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What to expect from this chapter: This chapter takes place the summer after 5th year. So Harry is dealing with Sirius's death, and developing feelings for Ginny when they start to write back and forth to each other during the summer. One thing you need to know is that Harry and Ginny's romance is gradual in my story. Harry is fed up with the Dursely's once and for all, but feels like he can deal with them, once the Weasley's invite him to the burrow for the rest of the summer..But Harry doesn't know his anger will get the better of him..
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Chapter 1- The Shrink Ball

It was the start of Harry Potters sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and he couldn't be gladder. As ususal, the Dursley's were as pleasant to be with, much like a Potion Class with Snape. So, as always the Dursley's forgot his birthday today, and sometimes as it seemed they forgot he was there even more than usual, if it was even possible.

Harry could recall one day a couple days ago, when he was about to go out the front door and Uncle Vernon came in, took his massive coat off his beef-like body, and threw it over Harry. Dudley of course, seen this and started, laughing hysterically. Uncle Vernon claims that Harry blended in the house so well that he just thought Harry was the coat rack. Over the last few days, this was the topic of conversations at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they continued to laugh about it, pretending as if Harry was not in the same room, which Dudley proved when he accidentally sat on Harry, and said "Oops, I though you were a chair!"

As much as this aggravated Harry, it was just as well because Harry preferred to be alone and forgotten by them. Especially, this summer. Right before he came back to the Dursley's this summer, one of the worst things happened that Harry could ever imagine: His Godfather, Sirius was killed. (He had a sneaking suspicion that the Dursley's knew about Sirius's and that's why they ignored him more, especially Aunt Petunia, who as it seemed to Harry was hiding something). Harry was having a difficult time dealing with Sirius's death. But he wasn't angry anymore. He was depressed. He missed Sirius so much. He had this feeling that he couldn't let out of him. It was something he couldn't really explain but it sort of felt like he might never be happy again. Anytime Harry even felt remotely happy he thought he would make himself feel guilty for it because Sirius's death was so fresh in his mind. How could be happy at all? The closest thing he had a father was dead. At the beginning of the summer he didn't have anyone to talk to about Sirius's death. He sure couldn't talk to the Uncle Vernon or Aunt Petunia about this. He could picture it now in his head:

"Hi, er, I am feeling rather upset about my Godfather's death, you know, the once convicted killer. Do you think we could talk about it?"

Yeah, like that would go well. Sure, Ron and Hermione had sent him a few letters in the start of the summer. They were sympathetic and said they will be there for him, but for some reason the letters seemed kind of awkward. Anyway, how could they understand how he felt? They had no idea what he was going through, or what he was feeling. He was even as desperate as sending Luna Lovegood a letter, because seemed very insightful about things last year. But then Harry thought about it and decided that he didn't know her very well, and plus she was always a bit peculiar as well.

He then received a letter from Ginny and couldn't believe how understanding she was, and how she seemed to know what he was going through. But it made sense when Harry thought it. He and Ginny did share a connection: Ginny and he both faced Voldermort and lived. Ever since he received that letter from Ginny in the beginning of the summer, they have been writing back to each other very frequently, almost several times a week, and between that time Harry had to admit to himself that he was starting to like Ginny, a lot. It all became clear when one day he got a letter and she confided in Harry that she and Dean Thomas had broken up. He was very happy about that. (Of course which he too felt guilty for that) He too was almost positive that Ginny felt the same way about him. Well at least he got that feeling. Harry hoped that she did. He wasn't going to keep his hopes up. He was depressed enough as it was. He was very excited when Ginny mentioned that Mrs. Wealsey had said he could come to the burrow a few weeks before school started. It would give him a chance to see Ron and Hermione, and it would give him a chance to explore his feeling for Ginny, and to see if she felt the same way. Around the same time he started writing to Ginny Harry got a letter from Lupin. Harry remembered that he promised he would write the Order of the Phoenix once a week, to make sure he was all right. Every since Lupin wrote to him to making sure he was okay and to make sure that the Dursley's were treating him write, Harry realized that Lupin would probably understand what he going through more than anyone. Sirius was one of Lupin's oldest friends. Not to mention, that Lupin was the only link to Harry's fathers past, and Harry felt like he a special connection with Lupin, that made Harry now feel that Lupin was one of the few adults he could trust.

