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Matt, Andy, and Ryan found themselves the center of stares running from horrified, to curious, to open disgust when they were able to return to school. It'd been two weeks since they'd woke up in the hospital, and they'd been lucky when the hospital said that it wasn't going to press charges and force them to pay for the repairs.

But right now the only thing that was going through their minds was 'Why the hell are we sitting in Biology, watching the rest of the class take a final that we can't take?' The answer was not in the room since he was the teacher and had to walk around to all the classrooms and give help to anyone who needed it.

The door creaked open so slowly it almost seemed like someone was trying to sneak into the class, but it was just Mr. Riles, their biology teacher. "Is it me, or do you guys not want to be in the last class we were in before going to Spira?" Ryan and Andy nodded vigorously but remained silent as Mr. Riles came into the room.

"Anyone have any questions?" He asked in his monotone voice that truly never changed. Ryan raised his hand and Mr. Riles rolled his eyes. "What?"

"Can we leave? I mean, we aren't taking the final, where is the point in us being here?"

"To show your respect for those in the class that were here all year, so no you may not leave." The three sighed as Mr. Riles walked out of the room.

"Drec ec pimm cred, oui ghuf dryd? Ed'c uin vyimd fa kud crud huf? (This is bull shit, you know that? It's our fault we got shot now?)" Matt and Andy nodded in agreement.

"Fa naymmo haat du kad pylg du Spira (We really need to get back to Spira)." Matt added, drawing even more confused looks from the rest of their biology class. "What? Never heard someone talking in a different language before?" The class went back to their final, more then a little startled by Matt's annoyed tone.

"Yddahdeuh, yddahdeuh! (Attention, attention!)" Ryan hissed which caused Matt to role his eyes.

"Fa zicd kud uid uv y lusy; fa'na kuehk du kad y mud uv yddahdeuh yhofyo. (We just got out of a coma; we're going to get a lot of attention anyway.) Andy pointed out.

"Oayr, pid-- (Yeah, still--)" Ryan was cut off by a scream of terror from the hallway. "What in the name of Dnortih and Vena is going on out there?" he wondered aloud as the three jumped up out of their seats and headed calmly for the door. Mr. Riles came flying in, pale faced and sweating.

The speaker in the room crackled for a second before the principle's worried voice came over it, "Attention all students and staff! We have an emergency situation. A group of thirty of forty coyotes has broken into the school and more are coming. Do not go out into the hallway and get into the closest classroom. Teachers, look the doors and do not open them unless I come back over and give the word. The police are on their way to deal with the problem."

Ryan, Matt and Andy burst into laughter at the terrified faces of their classmates. "Care to share what is so funny?" Mr. Riles asked with a sneer that caused the three to laugh harder. "Stop laughing! This isn't the time for that, do you understand what could happen?"

"Yes!" Matt admitted through his laughter. "They… could get in… here! That'd be… awesome!"

"Oh my god, they're at the window!" The teacher who'd been proctoring the exam shouted. The three spun around in time to see four coyotes crash through the window.

"Andy, Matt!" Ryan reached under his loose over shirt and into the fanny-pack thing that Andy had given back to him before they'd come back from Spira. They'd been surprised that, when they got home, Matt's bow was lying on his bed, and the kunai pouch and the throwing star holder were sitting on Ryan's desk. Andy had found a pair of brass knuckles that he carried around in one of his pockets at all times.

Now Andy had those knuckles out and put them to devastating use against the closest Coyote. He weaved in and out of the things claw raking attacks and slammed a fist into it each chance he got, laughing at the entire time at how easy to beat the things had become.

Matt took a more direct approach. Without any weapons on hand simply fell back on his powers as the god of thunder, as much as it annoyed him to do so. He dodged the first coyote to jump at him and grabbed it by the throat as it passed. Without a second thought he snapped the things neck and turned to face the next coyote. He rolled to the left as it dove at him, but this time he grabbed it by its head and lifted it off the ground. He ignored the things desperate attempts to tear his arm to pieces with its claws, and with a grim smile sent a wave of electricity through its body. Between the strength of his grip and the electricity coursing through it the coyote's head exploded and it fell to the ground in a bloody heap. Matt calmly wiped his hand off on his pant leg and turned to see what was left of the group. He smiled when he saw that Ryan had taken care of the last one and another that had snuck in during the fight, the young angel sitting on the two corpses and watching the class reaction lazily.

"What was that?" Mr. Riles demanded as Ryan put his kunai away and Andy pulled his fist out of the crushed skull of the coyote that he'd been fighting.

"You're the biology specialist, what the fuck's it look like?" Andy asked before he glanced over at the mangled corpses and smiled.

"Not the coyotes, what you did to the coyotes!" Mr. Riles yelled.

"That?" Ryan asked smugly. "That was the three of us saving all your asses. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got some coyotes to kill." The biology teacher stepped in the way of the door, but cringed when claws started to rake against it.

"Look, these things are gonna get into the rooms before the cops get here, and you know it. If you don't step aside people are going to die. And Ryan," Matt pointed to his friend who took a sarcastic bow, "is a guardian angel who isn't about to let that happen. So I suggest you move before we're forced to make you move."

"You're not leaving this classroom! We were told to stay inside until the cops get here, and we are going to do just that." Mr. Riles yelled, forgetting that the three had just killed five coyotes without breaking a sweat. "Now sit down!"

Ryan stood up slowly and glared at the biology teacher. "Mr. Riles, I must admit that I never really liked you. And now, when I have the power to save peoples lives, you are standing in my way." The teacher was sweating under the angry gazes of the three annoyed teens. "Now, if you don't move, I'm going to enjoy making you move, but you won't. And the best part is that we won't get in as much trouble as you think, since we're going to save peoples' lives." The class gasped as Ryan disappeared and reappeared behind the teacher. "Your choice pal. Step aside and don't get hurt, or force me to hurt you."

"Go back to your seat." Mr. Riles said uncertainly.

Matt and Andy sighed and Ryan smiled. "I was hoping you'd force me to move you." The teen dropped to the ground and put all his pressure on his left side. He kicked the teacher in the chin, just as the teacher had turned to see what he was doing, with his right leg, sending him up and into the weak roof that gave easily. When Mr. Riles started to fall Ryan jumped up and slammed his fist into the teacher's stomach, knocking him out instantly.

"You'd better get those windows barred up." Matt said, pointing to the window the coyotes had already destroyed and the one remaining window. The students nodded numbly and went to work, moving tables in front of them and then leaning against them to make sure that the coyotes didn't just force them over.

"Ok, now once we leave, lock the door behind us and bar that up too." Andy told the class as the three started for the door. Two members of the wrestling team nodded and dragged a table behind the three. "Well now, what do we do about this one?" Andy asked, pointing to the shadow coming from under the door.

"Stand back." Ryan said as he pulled a kunai out of his holder. With a single throw the kunai pierced the "bullet proof" glass and the shadow on the other side gave a "yelp" before dropping to the ground with a thud. The three waited until some blood leaked under the doorway to proceed. "Well now, three of us, and three floors. Who wants what floor?"

"First floor." Matt said instantly.

"Guess I'll take second then." Andy was already heading to the stairs.

"Which leaves me with the third floor. Thanks guys." Ryan muttered as he followed Andy up the stairs.

Matt looked down the hallway in both directions. To his left was the gym, which didn't really have any locked doors. To his right was the cafeteria, and farther down were the Guidance and the main offices, then the nurse's office, and a little past that was the computer wing. With a sigh he turned to his left, knowing that the people in the cafeteria would need the most help.

And he was right, as he quickly discovered when he walked into the gym. Fifteen coyotes had trapped both the gym class on the top level of the unfolded bleachers, and more then four human corpses lying on the ground. 'Probably the only reason the rest of the people aren't dead yet.' He thought sadly as another group of coyotes came walking up a set of stairs from the auxiliary gym. 'But at least I get to have some fun.'

A howl from behind one of the bleachers caused every coyote to turn and look at Matt with hate-filled eyes. "Kid, get outta there! They'll rip you apart!" someone yelled from the bleachers. Matt glanced up at them lazily and then turned his attention back to the now charging coyotes.

"Idiots." He muttered as a jolt of electricity started to circle him. He ignored the gasps of surprise and horror from the stands but couldn't help but feel like he was a gladiator fighting in the ancient coliseum for their pleasure. 'Well, if I'm a gladiator then I might as well put on a hell of a show for them.' He ducked under a claw and rolled to the right, just barely avoiding the snapping jaw of another coyote. He looked and smiled at the next coyote jumping at him. With a laugh he jumped forward, grabbed the thing's mouth and crushed it. Without hesitation he grabbed the thing by its front paws and sent it flying into the wall. The wall practically exploded as the makeshift missile slammed into it. The entire gym fell silent, man and beast starring at the battered body of the coyote in awe.

Matt didn't waste the chance. He pointed a finger at the nearest group of coyotes and a bolt of lightning shot out and arched from coyote to coyote, each successful arch killing another one. All in all the attack had killed eight of the coyotes, and Matt was pretty sure the first coyote he'd thrown into the wall was dead or dying, which left only six more to go. 'How boring.' The thought as the rest of the coyotes spread out and trapped him in a circle. "Well, come and get me." His taunt brought one of the coyotes in, and he quickly punched it so hard that it flew into the wall on the other side of the rather large gym. Another group of coyotes came in from the doors on the opposite side of the wall and the people on the bleachers groaned. "Well, I was wondering if it would be this easy." Matt muttered as he slowly started to back towards the door. The coyote behind him jumped at him but hit a wall of electricity instead, killing itself instead of killing Matt. Matt backed through the hole and out of the doorway. 'Let's get them all in one area and kick their asses there. But where in the school could we hold all the damn things?' Matt wondered as he kept an eye on the forty some coyotes in front of him. A few screams caused him to turn around and he smiled as a small wave of fire engulfed a pair of coyotes that had been sneaking up on him. Andy came sprinting down the stairs with a smile.

