Howdy, Howdy! Okay... This is my first Kingdom Hearts fic. Wait don't run away! Hear me out first. Anyways, as I said, this is my first Kingdom Hearts fic. However, I've been writing fanfiction for the Final Fantasy VII category for a year now. So I think I'll be okay with this fic since it's centered around the Transverse Town gang (Yuffie, Aerith, Leon/Squall) and someone else. Anyways, I don't know if this idea was used yet because I don't read much Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction, I don't know why. Just haven't seen any that caught my eye yet. Anyways, feedback will be appreciated.

Summary- Aerith and Leon couldn't be happier to have their lost friend return to Hallow Bastion. Yuffie doesn't remember him, but she does see a possibility of making Leon hers. Through Jealousy. But when she starts paying less attention to Leon and more to his best friend, she not only confuses herself, but everyone around her. C-Y-L C-A-L.

Disclaimer- Throughout this entire story, I will not own Kingdom Hearts or any of the Final Fantasy characters used in the game.

Yuffie's Plan

Yuffie was mad, no pissed. There was no doubt about it. Her entire small form shudders with her boiling fury. A ragging fire burns within her, and everything around her seems to just annoy her, feeding her fire, acting like kindling. Yuffie wants to scream, to let the whole world know how angry she is. She would do anything to have some Heartless appear in Hallow Bastion again so she has something to ignite her fury upon. Sadly enough, there are no more Heartless anywhere. Sora and his friends made sure of that.

So what exactly is the reason that brought Yuffie into such a rage? It can all be summed up in a name. That name being, Squall. Of course, Squall, or 'Leon' as he prefers to be called for reasons far beyond Yuffie's understanding, isn't really the one at fault. Yuffie felt he's to blame anyway.

Yuffie, as most people know, is crafty and sneaky. She's stealthy, quick-witted, agile, not so graceful, but she's a hell of a ninja. She's also brave. She'd look fear straight in the eye and laugh, right before she took off screaming. But that's not the point. The point is that even though she's crafty, sneaky, stealthy, quick-witted, agile, and brave; she still couldn't snag herself a boyfriend. At least the guy she wants to be her boyfriend.

Leon isn't exactly looking for a girlfriend, much less a girl like Yuffie. On more than one occasion a day she annoys the living daylights out of him. Maybe he's right. Maybe she is annoying. Maybe she is a selfish brat. Maybe she is just a kid. But she'll be damned if she'd ever believe that. In her mind, she's perfect, for Leon at least. Not that she told him that, or her major crush she's had for him since she's been interested in guys.

Leon isn't exactly the most easiest person to get along with, especially for Yuffie. He seems to make it his hobby to belittle her for every little mistake she makes, or anything dumb she does. He can be cruel sometimes, or rather most of the time; but at other times he can be a softy. Like the time he asks Sora to find the Dalmatian puppies. Over the years after the Heartless appeared, Leon built a fortified wall around his emotions. Hiding them from everyone. The only emotions he allows to slip through is annoyance, anger, and occasionally amusement. This of course, makes him seem like a cold-hearted bastard.

A cold-hearted bastard with a body to die for. It takes all of Yuffie will power not to drool whenever she stares at him. Which happens to be how she spends most of her time during the day. Yuffie's convinced however, that deep down, Leon can be a caring, loving guy. He just needs a girl in his life. A girl like, Yuffie.

'Now if HE only realized this.' Yuffie thought bitterly as she stomps through the halls of Hallow Bastion, not caring if anyone heard her. Even if they did, there's only two people besides herself, Aerith and Leon. Yuffie still doesn't understand why they bothered coming back to Hallow Bastion. She was perfectly happy in Transverse Town. As far as she's concerned, Transverse Town is home, Hallow Bastion is not. She remembers very little of Hallow Bastion, she was just a little girl when they fled. She grew up in Transverse Town. Transverse Town is where her home and friends are.