Harry could not wait to leave for the Burrow, and get away from the Dursley's. Especially Dudley and his new friend Bernie, which who annoyed Harry the most. Bernie, was Dudley's newest recruit for his gang. Bernie, was merely an eleven- year-old. Bernie would come over almost every day, and he and Dudley would think of new ways to torture Harry. Harry didn't take Dudley's crap anymore or even care for that matter, but Harry was sick of having to deal with them constantly in his way. He just wanted to be alone in his room until he went to the Burrow. Harry knew the only reason why Dudley was recruiting an eleven-year-old for his gang, was so he could boss him around and have Bernie wait on him and foot. Harry wasn't stupid. The main reason was so that Bernie could steal him sugary treats all summer, because Dudley was still on Aunt Petunia's strict grapefruit diet again, which unfortunately meant that everyone in the house was on it. It was almost like Dudley's has his own personal servant. And the kid actually did buy into this. Of course Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon are in denial about Dudley and his gang, and think it's cute that Dudley has a little brother that looks up to him.

Harry now was sitting at his desk, on July 31st, on his sixteenth birthday, wondering whether he would get any birthday wishes from his friends, when Hedwig, flew through his window.

Harry excitedly greeted Hedwig and she welcoming pecked his hand.

"I know, Hedwig, you probably had a long journey," Harry said petting Hedwig. Than Harry unwrapped several packages and letters tied to Hedwig's leg, and he set her in her cage.

Harry then opened the first letter:

Dear Harry,

Hello, Harry. I hope you receive this in time for your birthday. I want to wish you a happy 16th birthday! I hope you are doing well, and that the Dursley's are treating you okay. (If they aren't, as I suspect, You can tell them that they better start treating you right, unless they want some of Sirius's friends coming after them!) I bet you are excited to be returning to Hogwarts next month. I want you to remember Harry that if anything is wrong, or if anything is bothering you, I want you to contact me or a member of the Order as soon as possible. You must promise Harry that you will. I know you have been through a lot Harry, and remember that I am here to help. I hope you have a good birthday! Say hello to your friends for me. I'll be expecting a letter from you soon!

I give you my best,


Harry smiled as he put the letter from Lupin aside. He knew it wasn't the same as Serious writing to him himself, but he knew that Lupin cared for him, and Harry really appreciated him keeping in touch with him during the summer to make sure he was doing okay. He next opened a letter that was attached to a two small package.

Harry, Happy Birthday! I got you a really cool present for your birthday, and I know you will find some good use out of it. I got it from Fred and Georges joke shop, and they insisted that I get that for you. Fred and George hinted that you could use it on your cousin if he gives you trouble. (Don't worry you won't get in trouble form the ministry either) I hope you like it. So how are you doing? Are the muggles treating you right? Ginny tells me that Mum invited you to come to the Burrow in a few weeks! That's so awesome Harry. I don't care what the muggles say, but we are coming to pick you up no matter what they say! (And don't worry, mum says we have to take a car!) Hermione is here too, but Ginny probably told you already. I'll see you in a few weeks! Mum says hi!

Then harry noticed that the letter continued on but only it was Hermione's handwriting.

Hello, Harry,

Happy 16th Birthday! I hope you are doing well. I heard you are coming to stay at the Burrow in a few weeks! I bet you heard that I am staying at the burrow myself. My parents went to California for the summer, and I told them I would be happy to stay here with Ron and his family. So far it's been a pretty nice summer. How has it been for you? Are your Aunt and Uncle treating you well?

I hope you like the present I bought you. I know it's not something exactly you wanted, but I think it's finally time you had one. I know you are probably very excited about school starting again. I know I am. I can't wait to see if me and Ron make prefects this year again too. I know you will probably make Quidditch captain Harry! Anyway Mrs. Wealsey says dinner is ready. We will see you in a few weeks!