"We're trying to lead them to the auditorium!" He yelled. "Easier to kill them all if they're in one place, right?"

"I was just thinking the same thing actually." Matt said with a chuckle as the two slowly backed towards the main entrance. Five coyotes tried to jump them from behind, but met only a wall of fire and lightning that killed them instantly. "Is Ryan meeting us there?"

"As far as I know. Just be careful of falling coyotes." Matt would have given him a confused look in any other situation, but didn't have time to in this one. "He said that some might be flying out of the balcony thing."

"Wonderful." Matt muttered as the two worked their way up the stair slowly, knowing that if they fell they'd be hard pressed to have any chance of getting back to their feet. Andy ducked under a coyote and heard it yelp as it went through the glass part of the door that led to the auditorium. Grinning, the two jumped through the already shattered glass and took off down the isles. They reached the stage and each one took up a position guarding the two pairs of stairs that led onto the stage. Not two minutes later a group of coyotes came flying over the balcony edge, and a few seconds after that Ryan was on stage, his after image still in the balcony.

"Way to take your time you damn-Japanese-assassin-wannabe." Andy muttered as he punched a particularly annoying coyote into the orchestra pit.

"Sorry, I had a lot to get. They were in the rooms, some were on the roof, the locked closets."

"Enough excuses, hurry up and kill." Matt told him. Instead Ryan pulled out a cell phone. "What now!"

Ryan smiled and dialed a number. "Rachel? Do it." The lights in the auditorium went out as one, and then the stage lights came on followed quickly by one spot light, and then another.

"Mind explaining this?" Andy nodded, also wanting an explanation.

"Well, people wouldn't believe this unless they saw it with their own eyes, right?" Ryan asked as another group of coyotes came into the auditorium. "So Mac, Rachel, and Bob are recording it for us as proof. Now, let's show them what we can do."

"I've got this one covered." Andy said with an evil grin. "Requiem of Fire!" As Andy spoke the ground instantly erupted into flames that didn't burn anything but the coyotes and didn't spread. Three startled gasps came from the balcony, and Ryan looked at Andy with more then a little awe evident in the gaze. "Heh, Yu Yevon didn't like this one too much either."

The flames died down and another group of thirty jumped onto the stage, encircling the group. "I've got this one." Ryan said as he drew a second Kunai.

"Wait, are you gonna go Sasuke now?" Ryan pretended to think about it for a second and then nodded. "God damn it! I'm like Sasuke, that's why I have this!" A Chidori appeared in Matt's hand.

"Yeah, but I'm faster." Ryan disappeared. After less then a second all the Coyotes were being cut to ribbons as Ryan dashed in and out of them, too fast to see. Blood splattered everywhere, covering the stage and everything on it. Ryan came to a sliding halt, not nearly as covered in blood as the rest of the group, but still covered in it nonetheless. "See? Just like at the bridge."

"Fuck you." Matt replied as another group of coyotes, this group notably smaller then the other two, came in through the door. "Well, I guess that leaves this little group to me, doesn't it?"

"Wait till they're on the camera though." Matt rolled his eyes but made no move to attack until they were on the stage.

"Ok bastards, go to hell!" Matt threw his Chidori at the group. For a second the ball sat in their midst and they watched it stupidly until it exploded, sending waves of electricity in every direction. The coyotes cried in pain but no one heard it over the sound of the explosion, and all that remained when the noise was gone was a bunch of charred corpses.

"Well that's a new twist on an old classic." Ryan muttered as he walked over to the corpses. "Did you get it all?" He yelled up to the balcony.

"What the hell happened to you three while you were in those comas!" The reply came only after the sound of all three vomiting. Ryan, Matt, and Andy laughed but quickly stopped when the police came bursting into the auditorium.

"You're just a teensy bit late guys." Ryan yelled to them.

"What happened in here?" One of the officers asked, holding a piece of cloth up to his nose. "Where are all the coyotes?"

"Well, you're standing on some of them, and smelling the others." The officers looked down at Matt's comment and then jumped back out of disgust, much to the amusement of the teens. Again their laugher was interrupted, only this time it was by hundreds of black pyreflies drifting up out of the corpses.

"Son of a bitch, he really did survive…" Andy muttered in disbelief.

"Yeah, it certainly looks that way now doesn't it?" Matt hissed as he watched the pyreflies float through the ceiling and hopefully back to Spira where they belonged. "If he can send fiends here, then there's a good chance he'll be sending lots of them to keep us from finding the god. And no doubt he'll try and kill the god too."

"Well that should make finding the god a hell of a lot easier." Ryan said light heartedly. He held up a hand to keep Matt and Andy from asking, and then answered their unspoken question, "Matt, you ever notice how I always got the right way in a video game?" Matt nodded. "That's because I follow the path of most resistance. If he's trying to kill a god, he's gonna send a hell of a lot of these things to do it. All we have to do is get to the spot with the most sightings."

"Makes sense I guess." Matt admitted as the cops led them away for questioning. "But how are we gonna find out where the most sightings are?"

"That's the only problem with the plan." Ryan admitted with a sigh. "It'd be one thing if we had help doing it, but on our own we can't do anything to figure it out, other then surf the web for fiend sightings. And then all we'll be able to do is tell where they're coming from, we won't be able to get there."

"You three did all that?" A giant man asked, his black face looking from them, to the auditorium, and back to them. The teens nodded. "And you did it with a pair of brass knuckles, three knives, and your own fists?" The three nodded again. "Then maybe you can kick this thing's ass for us, and we can forget about holding you responsible for all the damage to the school." Matt, Ryan, and Andy looked at the picture that showed two of the giant things they'd fought inside of Sin, Behemoths Lulu had called them, and a couple of iron giants.

"You guys can't take care of that?" Ryan glanced from Matt to Andy with a suspicious look. "That seems a little unlikely."

"Look, bullets aren't working, and we ain't allowed to bring out the heavy weapons. Can you kill'em or not?"

Andy sighed. "Lead the way pal." The man led them to a police car and motioned for them to get in. Along the way the man got a call over his radio that made him look extremely nervous.

"What's wrong?" Matt called out.

"Some dude thinks that he can kill the things alone. Won't listen to my men down there either." The man flicked a switch and his cop sirens went on. "Hang on, this ride's about to get a little bumpy!"

A little bumpy was a gross understatement as far as the three teens were concerned. When they reached a road that gave them a good, but rather distant, look at the fighting they were thrown out of their seats repeatedly. The road looked like Tidus had used an Energy Rain on it because of all the potholes in it. When the man put the car in park he heard the three gasp.

"What? My driving that bad?"

"Shit, move!" Matt Ryan yelled, and Matt kicked the door off its hinges.

"What the fuck dude! You don't go kicking people's car doors off you little shit head!" The man screamed

Matt, Andy, and Ryan ignored the man's screams, instead focusing on the battle that was keeping the fiends busy. "I know where all those potholes came from." Ryan said in an amused voice. Both the Behemoths were dead and one of the Iron Giants was going to be joining them shortly. Although the reaming five Iron Giants blocked the view of the person they were fighting, the fact that one of them lost both legs in a single attack told the three all they needed to know.

"Auron." The name rolled off of Matt's tongue in a disbelieving but hopeful tone. After another grunt the Iron Giant that had lost its legs split in two and the one-eyed warrior stepped out of the gap in the fiends ring quickly.

"I thought you'd show up if I waited with the fiends." He walked over to them, ignoring the Iron Giants who had turned to face the bullets of the police for the moment. "Here." Auron's coat flew off to the side revealing 2 large packages and a fanny pack. He threw a package to Matt, then the other to Ryan, and then threw the fanny pack to Andy. "You can handle the rest. I have someone to meet."

"Hey Auron!" Matt called.


Ryan pointed to Auron's sword. "Can't carry a weapon around in the streets." Auron frowned and Ryan looked at the police who were being forced to retreat. One of the fiends slammed its hammer thing down onto the engine of a car, which proceeded to explode, killing the giant in the process. "But if you stay for a few minutes then you can just say you were using it to kill fiends."

"Make it quick then." The three teens sighed as Auron sheathed his sword and waited for them to begin fighting the fiends.

'Same old slave driver.' Matt thought as he turned to face the fiends, unwrapping Lightning Edge as he did. "Damn, just one." He muttered.

Wind Cutter flew out of its sheath, glowing brightly and drawing the gaze of everyone except for Auron. "Well, Auron apparently hasn't changed, which means we're dead if we don't move it. So what do you say we deal with this then get going?"

A flash caught the group's eye and they turned to find a group of reporters taking a bunch of pictures. "Wonderful. More attention." Matt muttered.

"Well, it was going to happen some time, right? You can't keep something like this under wraps for long." Ryan said with a shrug. "If you guys take care of the fiends, I can take care of the cameras."

"More fun for me and Andy then." The two gods took off towards the giants who had turned to face the while Ryan disappeared from sight entirely, much to the surprise of everyone who didn't know him. Matt and Andy ignored the cries of surprise as Wind Cutter split the cameras in half without hitting the people holding them.