Hallow Bastion is empty. Too big for the three of them to live alone. And to the young ninja's irritation, it's incredibly capital 'B' BORING! There's nothing to do in Hallow Bastion. There's no shops, no cafes; there isn't anything other than the castle. It's already been one month since Ansem, the former leader of Hallow Bastion and crazed lunatic, was defeated by Sora. Yuffie is already incredibly homesick, which is strange because, technically Hallow Bastion is her home.

Today had been the worst day of Yuffie's life. Even worse than the day the Heartless appeared. Today was the day Yuffie told Leon her feelings. Or tried to anyways. She got as far as saying, 'Squall...' And that's where she froze up, her throat clenching tight, preventing her from saying anything further. Leon had responded however, just like he did every time. He shot her a glare that, in Yuffie's opinion, made him even more desirable. He then proceeded to tell her that his name is Leon and that she's annoying and all that other stuff that Yuffie blocked out as she stood there lost in his icy blue eyes.

Then he walked away. Leaving her standing there looking like a complete fool. She's growing more and more mad with each passing day that Leon doesn't just acknowledge her. Sure he does, when he's shouting at her after she successfully annoys him. But he doesn't acknowledge the fact that she's a young woman with needs. And her needs consist of him. Selfish? Maybe. Does she care what others think? No, only what Leon thinks.

Yuffie had long since accepted the fact that she's a bit of a brat. And that she's not the most appealing girl around, she's more of a tomboy, nothing like Aerith with her flawless beauty and boundless grace. Yuffie tried making Leon fall in love with her. She went as far as trying to act more like Aerith rather than her bratty self, but that came out all wrong. Aerith and Leon had decided she was just going through one of those 'phases'.

'I need a plan... something good. Something sneaky and devious. I need a plan that will make Leon like me... I need..." Yuffie blinks a bit surprised as her stomach rumbles, 'I need something to eat.' She decides to go raid the refrigerator.

After making herself a sandwich, Yuffie walked into the library, needing some place quiet in order to think. Of course she could of gone anywhere. The whole castle is quiet. Leon is outside training like he always does. And Aerith is... Well, Yuffie isn't sure where Aerith is. Cleaning probably. She's not in the library, that much Yuffie does know.

Yuffie sits down at the table on the second floor of the library. Bread crumbs fall onto the wooden table as Yuffie eats her sandwich, not caring whether or not she gets peanut butter or jelly on the table. 'Hmm... let's see here. If I were Squall... What would I want in a girl.' Her first answer was herself, but she knew she was only wishing. 'Maybe my problem is that I'm coming on too strong...' Yuffie ponders the thought. She could believe that he's one of those guys who gets uncomfortable around girls who worship the ground they tread on. 'First thing I need to do is get Squall to notice me more, without getting him mad.'

Yuffie swallows the rest of her sandwich, wishing she brought something to drink so she can wash down the stuck peanut butter in her throat. She'd go get something to drink, if she weren't so lazy at the moment.

Leaning forward, Yuffie rests her chin on the palm of her hand, while she drums her finger on the table with her free hand. 'Maybe I should try something different. What do I know about Squall.' Yuffie stops drumming her fingers as she glances upward in thought, 'Well, Squall prefers to be called Leon, he's the hottest guy I know.' Yuffie takes a minute or so to daydream about Leon, 'Right um.. He thinks I'm an annoying brat.' Yuffie gave a sour look at the thought.

'He thinks I'm weak.' If there's one thing Yuffie despises more than not having Leon as her own is having him, or anyone think she's weak. Leon blamed her when they lost to Sora in the Pegasus Cup. He didn't come right out and say it. But the look he gave her after the defeat was enough. And if it wasn't then the fact that he decided to team up with some other guy during the Hades Cup should be enough. She remembers that day real well.

Yuffie wandered around coliseum, searching for Leon, "Squall! Where are you!" She shouts amongst the crowds of fighters. She doesn't get a reply, not that she was expecting one. She needs to find Leon quickly so they can sign up for the Hades Cup. This time she'll show him that she isn't a liability. First things first, she needs to find him before registrations close.

That's when she saw him, standing in the middle of the coliseum. He seemed to be talking to someone. 'Since when does Squall have conversations with strangers?' Yuffie asks herself. She shakes herself from her thoughts and hurries over to where Leon is standing. "Hey Squall!" She calls out, much to his annoyance.

