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Beautiful Truths

One of the many things that people find out right away is that Yuffie is in no form or way, a morning person. What's worse is she can't stand morning people, especially the perky, I'm-so-ready-for-the-next-day type of morning people. However she had found a tolerance for people as such for she's had to deal with Aerith's bright outlook on a new day for many years now.

A normal went through Yuffie waking up, or rather being woken up and dragged out of her room; walking into the kitchen. Aerith would then greet her with her usual 'Good Morning' way too cheery for any morning. Yuffie would then nod her head and give a half attempted smile before falling back asleep on the kitchen table until breakfast was served to her.


On the not-so-normal mornings, like today, Yuffie found herself pacing about her bedroom long before anyone attempts to wake her up. This of course leaves the person sent to wake her up in a state of confusion because with past experiences, nothing went well in any day that Yuffie Kisaragi is awake before her twelve o'clock mark.

So what had gotten Yuffie on edge? Cloud's note of course. He had one upped her with it. If Cloud knew her plan, then why was there a reason to continue with it? And once more, Yuffie had gathered a small strand of courage to actually confront Leon, all she had to do is belittle her petty little conscience that is trying to reason with her about not doing anything.

'Hey Leon, Guess what?' Yuffie cringed at that even before she finished it. She had been trying to figure out exactly how to go about telling Leon her feelings. "Gawd! Even when he's not present he has to be a jackass." She had been just about fed up with trying to actually get out of her room, forget about trying to find Leon and say something.

"All I have to do is walk right up to him, and just say it. Yeah… that's all. It'll work…" She puffed up her chest, gathering all her courage up before she stepped over to her door and opened it up. She let out all the air in her chest when Aerith was found standing right outside her door, hand posed to knock on her door.

Aerith stood there for a few moments, stuck in that position, no doubt in shock that Yuffie had managed to crawl out of her bed early enough for it to be considered morning. "Oh… Good morning Yuffie." She finally greeted her friend before letting her hand drop to the side, "Breakfast is ready."

"Where's Leon?" Was Yuffie's immediate response.

Aerith turned around and headed back towards the kitchen, throwing out the answer over her shoulder, "Training with Cloud."

Yuffie smacked herself.

For some reason, both Leon and Cloud didn't have the heart to actually take the fight seriously enough to gain much from it. For Leon, he felt a little defeated while Cloud felt a little guilty for keeping a secret from him involving Yuffie and him. Something Cloud hoped and prayed that Yuffie would tell Leon soon enough. The longer the wait, the more it would hurt him in the end, at least that's what Cloud figured.

Then there was Aerith thrown in the mix somewhere. In the past, Cloud had indeed been with her. It wasn't a long relationship in the fact that it had only just begun when the heartless invaded Hallow Bastion and they were forced to split up. The main reason they weren't together sooner was because Cloud was a bit of a coward back then, and didn't have the backbone to actually ask Aerith out. In fact it was Aerith who asked him if he was interested; he never went about making the first move.

The thought made Cloud smile somewhat before giving a one sound laugh, one that Leon did not miss. The Gunblader stopped in mid-strike and let his weapon rest, "What are you finding so amusing?" He immediately questioning.

The blonde shook his head at the thought before giving his two word answer, "Old times." The reply somehow made Leon smile slightly as well. It was a subject that would bring any one of them happiness, or grief. It was where they were all raised, and at the same time where they lost everyone.

Cloud walked over to the wall of the underground cavern that resided underneath Merlin's house and rested his Buster Sword against the wall. He turned around and leaned against the side of the wall, his arms crossed over his chest. Leon ended up mimicking the swordsman's actions and waited for the blonde to speak, knowing something was about to be spoken.

"What happened back then?" Cloud questioned suddenly.

The question itself came a bit of a surprise to Leon, Cloud never seemed interested in discussing the past with anyone. He was never one to share his thoughts on the subject, then again, neither was Leon, "The heartless attacked, we escaped." It was such a simple answer to a much more complicated question.

"I mean… what happened to all of you when you left? Where did you go?" Cloud questioned not turning his gaze away from a single point on the wall across from him.

"We wandered around in the gummi ship for awhile until we came across Traverse Town. We stayed here ever since. We didn't have any other place to go to." Leon shrugged his shoulders as he answered, he didn't see the importance of the question.

"How did everyone react?"

Leon turned his head and looked at Cloud to grace him with a raised eyebrow, arching up to his hairline. "Why are you asking?" He finally asked, "You were there, it doesn't matter, it's in the past."

"Would it have been better if I was there with everyone?" Cloud questioned and after a moment's hesitation he added to the question, "Or was it better that I stayed away?"

"If you need to ask, I'm not giving you an answer." The Gunblader replied sounding a bit irritated, obviously he didn't like these types of conversations.