"Go to hell!" Andy yelled as he fired and impossibly thin beam of fire out of his fist blades. The beam cut one giant in half, and got part of another one, but not enough to kill it. As the beam dissipated Matt charged in with Lightning Edge. With a single devastating swing he cut down not only the one that Andy had only wounded, but also the one behind him on the follow through. As the two giants dropped and burst into pyreflies the people present gasped. "Maybe we overdid it?"

"You think?" Ryan asked as he walked over to his friends. "Auron's already leaving, let's go. School's bound to be closed for the day after all the commotion there. My house is closest."

"Auron! Get over here!" The old man stopped, turned to regard them slowly and then walked over to join them.


"You can't just go walking around with a sword. We're going to get a rid from the cops to my house, then you can leave your sword there and go find whoever you need to find. I'm pretty sure you'll remember how to get to my house if you leave from there, right?" Auron nodded and Ryan waved a hand for the police officer that had given them a ride earlier to come over. "We need a ride back to my house."

"Why, just walk." The group rolled their eyes and held up their weapons. "Oh, right. Ok, get in. Is Cyclops coming along too?"

"Yeah." Ryan said slowly, but Auron gave no signs of being annoyed by the comment. 'Then again, when does he ever?'


"Ryan, Matt, Andy! Where have you been?" Ryan's mom demanded the instant that she opened the door. "With all the coyotes at the school, I was worried sick about all of you!"

"Mom, can we come in?" Ryan's mom stepped aside and allowed the four in. "Mom, this is my… friend, master, instructor, all of the above, and his name is Auron. Auron, this is my mom." Auron nodded politely as two dogs came flying into the room. "Auron, I'd like you to meet Copper," He motioned to the bigger of the two dogs, with white and brown fur and a curled tail, "And Greta," this time he motioned to the Rottweiler Doberman mix. She was a little shorter then Copper and her fur was almost exclusively black and brown, and she had the nub tail of a Rottweiler. Auron stepped back slightly as Copper jumped up at him, but Ryan simply threw an arm out in front of him. The dog rested her paws on his arm and started to lick him when he got close enough. "And this is how dogs say 'Hello'. It can get annoying, but it's better then having them attack you."

"I suppose." Auron admitted even though his smile showed that he wouldn't have really been bothered if they'd attacked. Ryan rolled his eyes and walked over to a desk in the next room. He glanced out the window, then signaled for Matt to turn on the TV. "Mom, we're going to Nick's to get away from the reporters, okay?" His mom raised and eye as he finished writing something on the piece of paper.

"Okay…" She looked at the note and smiled. 'Mom, we're actually going to Matt's house for the night. Some of the reporters followed us and figured out where Nick lives, so we said we were going there, but after that we're going to go to Matt's once it's dark enough to slip out. I'll have my cell on me, and I'll call you if anything changes.' "Well, have fun everyone."

"Oh come on mom, you know we always do."


Matt, Andy, and Ryan had gone to Nick's house just like they'd planned, but Auron had said that he had to meet with his "friend" and he'd find them again if he needed them. Without another word he'd walked off, and effectively drawn the reporters away as well. That left the three and their friend sitting in his house, preparing to go to Matt's.

"Okay, I'm bored… again." Ryan stood up and stretched. "Why the hell are we just sitting here when Auron drew all the reporters away?"

"Because we're incredibly lazy and don't feel like getting up and moving?" Matt asked as much as stated. "But now would be a good opportunity to make our run, wouldn't it?"

"Yes." Ryan stated flatly. He threw a green version of the sweatshirt he'd given Rikku on, then through on a hat and turned back to find everyone following suit. "Well then, shall we sneak?"

"Shall we sneak? What the fuck, you could have any girl you wanted, you know that right?" Nick's question brought a laugh from Ryan but Matt, and Andy seemed to consider it seriously. "Geez, at least some of you know what I mean." He cleared his throat and his next comment came out in a teacher-mocking voice, "Use this golden opportunity to its fullest, and let nothing you can try go untouched." The four burst into laughter as they walked out the door.


Twenty minutes later the four found themselves in Matt's basement, safely hidden away from the reporters who'd managed to catch a glimpse of them as they walked into the house. Matt, Andy, and Ryan told Nick about their adventures in Spira.

"Okay, so lemme get this straight." Nick looked at his friends when they'd finished their tale. He pointed to Matt, "You're the god of thunder," He moved his finger so it was pointing to Andy, "You're the god of fire," he moved his finger towards Ryan, "and you're their guardian angel? What the hell, that'd make a great game."

"Isn't that the truth." Andy agreed quietly.

"And on top of being gods and an angel you're also the three that killed all those coyotes in the school? What the hell, why am I the only one who didn't get special powers?"

"Because you didn't get gunned down outside of Cumberland farms?" Ryan asked helplessly. "It's not as great as you think Nick. Having to come back here just sucked ass."

"Why's that?"

"Because he had to leave his girlfriend back in Spira." Andy explained.

"Ohhhh, I see. Well then, we need to get your mind off this stuff guys. But how?" Nick glanced at his watch. "Damn, it's already eleven?" The ceiling creaked, alerting them to someone walking around above them. "What the hell?"

"Its probably just my dad sleepwalking." Matt said casually. "Or getting a drink. He does do that a lot at night. So does my mom, but she doesn't do it as often." The top of the stairs creaked and the sound seemed so out of place it sent a shiver of fear down their spines. "Everyone, hide." Matt's order came so quietly that they barely heard it, but they complied none the less.

A few second later someone cracked the door open just enough to see through. He glanced around but failed to see the four friends. Nick had gone on the other side of the bed so that it was between him and whoever was in the house. Matt had gone to the left side of the door so that when it was opened it would hide him from view until someone moved it again. Andy was hidden amongst the various objects at the base of Matt's computer desk, and had even gone so far as to put an empty box on his head. Ryan was in the partially opened closet, and had put a mirror up on the wall so that he could see the dim outlines moving in the darkness.

The door opened a little more and two men who appeared unarmed stepped into the room. There was a gentle snap and fireballs started to create a ring around the men, drawing gasps of horror from at least three people outside the room. A gentle, flickering light filtered in as several fireballs appeared at random around the room outside, and one man cried out in surprise.

"What the hell is this! What the fuck is going on!" The man charged into Matt's room to escape the fire but only succeeded in bringing the thunder god out of hiding. Matt's door shot out and slammed into the man, knocking him back half a dozen feet and into another man. Without breaking his motion Matt punched one of the guys in his room in the face, but received a punch to the side for his work. He turned and looked at the man and realized that he'd been hit with the butt of an assault riffle rather then a fist.

"Wow… you suck at this." Matt muttered before grabbing the butt of the riffle and ripping it easily out of the man's hands. As he spun to face the men gathered outside he saw Andy jumping to finish off the guy at his back. 'Wait, why aren't they shooting?' A bullet erupted into electricity in front of his face and he smiled. With a flick of his finger a single bolt arched out and slammed into the closest man's gun, and then arched to the next, and then the next until it had hit every gun. The soldiers starred at them wide-eyed.

"Well, mind if I cut in?" Ryan asked as he stepped out from behind Matt. "You do have a tendency to kill, and I'd like to know why the hell a group this well armed would be attacking us."

"Go for it. But try not to get too much blood on the carpets. It raises a lot of question we don't have answers for."

"Wait! Wait, we surrender." Ryan and Matt glanced from each other to the men now standing with their hands above their hands.

"You surrender? You attack us, and then as soon as things look bad you give up? What the hell are you expecting, us to forgive you that quickly?" The question came from Andy who was keeping and eye on the men inside the room.

"And what'd you do to the rest of my family." No one answered and he crushed the butt of the rifle with one hand and continued in a much darker tone, "I'd really like to know, now. So why don't' you save yourself a lot of pain and tell me?"

"We didn't do anything to them. They're still asleep. Our orders were to see exactly how powerful you were." The man who'd surrendered explained.

Ryan sighed. "What the hell? What, are you guys some kind of undertaker squad or something?"

"No, we're…" The man hesitated.

"You're…" Ryan prompted like the man was a child.

"They're CIA." Someone with a southern accent said as he walked down the stairs, clearly not minding if anyone heard him coming. "You see, we've got a problem. A problem I need you to take care of."

"Mr. President you shouldn't have come yet!" Matt and Ryan just starred in awe as George W. Bush walked completely into the room, flicking on a light causally as he did so.

"Mr. President? What the he--" Nick's question died on his lips as he and Andy came out to see what was happening.

Matt recovered from the shock first. "You said you had a problem?" The president nodded. "Well, care to elaborate?"

"Several rather… unique animals have been trapped in a cave. Bullets aren't working on them, but we've managed to keep them corralled there." The president explained, casually looking around the room. He stopped to examine a yard sale sign before continuing. "After we got word of your two minor… tussles, shall we say, with other abnormal animals we decided to gain your help."

"Gain?" Matt asked skeptically.

"This isn't a request. I'm ordering you, as president of the United States of America, to go and kill those things. We've already lost dozens of men to them, and I would very much like to know what it is that makes them immune to bullets."

"You're demanding that we help you?" Ryan asked in a disbelieving voice. "As in, we go in, risk our lives to kill the fiends, come back and go about our normal lives every time that something you guys are too stupid to kill comes along?"

"You'll be well compensated for your work, I can assure you of that." The president replied, allowing more then a little of his annoyance to show in his voice.

"You sure that's a good idea, what with the deficit and all?" Ryan twirled a pair of kunai around lazily as he asked the question.

