Warning: Book seven spoilers.

This is the first time I've ever received a comment like this, and I'd like to make some things perfectly clear for my readers.

To bestsingereva (insert sarcastic voice here--I'm sure you are), who commented on my story Such Bitter-Sweet Bliss:

Hahahahahayha! You don't know anything about HP because you haven't read the 7th! RON AND HERMIONE GET MARRIED! DUH!! HAHA ON YOU! Hermione doesn't like Harry...she likes Ron! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! All of you who think Harry and Hermione should be together--YOU'RE WRONG!

Simply put, you are an idiot. First off, please refer to the date on which the first chapter was posted. I wrote that story before book six was even released, so of course I hadn't read book seven at the time.

Second, to assume I know nothing of Harry Potter because I choose to follow a non-canonical pair is absurd. My following of the Harry/Hermione ship has nothing to do with ignorance. I have read book seven, and quite frankly, I don't care that Hermione and Ron get together in the end. I read and write Harry/Hermione stories because I enjoy them, not because they get together in cannon. It has nothing to do with what I think should happen. I just like them together. Period. End of story.

Third, it is impossible for one to be wrong when expressing an opinion. Whether someone thinks Harry and Hermione should be together or not is an opinion, not a fact; therefore, it is impossible to be right or wrong.

Lastly, for your own good, please pull your head out of your ass before it rots. If you don't like Harry/Hermione stories, then why are you reading them? It's not as if I didn't give fair warning in the beginning that you could have mistaken it for anything else. Are you truly so insecure that you feel the need to search for Harry/Hermione stories just so you can comment so hostilely and disrespectfully, to ruin part of book seven for those who haven't read it? Does it make you feel superior? If anything, you've only made a fool of yourself.

This is the first and only time I shall address a comment like this. Any other comments following this fashion (not including constructive criticism) will be deleted and ignored.