"It's Leon." He corrects her, just like every other time she called him by that forbidden name.

"Yeah whatever. Listen, we need to go and register before it closes." Yuffie says hurriedly.

Squall seemed to shift uncomfortably on his feet, his facial expression remains as stone cold as usual, "I already registered."

"Oh? So when are we up?" Yuffie asks, surprised he had registered for her.

"There is no 'we' in this one Yuffie. I already have a partner for this competition."

"Wh-what?" Yuffie replies, hoping she misheard him. Leon just crossed his arms over his chest and turned his gaze away, "B-but, what about me? I'm suppose to be your partner." Yuffie says, on the brink of shouting.

"You were right." A soft masculine voice interrupts Yuffie's rant. It was so soft that she almost missed it.

Yuffie turns her gaze to where the voice had come from. Noticing the man Leon had been talking to for the first time. Yuffie stood there, blinking, a bit surprised at what she saw. A man, a bit younger than Leon, with sunbathed blond spiky hair. A few spiky strands fall over his blue eyes that have a tinge of green in them. Half of his face was hidden behind the crimson cloak he's wearing. Various tears and holes are in his cloak, being an obvious mark that he had been in many battles. He's wearing a strange dark blue uniform that has several straps and buckles on it. He's sporting black leather boots, much like Leon's. On his left hand he's wearing some sort of glove that has claws on the fingertips.

But none of that really grabbed Yuffie's attention. What got Yuffie's attention was the thing protruding from his back. A large black feathery wing. Not two wings, but one that's on his right shoulder. Yuffie's never seen anything like it. For a moment, she thought it might be fake, something he wore to throw off his enemies, that is until it moved. Causing that idea to be thrown out the window.

Yuffie couldn't help but shiver as she stared at him. His eyes and expression seemed void of any emotion. Something he probably trained years to be able to do, to hide his emotions completely from others. Yuffie could feel a sort of, darkness around him. Not the same darkness of that of the Heartless, it was something different. Something Yuffie couldn't quite put her finger on.

Yuffie was tempted to question the man about the wing on his back. But she remembered what he represents. He took her spot as Leon's partner. 'NO ONE' takes her spot. So mustering up enough courage to manage a scowl, Yuffie crosses her arms and says, "And who the heck are you? And what the heck did you mean by 'You were right?'"

Leon and the man share a brief glance. Just their eyes moved to one another for a brief second, Yuffie noticed it, but didn't question it. "My name is, Cloud." The man replies.

"Cloud." Yuffie let the name roll of her tongue with ease, "Mind explaining what you were talking about?" He doesn't give her a reply, "Well?" Yuffie persists.

Leon decided at that moment to answer her question, "He meant that you're annoying. Now would you leave us be? Go find a different partner or something."

Yuffie snaps her gaze towards the annoyed Leon. She graces him with a glare of her own, "Like I need one! I'll show you. I'll register by myself. Than I'll beat you and him." She moves her head, referring over to Cloud as he stands in his spot silently watching the argument.

Leon gave a short laugh, his mouth twitching into an amused half-smile, "You won't reach it passed the sixth round on your own."

"I'll show you!" Yuffie announces before stomping into the direction of the registration table.

Yuffie grinds her teeth in anger at the memory. She doesn't know what was worse that day. Leon getting a different partner. Or the fact that he was right. She didn't make it pass the sixth round. But that's because she had to go up against Sora, Donald, and Goofy in the sixth round. She can honestly say she happy that those three managed to beat Leno and his temporary partner before they could make it to the finals.

Though she felt that Leon was unfair about the whole situation in the coliseum, she forgave him, just like she forgave him for everything else. It still made her mad every time she thought about it though, 'Grr... Stop thinking about it, you dimwit!' Yuffie shouts at herself, 'You're suppose to be coming up with a plan to win Squall.'