"… Would it have been better if I never even showed up here? I should have just stayed away." Cloud lowered his gaze towards the ground looking as though he felt guilty about something. Leon was about to open his mouth when Cloud spoke once more, "I have a confession to make…"

What he said, was something Leon never expected to here from the man.

"Hey Aerith?"

"Yes Yuffie?"

"Can I ask you a question without you thinking anything about what I ask you?"

Aerith sat there silent for a few moments across from Yuffie from inside the kitchen. Obviously she had to take her time in trying to understand what it was Yuffie had meant when she just spoke. Slowly she nodded her head as she collected her thoughts, "Of course Yuffie."

"What does it feel like… when you're in love?" Yuffie cursed herself from the heat she could feel rushing to her face. It would figure she couldn't ask a simple question without getting embarrassed about it.

The look of surprise crossed Aerith's features at the question, apparently not having been expecting such a question coming from the young shinobi. "Why ask me?" Was her only reply.

Yuffie swallowed her gut, and had to force herself to reply to the question, "You were in love with Cloud, weren't you? Or still are. Or you did but not anymore or something along the lines of it." The words were rushed, and flowed out of her mouth more than she could process them in her brain. It was her nature instinct to try and cover up an embarrassing moment by speaking immensely. It was just a small habit she had picked up throughout her years of trying to get herself out of trouble.

To Aerith's credit, she didn't turn red, or blush at all like Yuffie assumed she would. All she did was give that small giggle of hers that she uses after hearing something she thinks is remotely silly. "I did love Cloud, I still do." The ninja waited for anything else to come and Aerith continued, "Just the same as I love all of you. You're all my family."

Yuffie groaned and slouched in her chair. In times like these, it was hopeless to try and talk to Aerith for her train of logic only confused Yuffie more than helped. "Aerith… can you just give me some sort of answer that helps me? Even the slightest bit?"

The flower girl placed a finger on her chin and stared upwards in thought, "Well… I guess the simplest way to figure out if you are in love with someone…" She paused for a moment before continuing, "Is that the feeling makes you feel full inside. Get it?"

Yuffie slowly nodded her head, "Full inside… like after eating type of full?"

Aerith sighed and dropped her head into the palm of her hand, "Yuffie… the best way to find out if you love someone is to notice what you feel when you are around them."

Yuffie's P.O.V

Notice what I feel when I'm around someone? What a loud of crock that was. I can't believe Aerith was trying to make me believe that's how you figure anything out. Sigh… Okay so now I'm at a complete loss. On one hand I have the oh so sexy, leather clad Leon with his long brown hair and kick ass leather vest… Mmm Leon…

And on the other hand there's Cloud. Stoic, quiet, shy Cloud. A wannabe demon with a wing and sword all in this package of bipolar-ness. He's a trapped little boy who is in desperate need of awakening to see me in all my beauty in front of him. Yeah… Sure. Basically bipolar sums it all up for Cloudy.

Cloud and Leon… It would help if both of them didn't have the personality of a rock. Leon's always like 'Whatever…' And Cloud is just, '….' I could strangle both of them sometimes but I know I give my fair share of annoyance by filling the empty silence with my lovely voice.

GAWD! I'm not getting anywhere with this. Since when did I start liking Cloud to begin with? I never said I agreed to the idea, I was plainly out for Leon the entire time. But Cloud… that jackass has to be so… so… Ugh. I don't even know what it is that made me like him in the first place.

I'm almost pretty sure that I'm in love with Leon, I have to be. I've had such a schoolgirl crush on him since I was thirteen. Cloud just happened to be nice eye candy lately, that's all. It's nothing more than infatuation. Yeah… There I solved that problem. I love Leon, I have to be, I can't have it any other way.

But now that I know that, how do I go about doing anything about it? I've been trying to get him to notice me, or become jealous through Cloud. What a bright idea that was first off. But at least my hard work has paid off, kind of, somewhat… in a way. I should tell Squallie… before I lose all nerve that I've managed to gather up.

First I have to find him, and sitting around on my lazy arse on the couch all day isn't going to get me anywhere. Grabbing what I need, my sneakers, I was ready for action. Which included skipping down the streets of Traverse Town, even the light rain wasn't going to kill my nerves. I had to hold firm to my courage if I wanted to get through this embarrassment. Oh gawd…. I'm going to die…


Normal- P.O.V.

It didn't take long for Yuffie to find Leon, he was heading back home when she left the place. It only took two minutes for Yuffie to come across him, which was just long enough for everything Yuffie had planned out on what to say to go flying out the window, but not long enough for her to lose all her nerve to at least try to come about saying something.

"Hiya Squall!" Yuffie greeted with a wave, trying to act as normal as possible.

"It's Leon…" Leon replied quickly. He never took his eyes off of her, and it unnerved her, she had never seen him look so worried before, "Yuffie…" He started but the young ninja cut her off.

She held up her hand and shook her head quickly, "No let me talk first before I lose my guts." She could already feel her face growing hotter. Apparently it was already visible as well because Leon began looking at her with that look that you knew meant Are-you… okay?

