Preface: I never really wanted to make a Arnold and Helga fanfic ever since I joined this community because I think there's just too many of them. Don't get me wrong, some of them are great, but there's also the ones that's just plain bad. However, I leave this one for you to judge. I got inspired when I read one of Craig's chat logs with the fans, saying that he had this idea of Helga running away to find Arnold. This fanfic is set in their teens period, so expect a lot of drama in it. And I try to level down the angst as much as possible, because I am easily amused with teen angst. Don't ask why.

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Chapter 1: Waiting

"Welcome to United Airways. Can I help you miss?" a perky, happy, cheerful airline clerk behind the counter asked a blonde female teenager, whose mood was a complete opposite of the clerk's as of right now: uncertain, weary and feeling just plain miserable.

"Do you have a direct one way ticket to San Lorenzo?" the girl asked in a weak, sorrowful tone.

"San Lorenzo?" she asked back, "I'm sorry but our flights don't go there, but I can get you as far as San Jose." She replied with a merry voice. "There, you can get a direct flight to San Lorenzo. I can book it for you if you want."

"That'll do a lot, thanks. Student price, please."

The clerk shot back a soft smile and said to her, "Can I have your passport and your identifications, please?" The girl then gave her passport and her student card to the clerk and waited for further instructions from her.

"Helga Geraldine Pataki…" she muttered softly under her breath, as she inputted her name into the computer. As the clerk occupied herself with her job, Helga took the opportunity to look around and admire the newly upgraded airport. It was huge, clean and surprisingly, not very busy as she had imagined since this was after all an international airport. People were only few and between and shops and restaurants were attended by only a few patrons. She also thought again whether this plan of hers was the right thing to do. It was so abrupt, so sudden that she wanted to kick herself why she even thought of doing it. It was very spontaneous and unplanned that she thought it'd be a miracle if she ever managed to pull it off. Then she thought of her beloved Arnold, was all these worth it just to see him again?

"Miss… oh, miss… hey kid." the clerk called her, and finally Helga responded, "Sorry, I was too preoccupied with my thoughts…" she explained to her.

But the clerk didn't care much about her explanation, and said to her, "Here's your ticket and your boarding pass, and I have reserved a seat for you for the interchanging flight to San Lorenzo upon your arrival in Costa Rica." She said with a joyful smile.

"Thanks." Helga replied dryly as she took the tickets from her.

"Do you have any baggage to put into the cargo compartment?"

"Nah, I'll just bring my backpack into the cabin."

"Okay, you're all settled then. Boarding is scheduled to be a half an hour from now. Just go down to the escalator over there to the gates. Have a pleasant flight!" she pointed out, and smiled again at Helga. "NEXT!"

Helga then walked away from the counter to the escalator, gazing at the tickets in one of her hand and holding her laptop bag in the other, while carrying her luggage at her back. Her small backpack that she brought to school everyday was stuffed with her clothes and some hygiene products that she had brought along from home. They made the backpack look fat and she was sort of uncomfortable with it. Glancing at the tickets, she had a small sensation of regret of buying them. She couldn't bail out now, the tickets had been paid for and it'd be a waste if she just walked away from the airport. Her journey must go on. San Lorenzo, a country which was totally alien to her, will be accepting her as a guest in a matter of hours. After she descended from the escalator, the passport booths awaited her. She then took one with the shortest line and waited for her turn.

"Next." The passport guy called, and quickly Helga went over to the booth and showed him her passport.

"Good evening." The checker greeted politely as he took her passport away and checked it. He flipped a couple of pages over and inputted something on the computer. "San Lorenzo, huh?" he opened a small conversation. "I heard it's nice this time of year." Helga could only smile weakly back. After a tense, nervous wait, which she questioned herself why should she be nervous about it, the checker gave her the passport back and said, "Have a pleasant flight," as he shot a soft smile at her. "Next."

"He didn't ask why I'm going there or anything." She wondered, as she put her passport back into the pouch of her bag. After passing airport security, she then went onwards to the waiting lounge. The international transit lounge was certainly livelier than the check-in mezzanine, she had thought. Shops were open, people were sitting around in the lobby, kids playing with the trolley, and restaurants were busy with patrons. She suddenly felt hungry. She wanted to go to Burger Emperor and have some quick munchies, but on second thought, she'd rather save the money she had. And most of the money she was holding right now wasn't hers, she stole them from Olga.

A faint remorse suddenly enveloped her as she looked at the 327 dollars worth of cash that she stole in her purse. She probably shouldn't steal them from Olga's secret stash that she had kept for years for an emergency if one should happen. But then she thought, why bother thinking about it now, she already got her money. It'd be the best for her to spend less to ease her guilt a bit. But she promised herself that she'll return whatever's left at the end of her trip and repay her back. Feeling that window shopping around will tempt her to buy something, she decided to just go to her gate and waited to get on board her flight.

Located at the East Wing of the airport, she was the first one to be there. She put her bag on an empty seat and sat next to it. She let out a heavy sigh, lowered her head down, looking at the carpet covered floor. In her mind, she wondered that… whether this whole running away from home thing was a good idea in the first place. She even hit the lowest of low by stealing her sister's money to cover her travel expanses. The reason why she ran away because her family was a total wreck and her friends didn't do their best to help her out. She wanted run away from them as far as possible, to run away from her problems. She wanted to seek help. She wanted someone who could really comfort her in her time of needs.

Someone who would understand her.

Someone who would soothe her miserable heart and heal her ailing soul.

Someone who she had known for years and has yet to let her down.

Someone who she loves so dearly.



The Patakis' house…

Olga just got home from a brainstorming session with her fellow actors for a play. It was about 9:30 PM, but to her surprise, the house was dark and nobody was home. This was strange since Bob would sit in front of the television for hours until after midnight. She then switched the light on and to her shock, she saw a vase was broken into pieces and its contents poured out from it. It looked like somebody had thrown the vase out from the living room and hit the wall outside it. This worried Olga a lot. Slowly she crept upstairs and checked each of and every room. Helga wasn't in her room, Mommy and Daddy weren't in theirs, and nobody was in the bathrooms and closets. She then went into her room to check it out.

Not surprisingly, no one was there. She scanned around to see whether anything was missing. She then went over to her table to check. She saw a paper placed in the middle of table with 'To Olga Pataki' written on it. It read:

Dearest sister,

This is the hardest decision that I've ever done, but I assure you that I am fine. As of right now, you're the only one that I can open my heart to. I can no longer bear this wreckage of a family, and this nightmare of a house. My friends ignore me, and I have had it. I've decided to escape from all of them by leaving this place as far as possible. By the time you read this, I'm probably on a plane right now, contemplating on my next journey. But I promise this, I will come back eventually, but I don't know when. Wish me luck.


Olga was utterly horrified. She didn't know what to do. Her parents were nowhere to be found and she didn't know where to start.

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