time Eiri muttered, "Fucking devoted fans and their fucking revenge." The rash hurt, but Eiri's reaction was entertaining.

I'm not complaining, though. It's so wonderful to be with Shuichi, no matter the circumstances. I'm so lucky! When I'm not alone with Shuichi, Eiri and I are "discussing his latest novel" in his office. Or, all three of us are together. Eiri, claiming to need help on his books, likes to instruct Shuichi and me to…conduct research for him while he looks on. Every now and then Shu-chan and I will gang up on him and he gets to do his OWN research….while Shuichi or I look on!

It's been eight months, and the question of marriage in any way has not been broached, and I somehow doubt it will. With society as it is, I think there could be some major mishaps if we dared to go that far. And with our careers going so well, we don't want to jeopardize the opportunities we have and will undoubtedly receive.

Bad Luck has been heralded as the biggest thing to come out of Japan since Gackt. They've long since left Nittle Grasper in the dust, and no new rivals have challenged their status as the number one band in Japan yet. Actually, Nittle Grasper's last successful song was in collaboration with Bad Luck. Shuichi and Ryuichi had a blast writing the song together, a tune they called "Feel the Need." It's a lively, fun song that truly shows all the talent of the Graspers and Bad Luck combined.

In three months we'll be leaving for the United States. Bad Luck has been so successful NG Studios decided to take them overseas and see how they fare in America. Shuichi will be traveling around the States on a nine-month tour before returning to Japan.

As Eiri's editor, I managed to wrangle a deal with the company I work with in America publishing Eiri's translated books. Eiri will be going on tour, signing books and visiting talk shows the same time Shuichi will be doing the concert tour. Of course, Eiri's tour is only three months long, but it keeps us together longer.

I'll be returning to Japan with Eiri after his book tour closes, and we'll wait for Shuichi to return home. I would have normally insisted we stay with Shu-chan, but my condition requires a little more R & R than a constant road-trip around the U.S. will permit.

I found out three months ago, and found it difficult to tell Shuichi or Eiri right away. But they noticed changes in my behavior, and finally Eiri was ready to leave the house for a break at a hotel.

"Eiri, you will NOT be running away!" I remember screaming at him as he was making for the front door. "You'll stay and we'll sort this out like a FAMILY!"

"Since when have we been a family?" Eiri wasn't about to get pushed around by an irate woman, no matter how angry she was.

"Since you and Shuichi slept with me and created one!"

"Created one what?" Shuichi had finally dared to ask after a dreadfully long pause.

"A baby." I said matter-of-factly. "I'm pregnant."

"What the hell?" For an acclaimed author, Eiri's words at the time were nowhere near eloquent.

"A baby." I repeated. "Congratulations, Eiri, Shuichi. You're gonna be daddies."

Their reactions were mixed. Eiri actually DID spend the night at a hotel. After I told them he just turned and walked out of the door. He came home the next morning, looking very disheveled. I'm not sure he actually slept at all.

Shuichi, on the other hand, was delighted. He went about whooping and hollering his joy to the world. When I got all moody over Eiri's reaction, he sat me down, made me hot chocolate, rubbed my shoulders and told me he wanted it to be HIS baby and he'd be the perfect father. "Screw Yuki," Shuichi had told me. "You're pregnant, you're beautiful, and I can't wait."

Eiri might not have been utterly thrilled at first, but he's warming to the idea. He's already started swearing at the realtor he hired to find a three bedroom home in a NICE neighborhood, damnit! "And it had better have one hell of a good school nearby or I'm finding some jackass who'll be more competent than YOU are!"

When we told our friends, there was a much nicer reception of the idea than Eiri's initial reaction. Hiro is still begging us to be named godfather, and K has kindly offered to give our child self-defense lessons once he or she learns to walk. We're warming to the idea of Hiro as godfather, but Eiri and I are not keen on K's offer. Sugaru has appointed himself the official baby-sitter, for reasons I don't understand. It's kind of him to offer, though!

The news has pushed Shuichi to new heights of greatness. Somehow he got Hiro, Sugaru, and himself all convinced they're not good enough to support a family and they need to "kick in high, ass-kicking, singing-machine gear!"

This new mind-set has hit the music charts like wildfire. Their newest album, Just A Little Life, has received excellent reviews. I could brag about it for hours, but don't let me tell you. Go listen for yourself; you'll see why it went platinum.

A couple weeks after I told Shuichi and Eiri about my pregnancy, we flew out to visit my parents. They're absolutely crazy about Shuichi, and warming up fast to Eiri. I'm surprised how charming Eiri can be when he wants to. My mother pulled me off to one side after meeting them and told me to "dig your claws into these two; they're quite a catch!" As if I didn't know.

At first, they were a little weirded-out by the situation. But all I had to do was let Shuichi work his child-like magic to win my father over. Only a few awkward minutes passed until he and Dad were chatting about Japan and the music industry like old drinking buddies. Dad's thrilled; not only is his baby girl with a famous rock star, but that rock star promised to sign all of Dad's Bad Luck CDs so he can brag to his friends.

Eiri, however, was far more courteous. He actually requested permission to, well, I guess…to court me. Sounds ridiculous (seeing as by then he had already slept with me several times) and horribly old-fashioned, but it put Mom and Dad immensely at ease.

Most of our close friends know of our relationship, and most are giving it a generally good reception. Of course, Shu-chan's band mates and the like are extremely excited about the baby, even good old Sakano.

Our lives will never be easy, I know that. With the baby, even, Shuichi and Eiri will probably get all miffed about whose DNA created it. Eiri will yell, Shuichi will cry, and I'll most likely get frustrated with them both. We'll have other problems with our situation, bigger ones. There are rough waters ahead, but I know I won't attempt to abandon ship.

Shuichi and Eiri are my friends as well as my lovers. They're my support system. Without them, I really don't have much of a purpose.

I say, hang on for the ride. Finish out the race. It's gonna be one hell of a three way tie.