This is a made up story

This is a made up story, im making nothing from it except some good times.

basicly i'm saying this is georges creation. a wonderful one at that.

and also, partly timothy zahns creation (this storyline at least)

so neither of them need to get pissy about this sotry. i'm merly writing it cuase their storys are the greatest to ever be told.

This is a Prequel to the Timothy Zahn's book "Heir to The Empire"

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This Story Takes Place 2 Years Before: Heir To The Empire


The massive hull of the Star Destroyer Chimaera eclipsed the yellow dwarf star lying directly ahead. The planet Rnok floated motionless to the starboard about three hundred thousand kilometers away.

Captain Pellaeon stood on the bridge of his ship, awaiting the confirmation from the launch control. Suddenly, as if surprised by it, Pellaeon heard a the sound of a communication request; it's origin, the launch control room.

"This is the captain" Pellaeon said into his COM link.

"Sir the landing craft are ready to go and the TIE escorts have taken position. Shall we begin landing operations?" the voice came over the COM link.

Pellaeon stood there for a second, as if reconsidering his orders, but with a confidence of a general he gave the affirmative, and turned to his display screen. The green lights flashed a launch order, and then 3 little red dots moved away from the large green one in the center. Their heading, the planet Rnok. 2 squadrons of tie fighters took a flanking position behind the landing craft. Pellaeon then turned to the deck officer.

"Lieutenant, what is the ETA for the landing craft?" asked the Captain.

Lieutenant Zimmer read the displays in front of him and responded " Estimated time is 4 minutes sir"

"Good, have the pilots get to their ships, I want 4 more TIE squadrons ready to launch." Pellaeon ordered.

"Yes sir!" Zimmer shouted.

Pellaeon turned back to the display monitor then looked up out the view port at the distant group of ships, as they got smaller by the second. He knew that this was not only an easy attack, but one not even needing fighter escorts, or any on stand by, but he felt something, a hunch, and although he never usually listened to them, he did this time. Maybe he wanted to give it a try, or maybe he just had to, to settle his mind.

Four minutes later the attack begun, and as he watched with confidence, he knew he was wasting his time. There was nothing on the planet except for a few disbursed colonies. The one they were attacking, a small spaceport, and a few cargo ships. But he knew this would be good practice for his troops. It had been a long while since they ran into anything worthy of attacking, and this, although just as unworthy, was an exception. Pellaeon grew bored of hiding; he needed a fight worthy of his experience.

And suddenly, without warning, a blue streak light up the bridge as a ship came shooting out of hyperspace almost directly on top of them. Pellaeon jumped back, red lights filling every display on the bridge. He looked down at his display, 4 large red circles formed a triangular pattern to the left of the Chimaera, the ships were nebulon-b frigates.

He shouted, " Are those republic vessels?"

"Sir…I...I don't know!" Zimmer responded, obviously scared out of his wits.

It had been too long since this has happened to his crew, an enemy fleet jumping out of hyperspace mid operation on a planet. Pellaeon knew his crew was un-ready for such a challenge, but nonetheless, these new ships were indeed a threat. Maybe not their firepower, but the unpracticed crew he was commanding.

"WELL FIND OUT! NOW!" Pellaeon shouted back, a slight sense of fear is his voice. But he knew better than to show fear in front of his men.

"Yes sir, they are republic!" an unfamiliar voice came from the rear of the bridge. A young private by the name of Collins was standing in the command pit in front of his station. Pellaeon walked over to him "are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes sir, positive. I recognize their thruster frequency..."Collins said back.

"Lieutenant Zimmer, launch all fighters, attack pattern theta 8! Bring the ship around at point 2 zero. Open fire on the lead ship!"

Orders started emerging from the officers to their crew stations. The Ship itself now started moving towards the enemy fleet. Pellaeon walked over to the communications station.

"Order our attack fleet to head back, tell them not to cross the enemy's position, rather go around, the fighter escorts are to joint in the attack however." Pellaeon ordered, followed by an affirmative from the communications officer.