Yuffie takes a couple of deep breaths to calm herself down, 'Okay... What's every man's greatest weakness?' Yuffie asks herself. She taps her chin in thought with a single finger, 'Hmm... Candy? Oh wait... that's mine... um... Munny? No.. Leon doesn't care about munny that much... Jealousy?' Yuffie blinks at the thought. 'Yeah... Yeah... Jealousy! That's it!' Yuffie grins triumphantly, she stands up from her seat and holds a fist up in the air in victory, "I got it! I'll make him jealous!"

"Make who jealous?"

Yuffie let out a barely audible 'Eep!' Before turning around to see Aerith standing behind her, regarding her with an amused smile, her emerald eyes seeming to sparkle, "Um..." Is the smart thing Yuffie manages to let out before Leon walks in as well.

"I see you found her." Leon states the obvious, referring to the now confused ninja.

"Um..." Yuffie says again, "What's going on?"

"We wished to speak with you Yuffie." Aerith informs her politely.

Yuffie looks around nervously, "If this is about the clogged up toilet, I had nothing to do with it."

Aerith and Leon both share a confused look, "What are you talking about?" Leon asks, a little more than annoyed.

"Nothing!" Yuffie replies quickly. She'd rather not go into the reasons why the toilet is clogged. "So um... what did you want to speak to me about?"

After thinking about what Yuffie said earlier, Aerith speaks up, "Well... Leon and myself have been talking lately."

Yuffie felt a sharp pang in her gut at the comment, "Uh, yeah? and?"

"You see Yuffie." Aerith continues, "We've come to a decision." Yuffie waits patiently, ready for the worst possible scenario. Her toes curl up in her sneakers, she barely hold back herself from shouting 'What is it already?' "We've decided that Hallow Bastion isn't what it used to be. So we want to go back to Transverse Town."

Yuffie blinks once, twice. Then she blinks again, "Huh?"

"We've decided that Transverse Town is a more comfortable place to live, rather in than this castle that's so empty." Aerith explains, in the most simplest words she can use so Yuffie will understand.

"You mean... we're leaving?" Yuffie asks after a moment.

"If you want, you can stay here alone." Leon comments before crossing his arms.

Yuffie chooses to ignore Leon's comment. "This is great! Do you know how boring this place is! I can't wait! When do we leave!" Yuffie practically bounces in excitement, her face glowing with happiness.

Aerith gives a relieved smile, happy that her Yuffie isn't against leaving Hallow Bastion. "Cid is suppose to come pick us up and take us back."

"Great! When will he be here?" Yuffie asks, wanting to get off the world as quickly as possible.

"He was suppose to be here an hour ago." The annoyance in Leon's voice is easily picked up.

"Oh..." Yuffie says slowly.

"He'll be here any moment." Aerith reassures her.

Cid can be another hour late as far as Yuffie is concerned. As long as they get off this world by today. Not only is she going back to a more lively place, but she'll be able to put her plan into action when they reach Transverse Town. She just has to find a guy to use in order to make Leon jealous. 'Hmm... who would be the perfect sap to use?' Yuffie thinks to herself. 'Everyone in Transverse Town is a bit old... I don't want to try and make Leon believe I'm interested in some old fart. He'll think I'm weird. There's Pinocchio... wait... he's just a kid erm... doll.' So her plan isn't as easy as she thought it would be. She needs to find herself a 'sap' as she likes to label them, in order for her plan to work.

"Hey! You guys in here?" Cid's rough voice is hard to forget. The door to the library opens revealing Cid, with a fresh cigarette in between his lips.

"You're late." Leon states, annoyed.

"Don't get your ass in a bind. I had a good excuse. I found someone, had to pick him up before coming here." Before anyone can question who he's talking about, he moves away from the door to let someone else enter.

Yuffie's eyes nearly bulge out of her head. The last person she suspected ever to see again was, Cloud. Aerith gave a surprised gasp before running over to him. He seemed to keep his head bowed shyly as she spoke to him. Leon walked over, a half-smile spreading across his lips. Although Yuffie is confused about how exactly Aerith knows Cloud, one thing is for sure...

Yuffie found her 'Sap'

Okay everyone. That's it for now! Let me know what you think. Need to know if it's worth continuing or not. So until I know, this is it for now. Ta-Ta!