Love from, Hermione

Harry laughed at Ron and Hermione's letter. He thought it was cool that Ron and Hermione were prefects together last year. Sure everyone was surprised that Harry hadn't made prefect, but he actually didn't care. He hoped that they would be prefects this year as well. Hermione was right, he was hoping he would make Quidditch captain. He wondered what Ron had given him for his birthday, and it sounded as if Hermione had given him a book. Harry had then opened up Ron's gift. It was a small purple, circular ball, maybe about the size of the golden snitch. Harry was not sure what it was. But on the side of it was inscribed in gold writing: The Shrink Ball: FG Wealsey. Harry wasn't exactly sure what the Shrink Ball was but he was sure it sounded like something Fred and George would come up with. Harry thought about for a moment using it on his cousin, but he didn't want to risk the getting in trouble with the Dursley's As it was he didn't know what the Dursley's might say to him if he says that the Wealsey's are going to pick him up here. He could picture Uncle Vernon's many chins in his face and saying "What! No way, Boy! Harry remembered right before his fourth year he wanted to go to the World Quittich Cup so bad, but Uncle Vernon got so mad when Mrs. Wealsey had sent a letter completely covered with stamps. Not to mention, that they used Floo Powder and came through the Dursley's fire place. He could just picture Uncle Vernon's big meaty face when Harry tell him that they were coming to pick him up. A vain would probably burst in his head. So Harry vowed to be on his best behavior for the next two weeks. He would just have to grin and bare it. Harry still had two letters to read and a package left, but all of a sudden he heard Uncle Vernon, screaming for him.

"Boy! Get down here! "Roared Uncle Vernon.

What did he want? He was not in the mood for this, thought Harry. Harry made sure his letters were hidden on his desk then headed downstairs. This had to be important. The Dursley's haven't acknowledged his presence almost all summer.

Harry walked into the living room and seen Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia sitting on the couch. As soon as Harry walked in the room, Uncle Vernon rose up from the couch.

"Sit down!" He growled. Aunt Petunia scowled at him.

Harry sat down, but he wasn't happy about it. He flashed them a dirty look. Who did they think they were for bossing him around like this? Harry also didn't know what to think. He hasn't done anything wrong.

"Now, listen to me boy. We are expecting some very special people over for a dinner party. Now I am sure you aware that Dudley has entered the big brother program."

Harry tried to hold back a chuckle. Uncle Vernon glared at him.

"Well, I must warn you boy. I want no disruptions, or you have to answer to me! This dinner is one the most important dinners of our life. Mr. And Mrs. Bolsen, Bernie's parents, are coming with their daughter, Violet. They want to meet the family. And we want things to especially go well. So where will you be? "Hollered Uncle Vernon his three chins in his face.

Harry knew this game. He would be in his room.

"In my room? Harry said cooly. After all I wouldn't want to ruin your dinner, "Harry blurted without thinking.

Aunt Petunia then stood up and looked at Vernon. "You will not ruin this dinner boy, or I will lock you up in your room so fast, you will never see any of your bloody friends or that freaky school ever again! "Vernon's voice echoed through the whole house.

Harry almost laughed. Uncle Vernon couldn't come up with anything else. It was always the same thing. "I won't let you see your freaky friends, or your freaky school!" It didn't have the same effect on Harry that it did when he was younger. It was almost funny hearing Vernon make these idle - well somewhat idle threats. Because there was no way Vernon could ever stop him from going to Hogwarts.

"What are you smirking about boy?" Vernon growled.

He knew he should just tell Vernon he would behave and go off to his room. But now was the time. He knew this was his perfect chance.

"Ok, I will go to my room. But there's something I want to tell you first," said Harry confidently.

Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia glared at him suspiciously.

"What is it? "Vernon spat, his face starting to turn purple.

"I just thought I would mention that in about two weeks, that my friend Ron and his parents are gonna pick me up here, "Harry blurted out causally.

"What!" Uncle Vernon shouted.

"I said their coming here in about two weeks to pick me up, "said Harry repeating himself.

"Wait a moment- your not talking about those Weasels are you?" Uncle Vernon said inching closer to Harry.

"It's the Weasley's. And yes, they already told me there coming. There's nothing you can do," muttered Harry, knowing he's probably have to pay for that comment.