Bush turned on his heel, and glared at Ryan. The teen didn't back down but did crack an amused smile. "You find this funny?" Bush demanded. "The fact that the terrorists out there have monsters like the things you fought before doesn't worry you at all!"

"Terror... what?" Andy asked, shaking his head hopelessly.

"What, do you expect me to believe these things aren't from earth? You want me to believe they're from some alternate dimension or something?" Bush hissed the questions at them.

"Well they aren't from earth, and they'll kill anything that moves so nobody is gonna tame them. Well, maybe the coyotes, but they're no big deal." Andy shrugged with the statement. Bush laughed at the comment.

"Okay then kids, where are they from then? Hmmm? Outer space?"

"Spira, and I suggest you stop mocking them before we decided that we're not going to help you either way." Matt practically growled the threat, a Chidori beginning to form in his hand. The men and President Bush gasped in horror as it finished forming and he held it out towards them. "And believe me, if we fight, you're the ones who won't be walking away."

"You're threatening the President of the United States, do you realize that!" Bush demanded in a voice that showed far more confidence then he had. Matt laughed at the empty threat.

"So? You came here, attacked us in the middle of the night, demand that we risk our lives to save your ass so you don't look like an ass in the eye of the public. Give me one fucking reason why I shouldn't hate your guts?" All of the men in the room backed away from Matt as he stepped towards the president. "But you're lucky, you know why?" Bush shook his head. "Because we may not like you, but we do need your help. We need to find the place that the fiends are appearing the most. We'll be your monster hunters if you can get us from one place to another. And pay us of course." Bush nodded and Matt's Chidori disappeared slowly. "Good, now get the hell out of my house."

"Sorry, but we have a job for you, remember?" The leader of the CIA agents reminded him.

"You're still going to get out of my house." Matt said quietly with an amused smile sprayed across his face. "Right?"

The men nodded quickly and went sprinting up the stairs. Matt's little sister screamed and the sound of the door flying open reached the teens ears. "Hey, there's a fourth one here!" the president shouted. "Okay kid, you're coming with. You've heard too much."

"Well this should be wonderful." Matt said sarcastically as they walked out of the house. They followed the CIA agents to a nearby church. "Helicopters, wonderful. At least they'll know we're leaving."

"Here." A man handed them each an earpiece and a headset box. "Press this button to talk, make sure you're on channel two five high."

"Two five high?" Andy asked. There were a few beeps from behind him and he turned to see Ryan putting his headset on.

"Thank god for tech crew." He offered before walking onto the helicopter. He glanced around at the multiple strap in seats and found that he wasn't the only none CIA agent on the chopper. "Auron, why am I not surprised?" The age guardian gave him a nod but made no other indication that he'd even seen him. "Well, you're as talkative as ever."

"You know this guy?" One of the few agents on the ship asked. Ryan nodded. "You're lucky old man. If he hadn't I'd have kicked your ass myself for what you did to my brother."

"Uh-huh…" Matt muttered as he got on. "Auron getting his ass kicked, that's not something I'd like to see."

"Why's that?" Ryan asked.

"Well, it kicked Auron's ass so that means we're the next biggest threats, right? And it's just plain stupid to leave threats alive. Right?" Ryan shrugged.

"I guess you've got me there." The blades on the helicopter started up and conversation with the CIA agents ceased all together. Andy, Matt, and Ryan said little as well in the oppressing silence, but when they did make comments they were light-hearted and usually succeeded in bringing a smile to at least one of the CIA agents.

Eventually one of the agents grew irritated with the teens' light-hearted comments so much that he asked how they could be so calm. Matt responded with a smile and said, "Haven't you heard? We killed an entire school full of coyotes earlier today, then we killed a couple of giants' asses after that, and he killed two behemoths alone." The CIA Agents looked at them like they were insane, clearly having made no sense of what he was saying.

"Lemme try explaining." Ryan suggested. "We've been doing this for three months, and, as odd as this may sound… those two are gods. Matt is the god of thunder, and Andy is the god of fire." To emphasize Ryan's point, and stop the snickering from farther back, the two gods engulfed their hands in their respective elements. The snide comments quickly turned to mummers of fear and awe, which quickly reached the gods' ears and brought them small smiles of satisfaction.


Twenty minutes later the helicopter landed in a forest clearing. When the warriors from Spira, accompanied by Nick and a bunch of CIA agents, stepped into the clearing they were instantly brought up to speed on the situation.

"Okay, so we've got forty iron giants, ten flans of varying elements, some coyotes, and a dozen behemoths. Well this is gonna be fun." Ryan, Matt, and Andy found themselves grinning with anticipation. "Auron, you stay here. At least a few are bound to get out of the cave. We're gonna need you to take care of them." The warrior nodded as Ryan turned to face Nick. "Nick… do whatever they tell you to."

"Geez, you guys are going to kill… I don't even know what… and I'm stuck playing errand boy." Matt and Ryan laughed.

"Nick, you're not even close to being able to fight a coyote on even ground, not to mention an iron giant or a behemoth. Besides, if you're nice to them maybe they'll teach you something." Matt turned around and found a man holding a mining hat with a light and something else on it. "What's this?"

"It's a camera. We've got no idea what these things can do, so anyone going in there is gonna wear this so that we can get more information on these things." The man pointed towards a group of computers set up in a truck.

"Hope your guys like explosions." Matt said with a sigh as he took his New York Yankees hat off grudgingly and put the stupid looking helmet on instead.

"Okay men, let's go!" One of the CIA agents yelled. Matt ran over and slapped him upside the head. The man whirled around and glared at the teen before demanding: "What the hell was that for?"

"You'd just slow us down." Matt said as the gods and Ryan started towards the cave. "We go in alone, or not at all. Its not like we couldn't kill our way out of here." The tone of his voice sent chills down the spines of all the CIA agents. "Now, what's it gonna be?"

"Why would you go in there alone?"

"Well bullets don't do anything. Unless one of you is a fucking sword master on Ryan's level then anyone else who goes in there would just slow us down." Matt explained again.

"What about him?" Nick asked while pointing to Auron.

"Auron would kick the shit outta me. That's why he's the last line of defense." Ryan said before leading Matt and Andy into the cave. Ten feet in they were forced to turn on their lights, which also activated the camera. "Well, I hope none of you boys outside have Epilepsy, and if you do I suggest getting someone to switch jobs with you." Twenty minutes later the group, having only met a single iron giant, came across a three-way intersection.

"Left." Matt was already headed down the hallway.

"Straight." Andy watched as Ryan walked down the remaining hallway before walking forward. He walked until he reached another split. 'Wonderful.' He bent down and drew an arrow into the ground with his finger. The rock below burnt and the arrow became permanent, and Andy started off down the path.

A hundred feet farther down he walked into a large room littered with stalagmites and stalactites. In the center was a pool of water and on the other side were two behemoths and fourteen iron giants. The iron giants had made a ring around the behemoths and were throwing in powerful blows but the behemoths were countering with blows that punched through the other fiends. "Okay boys, lets see some fireworks." Andy muttered as he stood up. He snapped his fingers several times and a dozen fireballs appeared around him. The sudden light drew the attention of the fiends who stopped their fight to stare at him.

"Here we go." Andy said as the iron giants charged towards him. Andy flicked his finger and one of the balls of fire shot forward, expanded in mid-air, and engulfed the giant in a suit of fire. The giant thrashed for a few seconds before pyreflies started to leak out of the coat at which point it disappeared in a burst of light. The surprise stalled most of the fiends for a few seconds, but three of the iron giants kept coming at Andy.

Andy dove to the side, the ground behind him exploding under the weight of three heavy clubs. Andy reacted on instinct, kicking off the ground and charging back in. He ducked under a backhand and drove his fist-blade's blade into the armor. The sharp blade easily pierced the armor, and then he proceeded to pull the blade down as quickly as he could. The armor gave under the blade's sharp edge and pyreflies leaked out quickly. Without stopping Andy spun to his right and crouched down. He heard the sound of metal slamming into metal and the dead giant toppled over him.

He rolled forward and punched the next iron giant in the knee. The metal joint crumbled under the blow and the fiend lurched to the side into another iron giant. The two toppled to the ground and were engulfed in a tornado of fire. Andy turned to find the other fiends charging him and sighed. "Screw this." He muttered as the number of fireballs floating in the air tripled. "Requiem of Fire!" The entire room filled with flames and pyreflies. Andy heard glass crack and someone cursed at him over the head set but the pyro god just smiled and turned away from the still burning corpses.


Matt found himself wondering where all the fiends were hiding. He'd been in the cave for close to a half hour, following the twisting path he'd chosen without anything to fight. 'Everyone else is probably outside by now, and I'm stuck in this damn cave. I hate the world.'

A bolt of lighting knocked him off his feet and succeeded in leaving him confused for several seconds. When he'd regained his wits he propped himself up on his elbows and found himself starring down three flans. One was obviously a thunder flan, one looked like a fire flan, and the last one was clear so he guessed it was a water flan. "Finally!" The thunder god stood up and brushed himself off calmly while watching the flans. The thunder one launched another bolt of lightning that curved around and slammed into the water flan. Immediately the fiend slumped and disappeared in a wave of pyreflies. The fire flan launched a fire spell at him but he rolled out of the way.