"Um… Leon…Uh.. you see." Yuffie giggled slightly as she tried to force herself to say something, anything that would let him know how she felt. She had her hands folded in front of her and her gaze was locked with the ground. This was her chance; all she had to do was to just say something, anything that will tell Leon.

'Come on Yuffie, say something damnit! Oh the hell with this.' Yuffie never was one for being able to intelligently say something. She was more 'Go at it, ask questions later' type of girl. So she did the one thing that would help her in the current situation.

She reached up and grabbed Leon by the collar of his jacket and yanked him down, which was harder then you think since Leon was strong and it required a lot of effort to pull him down. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips against his to show him what she meant.

She could have died right then and there. She felt strangely light on her feet. It would have been even better if Leon responded at all, but he was in such shot at what Yuffie just did that he just stood there through the moment until Yuffie pulled away. Once she was away from him and her hands no longer grasped his jacket, she stared long and hard at the ground. She waited for Leon to say something; anything to tell her it was alright, that he felt the same. It was all him now, she couldn't do anything now. She did what she could, and the ball was hit over to Leon's side of the court.

"He's leaving."

"Wh-what?" Yuffie managed to reply, though her throat was tightened so much she almost choked on the word. She glanced up at Leon in confusing, trying to get what he was saying.

The Gunblader crossed his arms over his chest and looked off to the side, looking as irritable as ever. There were no outward signs that told him that he felt anything about what just happened. He was just the same as he ever was. If Yuffie wasn't curious as to what he was talking about, she would have turned and ran away right there.

"That's what I tried telling you." He replied, "Cloud's leaving."

"What?" Yuffie nearly shouted in shock.

Leon walked around her and made his way back towards the apartment, "He's probably on Cid's gummi ship already. I have to tell Aerith for him."

Yuffie didn't hear the last part, she was already taking off towards Traverse Town's gates. 'He can't be going. No he's not going, I won't let him go. That bastard can't just up and leave me here. I haven't gotten the chance to even scrape off the long stretch of years of bugging him I need to make up. And I still need to figure out why the hell he left in the first place. No he can't leave, I won't let him. There will be hell to pay from the Great Ninja Yuffie when I get my hands on him. I'm going to strangle him."

Yuffie wasn't really aware that she was on the brink of tears. The gentle rain didn't even seem to catch her attention. She just continued to race like a made dog, feet splashing in the puddles on the streets as she continued to run cross town. She had to get there on time, and stop him. She didn't want him to leave everyone again, he's family, he's… Cloud.

Her heart was beating in her chest so rapidly she thought it had moved to settle inside her throat. She finally reached the gates and immediately rushed out of them and there the gummi ship was, lifting up off the ground. She raced towards it waving her hands out at it, trying to gain their attention. She could see Cloud sitting in the seat next to Cid on the ship.

Cid was the first one to notice her and he nudged Cloud. The blonde slowly turned his head and looked down at her, and she stopped moving, and stared straight up at him. Her cheeks were wet, a mixture of tears and rain mingling together on her face. "Don't go…" She didn't shot it, merely whispered as if Cloud would here it.

He just continued to stare at her, and finally he moved. His endless blue swirls never left her grey-ish eyes as he raised a single arm and waved. The ship took off into the air, leaving Yuffie standing outside of the gates. One moment Cloud was there, and the next he was gone once more.

The young ninja fell to her knees and hid her face in her hands. She couldn't believe it, Cloud was gone. Her shoulders rocked rapidly as that realization came to her. Cloud was gone, and she didn't even know where he went or if he'd be coming back. 'You big stupid jackass. Why did you have to leave?'

She glanced up from her hands, eyes turned to the sky. It was that day that she started to stare up at the sky each and every night afterwards. Waiting for Cloud to come back, however no matter how long she stared up to the sky Cloud didn't seem to come back. Not with Cid three days later when the pilot returned to wherever it was he dropped Cloud off. Not a week later of being gone. And he wasn't there when they all packed up their things and left for Hallow Bastion once more, this time with the intent of restoring it.

Cloud never came back, and Yuffie's heart ached each day that he was gone. She had made the mistake in getting accustomed of his quiet presence that was always close by. And now that he was gone, she wanted nothing more than for him to come back. Yuffie had chosen the easy approach and had chosen Leon, if only for a few moments. But that had gone wrong from the moment she went to him. The Gunblader never brought the subject up, and neither did Yuffie.

Yuffie got a first hand experience to know that not all stories end with a happy ending. Not everyone lives happily ever after. Fairytales don't exist in her life, and things happen to make things 'Peachy Clean'. But for some stories that don't always end the way everyone wants, it opens a door to a whole new story. And Yuffie knew somewhere along the lines, Cloud would be part of that story, and it would be there that she would get a second chance.

Then End.

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