Pellaeon walked back to the view ports as turbo lasers began lighting up the bridge. Red shots being fired from the enemy ships and green in return from the Chimaera. A classic duel between two great forces. A Star Destroyer was indeed the stronger in this battle, but Pellaeon knew they probably had experienced crewmembers at the helm.

Not more than 2 minutes into the duel, the first frigate began to decrease speed, and its fire disappeared. Hull breach's began bursting along its port side. The ship then imploded as it decompressed. Pellaeon squinted, as he knew the ship was moments from reaching a fiery death. When the power station aboard the Frigate joined in the decompression, the overload began. Only seconds later followed by a massive explosion sending debris in every direction. The shields deflected the pieces that hit the Chimaera. However the other frigates were more vulnerable to the explosion as their deflector shields were already weakened in the attack. The closest frigate lost power as a giant piece of debris hit its main sub light engine causing a power serge to blowout the power generator. Pellaeon grew more confident as now there were only 2 frigates still attacking.

Nebulon-b frigates are escort ships; they have no room to hold fighters. Back during the time of the rebellion however their cargo holds were converted into hangars. These frigates were not converted however. These were mainly cargo escorting vessels. Their primary usage is against fighters. And they were doing a poor job at that. TIE fighters flew in oval shape patterns around the remaining frigates, ignoring the disabled one. Flying in attacking then flying out to return to attack position. So far not even one TIE Fighter had been taken out. The remaining frigates were losing shield strength now, and they knew it. The closest one started moving in front of the other one. Pellaeon recognized this move; they were preparing to ram the Chimaera. Although it wouldn't destroy it, it would greatly damage it.

Pellaeon called to the deck officer "Begin moving backwards away from the frigates, maximum speed."

"Yes sir." Zimmer responded.

Even if they were heading forward the Chimaera was no match in a race. Nebulon-b frigates are much faster, even damaged ones. But Pellaeon knew what he was doing.

Pellaeon opened a secure link to the squad leader of the TIE group.

"Private, I want your squadron to come in behind the first frigate, and attack the main sub light engine, and only the sub light engine. I want all the fighters to begin firing at the same time, I want there to be no warning for them, is that understood?" Pellaeon ordered.

"Completely, sir." The pilot said back.

This was going to be quite the show. The frigates were doing a familiar maneuver, one ship gets in front of the other and they both begin moving together. The one in front would block any fire for the rear ship, so that the rear ship can divert all power to the main engines. Then when in position, the lead ship would turn out away from the approach path and the rear ship would give full power the engines and ram right into the Target. Even at zero shields it would take a few minutes to destroy a frigate with TIE fighters, especially the small number actually out there. Pellaeon had done this only one time before, its not often a fleet will give in to ramming, most just jump into hyperspace. But these frigates were being commanded by much braver, and much stupider captains.

The TIE fighters came in around the rear of the two frigates at an increased speed, and opened fire on the lead ship, completely destroying the sub light engine and bringing the frigate to an almost full stop. The second frigate came crashing in from behind, completely destroying both ships in a spectacular explosion. The TIE fighters streamed out in all directions to get away from the blast. However one of the TIE fighters was too close to the explosion and was caught in the blast. There was a great sense of joy on the bridge as everyone felt relieved. The first battle in months, and they won by making them destroy them selves. It was truly a memorable experience for everyone.

"I want a complete damage report from all sections, and I want those fighters in immediately. Dispatch 2 shuttles with boarding parties to the remaining frigate. And I want the survivors alive." Pellaeon Ordered.

"Yes Captain, and a wonderful display of your leadership sir." Zimmer responded.

Pellaeon turned back to the view port as 2 rows of TIE fighters started heading for the ship. The remaining frigate just sat there motionless. The crew probably expected a swift destruction. But they wouldn't get it, they instead would be interrogated. This was indeed a good day for the crew of the Chimaera. Sufficient practice, and a glorious victory.