'Lu said that they were resistant to physical attacks.' He brought Lightning Edge down on the fire flan. Even the god-forged blade got stuck halfway through. The flan closed around it and grinned at Matt as it started to prepare another fire spell. "Dumbass fiend." Matt said with a shake of his head. A wave of electricity rushed through his hands and into Lightning Edge. The flan's eyes widened for a second before it, too, burst into pyreflies. 'Now for the lightning one.' Another bolt of lightning slammed into him. 'Well magic won't work here, which leaves me with extremely ineffective physical attacks. Wonderful.' Matt walked into a lightning bolt and smiled as the energy sent a tingling sensation throughout his body.

Matt raised Lightning Edge over his head with both hands. The flan looked at him like he was stupid for a second before Lightning Edge buried itself into the ground, splitting the flan in two. Matt's eyes narrowed as the two halves merged back together around Lightning Edge. 'This blows. I help take out a renegade god and I can't even take out one damn Flan?'

:Absorb it.: Dnortih's voice rang out in Matt's head. :As the god of thunder you can absorb any form of electricity, even the base form that creates and maintains this flan.:

'And I do this… how?' Matt's reply came after several seconds of silence.

:The same way you would absorb a bolt of lightning. Only in this case, as you're absorbing that which gives something life, it's going to be more then a little harder. It shouldn't be beyond you though, at least I don't think it is.:

Matt let out a laugh as the flan shot him with another lightning bolt. Matt focused his entire will on drawing all the electricity that made up the flan out. It was only a trickle of energy at first, like a small crack in a dam. And just like any crack a small trickle broke it to pieces. A wave of electricity slammed into him and knocked him back a dozen feet.

:See, it wasn't that hard was it: Dnortih's voice held a hint of sarcasm in it.

'That hurt like hell.' Matt stood up slowly and brushed a dozen small rocks off, and in some cases out of, his back. With a sigh he started back down the dark, gloomy tunnel. A couple hundred feet into the tunnel he felt the ground beneath him shake slightly. 'Iron Giants. Yay.' He continued down the corridor until he heard a roar. 'Behemoths, too. This is getting better by the minute.'

He came to a corner and peeked around it. Five Behemoths were going at it with a bunch of Iron Giants. 'Guess fiends are just like the Sith. Thank god for that.'

He watched for a few minutes, until the fiends were completely focused on their battles, before strapping Lightning Edge to his back. His hands started to form the mystic seals to perform the Chidori but a thought struck him. With an evil grin he called forth another storm, like he'd done when Yu Yevon had snapped Ryan's neck. Bolts of lightning slammed into the ground around the fiends, some actually hitting fiends instead of landing next to them. Each bolt that connected with the ground created a clone of Matt, and each clone created its own Chidori. The fiends gawked at them for a second, the sudden appearance of a storm in a cave combined with the fact that humans had come from bolts of lighting, far too much for their primitive minds to comprehend. What they did comprehend was the pain as each one had a Chidori driven into some part of its body.

'Well. Maybe they aren't quite like the Sith. Sith would've killed them as soon as they appeared. Oh well, time to find some more fun.' Matt thought as he turned to head back, hopefully to find some more fiends.


Ryan found himself in a rather difficult situation. He'd been jumped by five flans, which he'd gotten rid of without much trouble. The trouble had started when an iron giant had gotten him from behind, breaking two ribs with the initial force of the blow, and probably another rib when Ryan hit the wall. He'd been able to use his White Magic to fix the ribs, but he didn't want to waste magic if he didn't have to. With that fact in mind he'd elected not to get rid of the pain that was coursing through his chest like liquid lava.

'Bastards. Where'd they all come from?' he wondered as three more iron giants joined the one that had already hit him. The fact that the ground was shaking clued Ryan into the fact that more iron giants, or possibly even behemoths, were on their way to the fight.

"Wind Cutter!" The magical attack sliced through the newest two iron giants who were still standing in a line. However the attack left him exposed to another powerful swing from the first iron giant. His mind went blank as the heavy hammer flew at his head, but his body moved on instincts born of 3 months of death matches. He ducked under it, letting the swing pass over his head harmlessly, and then he charged in. "Hiten Mitsurugi Style," He jumped into the air, hit the ceiling, and pushed off, "Ryu Tsui Sen!" the right arm of the giant came off but it simply reached over and picked up its hammer. "Just die already! Ryu Sho Sen!" The move cut off the front half of the monster's face just as two behemoths came charging into the room. "Gimme a break!"

The first behemoth charged straight forward. It tried to bite the quick swordsman in half but found only his after image. "Hiten Mitsurugi Style Ryu Sou Sen!" The enchanted blade dug into the fiend's flank so quickly that at first the monster didn't notice until a searing pain erupted in its side. With a roar it turned and swung, but its massive claw hit Ryan's barrier instead.

Ryan spun around and split the arm down the middle, ruining it but not killing the fiend. He dropped down and slashed at the fiend's legs, which gave in to the sharp blade easily. Without stopping he completed a spin while rising, splitting the fiend in two with a rising slash.

The temperature of the cave started to rise as Ryan threw up his shield. A few seconds after the shield was completely formed the ground seemed to explode as meteors, from where Ryan hadn't the slightest clue, rained down from the sky and assured death to any who weren't prepared. Towards the end of the first wave one of the meteors began to end the remaining behemoth roared in pain and another started. Ryan sat down and rolled eyes, wanting to go home and go back to bed.

The ground under him rumbled and he let out a sigh. He glanced to a tunnel he hadn't noticed before and found two iron giants charging him. 'Fiends really don't learn, do they?' He stood up and found two behemoths behind him. 'What the fuck?' He pushed his shield out as far as he could. At first nothing happened and he started to panic. The iron giants raised their hammers and Ryan closed his eyes so watching them wouldn't distract him. He heard the hammer hit something and then steel scraping against rock, the loud sound echoing several times in the small room before disappearing. He heard the behemoths roar in pain and beneath that noise the sound of steel crushing.

When he opened his eyes the iron giants he'd seen coming, along with two other iron giants and a behemoth, were crushed up against one wall with pyreflies leaking out of them. Turning he saw two bloody messes slowly letting out pyreflies. 'Well they're dead.' He thought as he turned and surveyed the room. When he was sure that no other fiends were just waiting to pop up he started down the corridor he'd just found. He quickly discovered that it wasn't that long, not even five minutes at a walking pace, but it did open up to a large chamber, the top of which Ryan was amazed that he couldn't see. In the middle of the chamber was a group of fifteen coyotes and two iron giants.

"Hiten Mitsurugi Style Do Ryu Sen!" sharp, dagger like pieces of rock shot towards the fiends. Two coyotes fell to the ground almost immediately, another following when its front legs were broken. The rest, although battered, escaped without any real physical harm. "That didn't have the effect I was going for…" The coyotes charged in first, all thirteen seemingly oblivious to the fact that they were going to die.

Wind Cutter slashed out at them as they got close enough to hit, ending the maddened charge abruptly. The first three fell under a single slice that split their heads from their jaws. He brought his sword around in time to cut off a claw headed at his side, but felt a sharp pain in his wrist. He ignored it for the moment and slashed the ground around him in a circle. Rock and dirt kicked up and out forming a temporary barrier the fiends couldn't get through. Without breaking stride he jumped up and over the barrier, quickly spotting what he was looking for. He landed behind the coyotes and charged past the iron giants, slashing them in the legs repeatedly in the process, and then stood behind a pool of water.

With a feral grow the coyotes charged past the injured iron giants, some nearly clearing the pool in a single leap, some just running straight through it. Ryan calmly dispatched of each coyote that came after him, and he found himself smiling slightly at their stupidity as he quickly finished each one-on-one fight. 'Different body weights means different speeds. Different speeds means that I can fight them one at a time.'

A pointed, flying piece of rock changed that quickly. Ryan spun out of the way as much as he could when he saw it coming at him but he still felt it slam into his shoulder. A wave of pain washed over his arm, quickly followed by a numbness that surprised him. He threw up a shield to stop another rock and glanced over at his now bleeding arm.

'Bastards.' He cast a healing spell to stop the bleeding and make the arm functional, but the numbness didn't leave no matter how much magic he put into the spells. He cut down another coyote that tried to bite him as he came out of a roll and then jumped as high as he could. He winced as pain shot through his shoulder blades but he felt his wings sprout. 'Now where's the bastard with the rocks?' A sailing boulder answered his question, and nearly clipped his wing in the process. "Hiten Mitsurugi Style Ryu Tsui Sen Zan!" He came down on the iron giant, the tip of his blade driving through its skull. He spun around as he fell, beheading the fiend, and kicked the head into the next iron giant. "Hiten Mitsurugi Style Ryu Kan Sen!" Wind Cutter cut the fiend's legs off at the knees before coming up and piercing a coyote's skull. Ryan Pulled his sword free, cutting another fiend's head in two in the process, and split a coyote in two from jaw to tail.

He saw one coyote jump at him from the corner of his eye right eye, but the other was slashing at him from behind. He rolled forward, spun when he stopped and launched a pair of Kunai at the two. The first Kunai pierced the jumping coyote's throat, but the second coyote dodge the one flying at it. It growled and charged at him blindly. Ryan rolled his eyes and slashed straight down with Wind Cutter, splitting the thing's head in two. He brought Wind Cutter up into a ready position but found no more coyotes charging him.

"Well that was fun. Hope you pansies out there enjoyed the show." He muttered as he started back towards the fork, healing the cut across his wrist with barely a thought. He froze when he heard gunshots coming over the head set. Instinct took over and he sprinted towards the fork instead.


'Nothing. Damn side tunnels.' Andy thought crossly as he came back out the path he hadn't taken earlier. Several coyotes went running past him and towards the exit. Before Andy had a chance to react a bolt of lightning went flying into them, arching from one to the next until all of them were dying. "Well there's something you don't see every day… oh, wait… I do see that a lot, don't I?"