"Oh yes there is boy! You will send that bloody bird off to those people and tell them they will not be coming! "

Harry had expected this outcome. But he had leverage.

"Oh, well I could, but I would first have to send a letter to my friend Lupin, who was one of Sirius, oldest friends, but I guess I'll go write them right-"

"Sirius, uh your godfather? Your gonna write to one of his friends? "Said Vernon nervously.

Harry knew all he had to was mention the name Sirius or someone who knew Sirius and they would give in. Petunia then shot him a panicked glance and Uncle Vernon tried to stay calm.

"Well, I'll tell you what. You-You stay in your room and behave, then you can have those-uh Wealsey's pick you up. But- I am warning you, if you step one inch out of line, I'll make sure you never set foot out of this house, ever again. Have I made myself clear? "Uncle Vernon said uneasily but tried to still remain threatening.

"Very," Harry said. But before he went back into his room, Vernon called him again.

"Also boy send down Dudley and Bernie. Bernie's family should be arriving any minute," he said proudly.

He shook his head and then went back upstairs to tell Dudley and Bernie to go downstairs. A happy feeling filled Harry. All he had to do was get through the next two then he could spend the rest of the summer at the Burrow. He was anxious to get back to read the rest of his letters but when he passed by room on his way to Dudley's room, Harry almost lost it. There was Dudley and Bernie in his room eating Harry's secret stash of sweets that Ron, and Hermione had sent him during the summer; that Harry kept under his a loose floorboard, and they were reading his birthday letters.

"Just what do you two think you are doing?" said Harry furiously. Dudley and Bernie were practically shaking with laughter, while cake crumbs smudged Dudley's face.

Harry looked at his desk and he noticed that the other letters he had to open were missing.

"Give me those back. I mean it!" said Harry corning Dudley who's patience was running thin.

But Dudley dodged Harry and ran to the corner of the room and started reading the letter aloud. "Dear Harry. Hi, Harry. Happy 16th birthday! I wish I could be there in person to celebrate your birthday with you. So how are you doing today? Are the Dursley's treating you well lately? I know things seem tough sometimes over there, but don't worry you'll be at the burrow in no time at all. The whole family can't wait till you're here, especially me. My summers been okay, but I know all will be better when you come and stay with us. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. So, write me back soon. Happy birthday, Love Ginny. P.S. Ron took this picture of me, and I thought I would send it to you."

Harry was so mad right now, he didn't know if he could control himself for much longer. He was so sick of Dudley. He was one of the most immature, rude, and obnoxious person's that Harry's had the displeasure of meeting. Dudley had not changed in the years he had lived here. He was the same then, and continues to be the same now. Dudley behaves like a three-year-old. He surely doesn't act as if he was sixteen. But Harry couldn't think about how much he hated Dudley now. He had to do something about it. Dudley invaded his personal space, and he is not going to let him get away with that. Harry wished he had his wand right now in his hand. But Harry didn't want anything to get in the way of him going to the Burrow. So he tried to control his tempter.

"Okay you've had your fun. Give me back my letter!"

But Bernie blocked Harry from getting his letter back.

"OO! Harry's got a little girlfriend, does he now? And her name's Ginny! Ginny and Harry. Aren't they the cutest couple?" said Dudley looking at the picture of Ginny.

Harry leaned over and seen the picture Dudley and Bernie were laughing at.

It was Ginny looking as pretty as ever, her long red hair blowing from the wind, smiling and waving in the picture.

Harry was quickly losing control of his temper.

"Oh, Isn't she pretty?"said Dudley gaping at the picture, his fat crumb-covered mouth snickering with Bernie. "Except that she looks like a chicken!"

"Oh yeah, coming from you that's a big insult. You know coming from someone's who's not even into girls yet," snickered Harry.

Dudley didn't say anything. He nostrils flared, and he looked really mad.

"Now give me my letter back," Harry demanded.

"Well, what are you going to do to me Harry! You're not allowed to magic, and we all know that. Especially after last summer when you almost killed me!" Said Dudley with a know-it-all-voice.

"Fine. Whatever you want to think. For one thing I got something better than magic," Harry said with a smile.

"And what's that?" said Dudley with his arms crossed.

