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Rating: 15 to be safe

Spoilers: The whole BTVS universe and season 1 One Tree Hill 13.

AN: I've had this in my head for days and it's driving me nuts, I have to get it out! For this to work you need to suspend reality and also ignore the fact that Dan bought Keith's garage on One Tree Hill. This is AU so no yelling.

Summary: After 9 years of saving the world Xander finds out home has not always been the Hellmouth.

Chapter 1

The year had been 1995, he had been 14 and he was offered the world, or at least the chance to save it so he took it.

Xander Harris sang along loudly to the bad county music on the only radio station he could find and tried to let the hideous lyrics wash the memories from his thoughts. It wasn't working. Like a film no one would turn off the moment his life changed played over and over in his mind.

He had been 14 and the youngest brother of three, the much younger brother of three. Life had been spent in the shadow of his basketball playing, trophy wife, perfect life big brother. Home had been a place he slept and tried to avoid the inevitable 'why aren't you better at playing basketball' talk and the feeling that maybe he had been a mistake.

And then it all got to be too much and he'd run from the house after a fight with his parents, he ran as far as he could possibly run and he had met a man who told him about fate.

" You have a destiny Xander, a great path for you to take. You are the world's White Knight and the world needs you."

Xander was meant to save the world, it was what he was made to do.

At the time home had been impossible, school sucked and the little moments in his life when he was really happy were too far between, it made sense that he was meant for greater things, or at least to an ignored youngest child it did.

Whistler had set him on the right path, had magicked him into another family and provided him with life long friends and funny memories and erased the memories of Xander's true past and in return Xander had helped save the world...a lot.

And then it was all over, the world had more Slayers then hellmouths and apocalypses.

Anya was dead, Buffy in Europe, Willow in South America, Giles in England, Dawn in Cleveland and Xander began to feel an ache in his heart, a strange feeling that he was missing something.

Growing up with the Scoobies and even on the Hellmouth Xander had been happy, he never would have changed his life. But sometimes in the night when he patrolled and heard the noise of kids playing basketball on well lit courts he'd get a strange feeling in his gut, a longing to be somewhere he didn't know where to be.

Walking into the kitchen one morning a funny man in a funnier hat had told him to sit and to listen. Whistler explained the choice that Xander made,

" It's what you wanted, you wanted to make a difference, to follow your destiny, to be somebody but now I think you're ready for the truth. You deserve it."

The memories of his first home, his parents, his brothers had washed over him like a Tsunami the bad sometimes outweighing the good moments, but regardless Xander knew what he had to do.

Xander Scott had to go home to One Tree Hill.