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It wasn't raining when it was over and the moon didn't shine. There was just the blackness of night, and the silence of death.

And no one mourned.

His body was wheeled away slowly, the blood seeping through the white cotton sheet a testament to the end. The end of a long battle. The end of the evening. The end of a life, no matter how much everyone wanted to see him go. The paramedics kept their heads up, unwilling to look at the body they carried away. A few stray cops still lingered around the scene. The CSIs stood around the doorway as Grissom was wheeled out. Sara walked slowly behind his stretcher.

It wasn't until a few hours later, in the safety of the hospital that Sara finally spoke, "It's over."

Grissom wanted to nod, to say something to make that statement true, but all he could do was swallow back his tears and squeeze her hand weakly. Sara squeezed her eyes shut and took in a deep breath. He didn't need to say a word; she knew exactly what he was trying to say. The only person it was over for was Matthew, and that was only because his body lay in a cold drawer in the morgue.

"It's… getting easier," answered Grissom's raspy voice. Sara just nodded and looked away.


"He kept journals," said Catherine, laying a book in an evidence bag on the layout room table, "Mostly just ranting, but occasionally he details what he did, what he planned on doing. In his earliest journal he talks about framing his brother-in-law and details the kidnapping."

"What do you think will happen to Samuel?" asked Greg.

"He'll most likely file for release. We have evidence that he is, in fact, innocent," said Brass, motioning towards the journal.

"How are Griss and Sara?" Nick asked, joining the team at the table.

"Grissom is being kept over night for observation. Sara's been released, but she refuses to leave his side. Probably for the best, I'm not convinced she's fit for release," mumbled Warrick.

The team nodded in agreement. Catherine yawned and stood straight, stretching her tired muscles. She looked the group over and shrugged, "Not really much we can do anymore. Go home, guys, and get some sleep. I'll see ya tomorrow."

Nobody argued. A few minutes later, night shift filed out of the lab, trying hard to forget the horrors of the last few, and desperately wishing for everything to settle back to something close to normal.


She was in his arms by the time the sun peaked through the window. It felt good to be here again, even if the first time in two years was in a hospital. But as soon as the good feeling had come, it went. Fear gripped her heart, and beads of sweat gathered at her brow. Her eyes frantically searched the dim room, picking out the shadows in the corner. She swore she saw eyes staring back.

"Sara? Sara, honey, your having a nightmare. Sara!" Grissom's big hands gently shook her shoulder, and she woke with a start. She wasn't in his arms, but still in the chair next to his hospital bed. She quickly swiped at the tears that had fallen free.

"I'm ok. I'm so sorry I woke you up."

Grissom shook his head and motioned for her to stand. She did, and took the hand he offered to her. Grissom pulled her down next to him, taking in the clean scent of her as she scrambled to be closer.

"No more apologizing. There is nothing to be sorry for. Not waking me up… not anything that happened. If you let it get to you… he'll win. And I'd like to think that we came out on top in this one."

He pressed a kiss to her temple, letting his lips linger on the smooth skin. That did her in. Before she could stop it, the tears were flowing freely. Sobs wracked her body, shaking them both as Grissom wrapped his arms around her. He caught her as she fell, whispering softly into her ear as she let it all out.

"It's over, honey. God, I swear to you. It's over."


"So, maybe… counseling wouldn't be such a bad idea. For both of us. Together, separate… however works best. Just to get back on track… start the healing process." It was hard for Grissom to even fathom the thought of talking to a stranger about the past few years, but he was smart enough to know that the brief mention of what had happened to Sara every week wasn't enough to help the wounds heal.

"I think we're healing just fine," Sara said, keeping her eyes focused on the dishes she was washing. Grissom bit his bottom lip and pressed on.

"I know the thought of talking to someone you don't know is uncomfortable, but…"

"No, Grissom. It's not that," Sara spun around to face him, "It's…" but the harsh look on her face faded and she lowered her head.

Grissom stepped forward and gently placed a hand on her shoulder, "You don't want to admit there's anything to heal from."

Sara nodded and Grissom pulled her to him. He placed a whisper of a kiss in her hair and closed his eyes as he breathed in the scent of her. It wasn't the first time he had held her since her return, but it was the first time it felt right again. It was also the first time he felt they could actually get through the pain and hurt.

"We have each other," he whispered, "We can do this together."

"It's not going to be easy," mumbled Sara against his shoulder.

"No one expects it to be."

"And I hate telling my problems to strangers."

Grissom chuckled, "Me too."

Sara pulled back to look at Grissom. He gave her a small smile for reassurance, "I trust you on this," she said quietly.

"Thank you."

Taking a deep breath, Sara nodded, "Let's do it, then."

Grissom smiled, "Alright."

It wasn't going to be easy, but at least it wasn't about pain and revenge. Now, it was about discovery and healing…

And love.

The End.