Second chapter, the Lloyd and Colette one :) Takes place between the two halves of the first chapter. This being a Valentine's day fic I had to write them saying "I love you" right?

Disclaimer: Nope, I didn't own Tales of Symphonia when I wrote chapter one, and I don't own it now. Namco own it, not me.

Lloyd blushed as he walked up to the door, feeling very nervous. What he was about to do was very important and he knew in his heart that it was the right thing to do. But the fact that it was so important was what made it seem so difficult.

Checking for the gazillionth time that he had his present for her in his pocket he took a deep breath and knocked on the door of the room Colette was sharing with Sheena.

Colette's smiling face answered him and he forgot for a second why he'd knocked on the door, captured by the way her eyes lit up as she saw who it was. Her calling his name snapped him out of his almost trance-like state and he managed to stutteringly ask her if she could talk. He noticed Sheena nudge the little angel in a knowing way as the blonde grabbed her dressing gown. Oh great, the summoner had guessed what he wanted to talk with Colette about. From the way she rolled her eyes at the older girl the angel had as well. More pressure to get it right, no doubt the dark haired girl would want to know all the gossip when Colette returned. He had to get this right.

As they wandered downstairs to the living room of Zelos's mansion, the place where the group were staying for the night, he shyly looked over at her. She was smiling, happy to be with him.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs he found the courage to speak again.

"I, I had a really nice time tonight," he murmured and blushed.

"Oh Lloyd, me too," she blushed, tipping her head to one side, eyes closed happily, hands clasped together in front of her.

'Adorable,' he thought. 'Absolutely adorable.'

"You, er, want to dance again?" he asked shyly.

"Lloyd, silly, there's no music," she giggled. He pulled her close to him and began to hum and sway. She giggled a little more then settled her head against his chest and swayed with him.

The fire was still burning away in the fireplace and it cast a gentle glow over the room. The house was quiet and it seemed as though the pair had slipped into their own little world, swaying in time to some nameless tune, dressed in pyjamas and dressing gowns.

"You know something Colette?" Lloyd murmured, thinking out loud.

"What's that?" she asked quietly.

"I love you, very much," he sighed, blushing and blinking madly as his brain caught up with what he'd just blurted out. Unplanned, the thought had just slipped out. It had just seemed right to say it then.

"Oh Lloyd!" Colette gasped before gripping him in a hug and beginning to sob softly.

"Ah, Colette, I, ah, I've messed it up haven't I? Did something wrong," he mentally kicked himself. He knew he'd mess this up. Idiot.

"Nuh, no, no, Lloyd I, I'm so happy, that means a lot for me to hear you say that because I, I love you too," she blushed, looking up into his eyes.

"You dork, why are you crying if you're happy?" he asked, gently brushing a tear away from her cheek.

"Because I'm a silly dork," she giggled, using his playful nickname for her.

"Hey, here, come here a minute," he sat down on the sofa and patted the empty spot on it beside him, inviting her to sit down. She did so as he began to rummage around in his pocket.

"I don't know what's gonna happen on this quest, but I'm determined we'll win. And I know whatever happens that I want to be with you and do my best to protect you. So here, something I want to give to you to go with that promise," he said as he opened the box he'd retrieved from his pocket up to reveal a little bracelet. He removed it from the box and opened the clasp.

"May I?" he asked, holding it up to her wrist. She nodded, her eyes glowing with overwhelming happiness and pleasant surprise.

"There," he smiled, closing the clasp firmly. Then, blushing deeply he leaned forward to kiss her lightly on the cheek.

"Lloyd, I, I," she gasped, admiring the bracelet. "It's beautiful!"

"I didn't do too bad a job on it then?" he asked.

"You made it? For me?" she asked quietly. He nodded.

"Thank you!" she squealed, glomping him happily.

"S'alright," he smiled, wrapping his arms around her. She blushed and moved to kiss his nose playfully. Then shyly, slowly, they both moved to kiss each other on the lips. A soft, very light, gentle kiss.

"I love you," she sighed into his ear as she moved to nuzzle his cheek. "You make me so happy."

He sighed contentedly then unwrapped his arms from around her.

"One last dance?" he offered.

"Why not?" she giggled, moving to snuggle up to him as he began, once again, to hum some tune she half recognised.

They stayed swaying in each other's arms for a while before he moved to hold her hand as they walked up the stairs. She intertwined her fingers around his, smiling and blushing happily. When they reached the door to her room they paused. Then, bashfully, blushing again, he leaned over to give her another light, tender kiss.

"Goodnight," she sighed, slowly opening the door.

"Goodnight, sleep well," he smiled. Then, feeling the happiest she could ever remember feeling in her life, Colette wandered into the room she was sharing with Sheena, giggling happily, bursting to tell the summoner about the good news and how happy she was.