"Yeah, I guess it is." Matt came out of the tunnel he'd taken. "And here comes the last of us."

"Why is it that the fastest of us was the last to finish?" Andy asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Yeah, I take my time. But right now--" He was interrupted as the sound of steel cutting through steel echoed through the cave. "We have to go help deal with that."

"Geez, such a pain in the ass." Matt complained as the three ran to the entrance to the cave.

"You have got to be shitting me…" Ryan muttered when the group found themselves starring at the backs off all the remaining fiends. "No wonder I didn't find anything else!"

"Well, this makes life a hell of a lot easier." A ring of lightning surrounded Matt and as a Chidori formed in his hand. "They're in a straight line for me and everything."

"Oh my god, it's the giant pansy group of doom!" Andy's comment drew the attention of some of the fiends. "Well, there you go Matt." The god of thunder rolled his eyes before meeting the coyotes' charge with a charge of his own. His Chidori ripped through the first three, which simply exploded into pyreflies, and then slammed into the back of the first iron giant. Stray bolts of lighting arched around the fiend before it exploded, allowing Matt to continue up through the line. He took down two more iron giants before his Chidori ended. Without a second's pause he pulled Lightning Edge off his back and started to swing it around violently, each attack cutting down at least one fiend, but more often three or four. In the tight corridor even fiends that would normally be too agile for Matt to hit couldn't avoid his deadly axe.

"Matt, down!" As soon as Matt ducked two blades of pure fire shot through the cave, fiend and rock alike. The attack that would have normally cut through anything in its path stopped midway through the crowded hallways, unable to cut through the rest of the fiends.

"Matt, incoming Wind Cutter!" Matt cursed as he rolled up against the right wall. A silver wave flashed through the tunnel next to him, splitting some of the monsters in half and missing others completely. The attack died much faster then it normally did, a fact that neither Matt nor Andy missed. Ignoring the weakness of the attack for the moment Matt stood back up and charged back into the fray, once again putting Lightning Edge to deadly use. Fiend limbs went flying every which way as Andy and Ryan joined in the mass melee. Cheers of joy sounded from the other side of the fiends, faint, except for Nick's voice, which was distinct among the cheers.

"Guess Auron's finally getting to have some fun." Andy commented lazily as they forced the fiends to cluster together for safety. "Well, perhaps it's time to… end their suffering?" he glanced over and found Ryan and Matt backing up to give him room, a fact that Andy couldn't help but laugh at. Fire started to engulf him as he turned back to face the fiends. He broke into a run, the flames on his body reaching out and igniting any fiend they could and completely burning through the ones directly in front of Andy. Matt and Ryan followed as closely as they could, finishing off those resistant enough to survive the initial attack.

"Dragon Fang!" Ryan, Matt, and Andy jumped off the ground and watched as lines of energy slammed into and killed all of the remaining fiends while completely clogging the tunnel with pyreflies.

"Damn, a little warning next time would be nice, Auron." Matt complained as the three walked out of the curtain of pyreflies that Auron had created. The former guardian smirked but said nothing as the CIA agents and Nick starred at them with a mix of admiration and open horror.

"Can we help you?" Matt's question snapped them out of their stupor. They started scrambling around the site and packing to leave while Matt donned his hat once more. The trip home was significantly more annoying then the trip to the cave was for Ryan, Matt, Andy, and Auron. The CIA agents not only wouldn't stop pestering them with questions like "How'd you do that thing after the thing hit you" but they also insisted that all four be examined by a doctor, refusing to believe that they'd come out unharmed. The worst part of the ride, however, was the fact that they hung on every word any of the four said, a fact that quickly drove Andy, Matt, and Ryan to using Al Bhed for the sake of having some privacy. One man, who claimed to fluently speak every language in the world, found the fact that he didn't understand them unendingly irritating to the point where he demanded to know what they were speaking.

"Al Bhed, fryd, ryjah'd raynt ed pavuna (Al Bhed, what, haven't heard it before)?" The man glared at Matt but the fact that he didn't have the slightest clue as to what was being said to him kept him silent until the end of the ride, at which point he cursed them out in several different languages. A glare from Auron silenced the comments quickly enough, and the man's panicked exit caused Matt, Ryan, and Andy to laugh despite it being 4 in the morning.

"Well where exactly are we going now? We don't have school, but Matt's house isn't the closest." Ryan sighed, knowing that Nick was right.

"But all of our stuff is at his house. Not that we really brought anything with us." A CIA agent ran over to them and handed Matt, Ryan, Andy, and Auron pieces of paper.

"Blade permits. This way if you get stopped on the way to your house for carrying your weapons you won't get in trouble. They aren't normal either, so no matter what there's no chance you can get in trouble unless you're caught using them in cold blooded murder."

"Well that blows. How are we supposed to have fun now?" The man's eyes widened in horror despite Andy's comment being sarcastic. "Well I'm going to my house to go to bed. It's a hell of a lot closer then your house is, Matt."

"Sleep is good." Matt admitted. "But I like my room. It's nice, quiet, dark. It was safe until today."

"Well I think I'm going to wander for a while." Ryan decided. "I'll probably stop by your house to pick up my things later."

"Then I have a gift for all of you." Auron pulled out three spheres and handed one to Andy, one to Matt, and one to Ryan. "I knew you would have to leave Spira, so I made these."

"Auron, I didn't know you cared." Ryan commented sarcastically.

"I just didn't want you to forget what you have to save." Auron walked away before any more comments could be made.

"Well, glad it's not for our jobs or anything." Matt said sarcastically before the group dispersed and head their own way.


Ryan found that he had almost made his way home, despite his intentions of wandering around for a while. The park by the pool, normally a bright and happy place, seemed to hold a sense of malice as he walked through it. A loud scream explained why.

'Always me.' Ryan thought as he put the sphere away and turned in every direction to find the origin of the scream. At first he had trouble seeing through the gloom and shadows, his eyes used to having the light given off by a playing sphere to illuminate at least some of the area. Another scream, this time followed by a couple of laughs, gave him the general direction of where he needed to go.

As he rounded the play set he found at least a dozen guys standing in a ring that was giving off quiet sobs. "Hey, boss. Some punk jus' walk'd ov'r. What 'ya want us ta do ta 'im?" Ryan raised an eyebrow at the horrible English.

"Da fuck kid, get lost 'fore we gots to ice ya." A man warned as he stepped out of the circle. He was tall, and looked like he could hold his own in a fight against pretty much anyone that he'd normally come across.

"Nice scratches, where'd you get'em?" The man raised his hand to his face and when he pulled it away there was a little blood on it.

"Damn whore! Da fuck you scratch me for!" He kicked whoever was in the middle of the ring and earned a cry of pain for his efforts.

Ryan's eyes narrowed. "I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, but I don't think you should be doing that." The group burst into laughter, which caused Ryan to smirk. "Leave now an I'll let you go without any trouble. Touch her again and I'll make sure we don't ever have any of your kids to deal with."

The laughing stopped and the group turned to face him, forgetting about the woman they'd encircled. "What was dat kid? You gonna ice all us?"

Ryan sighed. "Apparently you only understand 'dumb ass' and not English." One of the guys from the group, a giant Mexican guy that looked like he had muscles that would rival Auron's, stepped forward.

"You should leave, now. Maybe den da boss'll let you live."

"Maybe you guys should go take a fifth grade English class, but you aren't going to, are you?" Ryan shrugged and the big guy turned to face the boss.

"Stones, knives, ice'em and get it over with." The boss said casually.

Ryan sighed audibly as another man stepped forward and brandished a pair of knives. "You guys are really gonna try and kill me?" He chuckled at the thought as he reached for a Kunai. The big man threw a few punches as he pulled the dagger out. He spun around one particularly powerful looking blow and shoved the Kunai into something important in the man's arm. "Now I'm no anatomy expert, but is his arm supposed to be dangling limply?"

The entire gang turned and raised and eyebrow, clearly surprised that he was still alive. "Stone, knives, I said ice'em!" The boss cried.

"Why don't you all come at me at once?" The group laughed at Ryan for his suggestion. "Look, either way you're all going to get your asses kicked, this way I might need to use both my arms."

The gang leader spit on the ground and glared at Ryan for a second. "Wha in dis for you, ya damn pansy."

"Me?" Ryan asked in a mocking voice. "Well, I guess it comes with the job description."

"You some kind pig?" Knives asked from behind him.

Ryan glanced over his shoulder and gave Knives an insulted look before turning back to the boss. "How can I put this so that you can understand it?" He pretended to think for a few seconds. "Well, I'm the Wings of Death." The group looked at him like he was insane. "Call me a… fallen angel, if you will. I'm a guardian of those who can defend themselves, and somebody who isn't afraid to take out a few gangs to get the point across."

"You think you gonna take all us out alone?" The boss laughed when Ryan nodded. "Dis is great boys. We've got us a real funny boy here. Why don't you show dis bozo how we does business." Knives thrust out with his knives and found that Ryan wasn't where he appeared to be.

"Hey, up here!" Ryan's voice drew the entire gang's gaze up to his floating, winged form.

"Boss! Dat kid got wings!" One of the guys cried in horror.

"I'll give you one last chance to leave with all your fingers and hands. I suggest you take it." The gang's boss replied by reaching into his jacket for what Ryan could only assume was a gun. The angel reacted instantly, throwing stairs sailing down and into the man's hand as he pulled something out. The leader cried out in pain and dropped whatever he'd been holding to the ground where another member went for it.

"Hiten Mitsurugi Style Do Ryu Sen!" A wave of ground slammed into the main group of people, knocking most of them out and breaking the bones of a few that weren't as lucky. The gang scattered after the display, leaving those who were hurt to fend for themselves. "Hey, are you ok?" Ryan asked the girl who'd been in the middle of the ring. She nodded numbly, desperately trying to hold her ruined shirt together and keep some measure of dignity. Ryan pulled off his button up shirt and handed to her before turning to the stunned gang leader. "Look, I dunno if you work for anyone or not, but I'm gonna give you a message. I want you to pass it along to all of the gangs in a ten-mile radius, and I mean all of them. If I hear about any gangs causing problems, the Wings of Death will put an end to them, got it?" The leader nodded quickly and left. "Oh, could you do me a favor?" The woman who he'd saved. "Could you… maybe, not tell anyone what I look like?" She starred at him like he was crazy. "It's just, me and my friends have drawn a lot of attention to ourselves lately, and we don't really need anymore. If the cops or anyone asks you who saved you, just tell them it was the Wings of Death, but don't tell them what I look like, ok?" she smiled and nodded, both actions were dulled by shock and surprise though. "Thank you. Take care!" As he ran off in a random direction he wondered if letting the gang live was going to come back to haunt him.


"So you broke up the gang, called yourself the Wings of Death, and then just ran off?" Matt rolled his eyes at Ryan.

"Well I wasn't just gonna leave her there to get raped." He shrugged innocently. "Besides, if anything they'll go after me and not her. And they sure as hell aren't a threat."

"Attention, attention!" Matt replied mockingly. "Oh well, it's not like we can do anything about it now. Besides, if they come after you then maybe I'll get lucky. I've been looking for someone to shock." A ring of electricity surrounded his hand with the last statement, illuminating the surrounding gloom. The trees that were a pale imitation of a real forest did manage to keep the light out as well as a real forest. Beyond that however there was almost nothing that could remind them of a forest.

"Well what are we gonna do now?" Matt held up a sphere. "What, Auron gave you another sphere?"

"Yeah, a blank one. Said it had just enough space to hold 3 years worth of shit on it." Matt smiled. "Maybe everyone back on Spira would like to see just how pitiful people here are?"

Ryan smiled slightly before asking, "What do you have in mind."

"Well you wanted to settle the score with Billy anyway, right?" He turned on the camera and positioned it so that it was recording him, "Hey everyone. It's May 22nd here, the 22nd day of the fifth month of our calendar. We got this from a… friend who wish to remain unknown for the time, but it's got a lot of empty space on it. Some of you may remember when I tried to tell you something about Ryan and Billy, and it kind of died off? Well, that's because Billy had sex with Ryan's girlfriend, while Ryan was going out with her. That's why it was such a sore subject back then. Well, let's go see if they can't settle their… differences after so long." He switched off the camera and gave Ryan, who was shaking his head helplessly, a smug smile. "No backing out of it now."

"I hate you, you do know that, right?" Matt laughed as the two stood up. "That reminds me. Do you know where Billy's fencing school is?"

"No, but since when has that ever stopped us before."

"Good point." Ryan admitted as the two walked out of the woods and found themselves face to face with Andy. "Yo."

"So, gonna beat down Billy for the last time are we?" Andy was already putting on his brass knuckles.

"Yep. And with my luck, it'll probably cause the entire school to freak out on me."

"Would it really be such a bad thing if that happened though?" Matt's question brought a smile to all their faces.

"Well, I suppose we'll find out when we get there. But first, to my house." Andy and Matt looked at Ryan, with confusion clearly evident on their faces. "Well I can't exactly have a sword fight with him if I don't have a sword, now can I? Otherwise it'd just be a plain old ass kicking."


Three hours of walking, twenty wrong turns, and thirty-five strangers asked for directions later found Ryan, Matt, and Andy walking into Billy's fencing school at two. The three glanced around but amidst the hundred some odd fencing students, completely suited up in the white suits and face hiding helmets, find one person was nearly impossible.

"Can we help you boys?" A tall man asked, noting how out of place the group looked carrying an oddly wrapped package and dressed in black. "Perhaps you're here to join?"

"I dunno. I've had sword lesson of a sort before, if you could actually call them that." The big man raised an eyebrow as Ryan continued, "What I was actually hoping to do was have a match against someone."

"We don't allow matches with other schools." The man said with a shrug. "Sorry, but I can't help you there."

"What if I told you this: I wanna have a match to see if it's worth joining."

"Oh, so you want a demonstration?" Ryan nodded. "Well, we have several demonstrations a month, and several of our members have gone on to the Olympics."

"Yeah, yeah. Big deal, one or two people doesn't show how good the school is." The man's face turned red with anger.

"Well then what are you looking for to prove that our school is worth joining?" The man's voice was raised just enough that some of the students stopped and took of their helmets.

Matt tapped on Ryan's shoulder and pointed towards his right. Ryan glanced over and saw a familiar, cocky face that caused him to smile coldly and Matt pulled out the sphere Auron had given them. "Him." He simply pointed to Billy whose eyes widened in surprise.

The man looked from Ryan to Billy and back to Ryan. "Him? What the heck does that mean?"

"Are you serious?" Matt rolled his eyes. "He wants to fight him. You know, see just how good he really is? He's been here for… well, long enough to get cocky about his skills."

The school around them burst into laughter. "Billy'd tear you to pieces. He's one of our top students. To fight you would be--"

"Okay." Billy suddenly interrupting the instructor caused all laughter to die, replaced by surprised mutters. "I've got a score to settle with him anyway. After all, he's the one who put me in a coma." The room gasped in surprise.

Ryan smiled. "Well at least it didn't affect your memory. That makes my job a lot easier."

"And that is?" A teen with brown hair asked from behind Billy. She stepped out defiantly and Ryan rolled his eyes.

"Hey, you're still with Billy. I'm impressed, that makes almost six months." Ryan said icily.

"Well, Billy's worth it. You weren't." the brown haired girl said with hatred evident in her voice.

Ryan turned to face the sphere. "Well Rikku, here she is. This is the whore that came before you." He looked back at the girl. "Well, between you and Jess, I'd say that I made a hell of an improvement."

"Excuse me?" Jess screeched as she shoved her way through school. She reached him, planted her hands on her hips and glared up at him daringly. "Care to say that again?"

"Oh, so you're not just disloyal, you're deaf too?" Ryan sighed sarcastically. "I said: I'd say that I made a hell of an improvement."

Jess rolled her eyes. "You're just jealous that I'm with Billy instead of you."

"Please, why would he be jealous that a bitch like you isn't with him when he has Rikku?" Jess whirled around to face Matt who smiled smugly. Her foot shot out towards his head surprisingly fast, but Matt simply caught it with his free hand and began to apply a little pressure.

"Hey, bitch would be a compliment." Ryan pointed out as Matt let go of Jess' leg.

"Who do you figure that?"

"Well, dogs are supposed to be loyal. But you most certainly aren't. Therefore calling you a dog would imply that you're loyal, but you aren't." Jess sneered at Ryan who just smiled back innocently. "Hearing the truth--" Jess jumped up and tried to kick him in the head but Ryan brought his wooden sword up to intercept. The students of the school, who had now formed a ring, backed away as Billy burst through, practice sword in hand. "Well, isn't this a compliment. Both of you at once? I'm honored."

He bowed mockingly but jumped backwards to avoid a low kick and a high sword cut. "You always were a piece of shit Ryan, you know that?" Jess asked hotly. She charged in and threw two quick punches at Ryan's head. The angel smirked and simply moved his head to avoid both before assuming the same stance that Auron always used.

"Damn copy cat! Stealing Auron's stance, who do you think you are?" Andy asked jokingly.

"Well he… 'taught' me how to use a sword. Mostly. Sort of." Ryan sighed. "Okay, so he just beat the shit outta me until I got as good as I am right now. Then again, three months of that'll make anyone good."

"What the hell are you talking about? You haven't even been awake for three months. You haven't even been awake for three weeks!" Billy stated.

Ryan's eyes went from carefree to icy so quickly everyone, except for Andy and Matt, who could see them shivered. "Ok then Billy. Then why don't you call off your attack woman and face me one-on-one?"

"Ok, fine." Jess glanced at him out of the corner of her eyes but made no effort to move. "Jess, move. I'll handle this."


"Matt, move her." Matt handed Andy the sphere and started towards Jess. She did a spinning jump kick at his head but once again found her foot trapped in his hand. She clenched her teeth in pain as he tightened his grip to the point where tears of pain started to form in her eyes.

"That's it? I'm surprised, didn't think it'd be that hard." Jess spat a curse at him and then jumped off her remaining foot and kicked him in the head. Matt raised his arm, picking her completely up off the floor. "That's not a hit. This is a hit." Billy turned in time to see Jess go flying into the crowd who caught the girl and placed her on the ground. "Man, is that all? I didn't think it'd knock the wind out of her… maybe I went a little overboard."

"Bastard." Billy started to charge Matt but stopped when a wooden sword rested in front of his neck.

"Lesson number one: Never turn your back on the enemy, dumb ass." Ryan went back to Auron's stance and waited for Billy to charge.

"You're the challenger." Billy said impatiently, knowing he'd never get to Jess with Matt and Ryan in the way.

"Heh, good point." Ryan admitted. "Well then, I guess I'll lead." He came at Billy at the highest speed a normal swordsman would've been able to achieve. He slashed at Billy once, a slow horizontal slash aimed at the chest. Billy knocked it to the side and countered with a thrust at Ryan's head. "Hiten Mitsurugi Style Ryu Kan Sen!" Ryan spun around the blade and slammed this own sword into Billy's back. The force behind the blow, combined with Ryan's own strength, sent Billy flying into the wall of students. "Second lesson, bitch: Watch out for your opponents counter attack."

"Shut up!" Billy brought himself up into a defensive stance and Ryan shook his head in despair. "Well, come on."

"Please don't bore me." Billy sneered but said nothing. "If you're gonna bore me then I'll end it now." This time Ryan's statement was accompanied by gasps of surprise since Ryan had just appeared behind Billy. On top of all that, his after image had them believing that he was in two places at the same time. "So, your move."

Billy spun around slashed out at Ryan's chest. Ryan spun around and blocked the attack with his sword. Without stopping he grabbed Billy's arm and started to prepare for another Ryu Kan Sen but kicked out instead, catching Billy in the face and sent him spinning to the ground. "Lesson three: Just 'cause I raise my sword doesn't mean I'm gonna use it." Billy pushed off the ground with a feral sounding snarl and started to slash and thrusting wildly. Ryan simply locked eyes with him, barely having to look to know where the attacks were coming from. He sidestepped and rolled and ducked and weaved lazily, a fact that further enraged Billy and made him even easier to read. "Lesson four: Don't tell your opponent where you're going to attack!" Ryan ducked under a slash and slammed the butt of his sword into Billy's stomach. The fencer dropped his sword as he toppled to the ground and clutched his stomach, desperately trying to force air back into his lungs.

"Hey Ryan! You remember what you were telling me about before we left to come here?" Ryan looked over and nodded. "Well I think they came back for some pay back."

"Knew I should have hit them harder…" Ryan muttered, turning his back on Billy and turned to face Matt completely. "Why do you say they came back for more?" The wall next to the window Matt had been looking at exploded. When the dust settled a guy was lying there, bleeding slightly, limp, and unconscious.

"They said they had a grudge to settle with you." Auron said as he stepped over the limp body and into the fencing school. "And I haven't finished teaching you how to use a sword properly yet."

"Geez Auron, you nearly killed him." Ryan muttered as he examined the man who'd gone through the wall.

"He tried to kill me. I defended myself. Was I supposed to let him kill me?"

"No, but you aren't supposed to kill him either." The angel knelt down and his hand flashed for a second. "Well, he won't die now, but he ain't waking up any time soon. Now, what do we do about these guys?"

"Well, we can't kill them, but we can beat the shit outta them. I mean you've already had a warm up, Andy will never need one again, and I'll be fine. Auron's just Auron, we really don't have to worry about him."

Ryan smiled at Matt's logic. "All true, but I meant the fact that there's only thirty of them. Thirty doesn't divide by four."

"Divides fine by one." Andy's voice sounded different then normal as he put on a pair of white gloves with red markings on them.

"Andy, what the hell are you thinking? We aren't trying to kill them!" Matt grabbed his friend's right hand, but couldn't reach the left one in time. Four fireballs raced towards the hole in the wall. Ryan jumped in front of the hole and slashed out with his wooden sword. The air rippled as two of the fireballs slammed into his shield and disappeared while the other two went flying past him and through the hole.

"Hiten Mitsurugi Style Ryu Tsui Sen!" Ryan slammed his wooden sword down on Andy who simply laughed at him.

"It's going to take a whole lot more then that!" Andy snapped his fingers again and sent the new set of fireballs into Ryan's stomach. The angel went flying across the room engulfed in flames that disappeared when he slammed into the wall.

Matt slammed his elbow into Andy as hard as he could. The god of fire flew into a wall and got back up slowly. "Andy, what the hell are you doing?"

Andy let out a best-like cry and held his head like he didn't want to hear something while muttering to himself in Al Bhed. "What the hell…?" Ryan muttered as he came back around and pulled his ruined shirt off. People around the room gasped at the multiple revealed scars and fresh burns that had already healed, and the fact that he'd survived the attack. "We don't have time for this. Auron, knock him out."

"What?" Matt almost chocked when Ryan gave the cold-hearted order.

"We can't fight Andy and all these dumb-asses at the same time and you know it."

Andy reached out and gripped Auron's leg. "Do… it! Do it… now!" Without any other options Auron slammed down with his fist. Andy slumped to the ground with a relieved look on his face and Matt just shook his head.

"Matt." Auron tossed a familiar wooden axe to the teenage-god before revealing a wooden sword that was twice as thick as the one Ryan used.

"You just cannot be unarmed, can you?" Matt asked as the first of the gangsters charged Ryan. The teen jumped back with a slight grin on his face and led the dagger-wielding thug deeper into the room. "Well, I guess we each get ten. Not much, but it'll do for a little bit of fun. I think." A scream from the first guy into the room, and the sound of a bone snapping drew Matt's attention back to the gang. "Or nine." Another cry and snap of bone followed the comment. "Or eight."

"Perhaps we should join, or we will get none." Matt lifted the wooden battle-axe and charged into the fight where Ryan had dropped two more gang members and was battling three on the debris that Auron had made on his entrance.

One dropped when Ryan simply hit him upside the head, but he had to do a flip over another to keep from being run through by a dagger. When he landed the rock he was on flipped and knocked him to the ground. Matt reached out and a bolt of lightning sprang from his fingers and slammed into the unarmed thug. 'Shit, I missed one.'

Ryan's free hand flew up in front of his face on instinct. He muffled a cry of pain as a dagger dug into it. He tried to pull his hand to the side on instinct but the act not only pulled his hand but he also ripped the dagger to the side. With a cry of pain and anger he swung at the man's head and was rewarded with a satisfying thud for his efforts. He felt the dagger come out of his hand and realized when he opened his eyes that Billy was desperately trying to staunch the bleeding.

"Thanks." Ryan gasped as he stood up, ignoring the fact that his hand was gushing blood. "Now watch and learn Billy. You're about to find out why you weren't able to hurt me earlier." Ryan disappeared from view and two of the remaining gang members went flying into the air.

"Holy shit! Ryan!" Jess gasped in surprise when he appeared above them.

"Hiten Mitsurugi Style Ryu Tsui Sen!" The strike shattered the sword on the higher man's shoulder. As he slammed into the ground shot back up like a spring, this time without a weapon.

"That Sasuke wanna-be." Matt muttered when Ryan slowed his ascent so he was right behind the man that was still rising. Ryan wrapped the guy in a bear hug and flipped them so they were upside down. "Or it could be Rock Lee."

"Primary Lotus!" The two began to spin until small parts of rock started to blow away from the spot they were going to land on.

"Careful Ryan…"

"What is he doing now?" Matt sighed and turned to face the old sword master.

"Primary Lotus. It's a powerful, deadly martial arts technique where the user slams the victim into the ground. Using it for the first time though, I wouldn't be surprised if he slammed himself into the ground too. And at speeds like that… can you say road kill?" Ryan and the thug hit the ground like a bomb. Dust and rock flew in every direction, but when it settled Matt just shook his head. "Yddahdeuh, yddahdeuh (Attention, attention)!" Matt said mockingly as Ryan stood up shakily, blood flowing freely from more then a few cuts and scraps.

"I think I chipped a tooth." Ryan muttered as he staggered out of the rubble. A group of the thugs decided to end his walk and stepped in the way, effectively surrounding him. "Come on, I got my ten. Now you've got those two ta deal with." Ryan said while continuing to rub his jaw.

"Go ta hell!" One of the men yelled before a bolt of lightning slammed into his back.

"That's two Matt." Ryan yelled as he walked out of the ring of stunned people. "Well, have fun you two. I'm takin' a break."

"Overdid it didn't you?" Matt asked teasingly.

Ryan shrugged. "You know me, I almost always do." Matt nodded and left Ryan to the swarm of people who suddenly wanted to be his 'friends' or wanted to treat his cuts and bruises.

"Well then, shall we, Auron?"

"Gladly." Auron free his left hand from his jacket and charged into the group, swatting men aside without concern or fear. The gang scattered under his powerful strokes, but even more were sent in a pain filled slumber. "Ten." The man said when only three of the gangsters were still present.

"Who the hell taught you to count?"

"The priests at a Yevon temple." Auron replied instantly.

"That would explain it. Damn Yevonites." Matt muttered as he stepped towards the group that was left, but also throwing Auron the wooden axe he'd been given. "Well then, lets finish this." Three cars pulled up and a bunch of men in suits stepped out. "Bull shit! I didn't get to do anything!"

"Sorry sir, but we've got another job for you." One of the men said as he opened a car door for Matt and Auron. "Where are Andy, Ryan, and Nick?"

"Well Andy went nuts, so I don't think he's going to be any help on this one, best to leave him out of it. Ryan's in the car, and Nick's at his house."

"Alright, do you have your weapons with you?"

"No, we don't." Ryan stated.

"Ok then. We'll fill you in along the way."

"What about all that?" Matt asked, motioning to the busted wall of the fencing school and the battered gang.

"We're already writing out checks." The man said with a slight grin. "But don't worry about that sir, you're needed in California."

well people, there we go. what happened to andy? and why is auron on earth? well, i guess you'll just have to wait and find out in Return of the Gods! i'll try and update again as soon as i can, but i'll be in texas from tomorrow till monday. so until i do update again, take care, don't do nothin stupid without me, and review for pity's sake!