"Well I'll just simply tell your Mum that you've been breaking your diet all summer, and that the only reason your friends with Bernie is so that he could secretly pass you sweets. You know Bernie, your newest recruit?"

"You wouldn't dare!" said Dudley, who at the same time mouthed to Bernie that he was lying about using him for treats all summer.

"I would. If you want to keep playing this game. I will right now. As a matter of fact I bet your parents are down there right now Bernie, with your sister. I'm guessing everyone down there is dumb enough to think that you two are actually in the big brother program or whatever it's called. I love to see their faces when they've found out you've been lying," Harry stated trying to hold back a smirk.

"My Mum would never believe a freak like you!" Said Dudley enraged.

Then Dudley took Ginny's letter and picture and threw it out Harry's open window.

Harry basically lost it. He couldn't take it anymore. He walked over to his desk grabbed the Shrink Ball, picked it up. He didn't care anymore. All he cared was getting Dudley what he deserved. He wasn't exactly sure what the shrink ball did or how it worked but he took a chance. Ron said that he couldn't get in trouble, so he went for it. He looked it over for a minute and seen a small tiny button he pressed it, and threw it toward Dudley.

"Hey Dudley, CATCH!"

Dudley laughed. "What is this one of your freaky toys? Wait till I tell Mum and Dad that you exposed to your mag-"

But Dudley never finished the sentence. Instead he let out a bloodcurdling scream.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! "Dudley Screamed. His eyes started to Bulge and then there was a bright flash of light. But he couldn't see Dudley anymore. But then to his horror he looked down and seen that Dudley was there but he was only about the size of Dobby, the house-elf.

Harry couldn't help but find the humor in the situation. This was almost the funniest thing he had ever seen. Harry noticed to that Bernie was laughing beside him to peering down at Dudley in amazement.

"Hey If you want to act like a three year old, well now you're actually the size of one," Harry laughed seeing the irony in all this.

A moment later Dudley started screaming again.

"Mum!" midget Dudley screamed. "Mummy!"

Harry then realized in a panic what would happen when Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia came upstairs and seen their beloved son the size of a dwarf. Harry would never see the Burrow this summer. He would never be able to go back to Hogwarts. He would probably never set foot in daylight ever again.

"Be quiet!" Harry said while trying to hush up Dudley. But he starting to scream as hard as he could. Dudley seemed to be having a panic attack. He started running around the room yelling, but he kept falling over. Bernie was still looking at Dudley in amazement like it was the coolest thing ever happened. Harry had to think of a way to fix this and fast before Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia stormed up here. He should have never of let his anger get in the way of going to the burrow, and going back to Hogwarts.

"Sush!" Harry shouted quietly. He tried to grab Dudley but he Dudley dodged Harry and tried to run for the door. But all of a sudden Harry heard footsteps thundering up the stairs.

"What's all this bloody racket about!" roared Uncle Vernon. Harry then pushed midget Dudley aside and ran quickly out of the door to catch Uncle Vernon in the hallway before he could come in the room.

"You boy, I thought I warned you! Tell me what's going on, now?" Uncle Vernon growled as he inched closer to Harry. Harry didn't know what to say. All he knew was he couldn't let Uncle Vernon in the room. Harry was standing next to the door trying to hold the door closed. He could feel Dudley trying to jump up to reach the knob.

"Er- nothing's going on, Harry said with a reassuring smile.

Uncle Vernon glared at him suspiciously. "Nothing, eh? Then what's all that noise I hear in your room?"

"Uh, er- Its just Hedwig, she's-"

It looked like a vein was about to burst in Uncle Vernon's head. "You're talking about your bloody pigeon? You mean to tell me that you disrupted one of the most important dinners because of your bloody bird!"

"I'm sorry, I'll make -er- her be quiet, "said Harry quickly.

"You better! Because one more disruption and you will be sorry", Vernon shouted through clenched teeth.

"I'll be quiet, I promise, "said Harry.

"And another thing boy! Didn't I tell you to send Dudley and Bernie downstairs? His family is here you know, and I had to make up some silly lie. We do everything for you and I ask you to do one thing, and you can't even do it! Are you trying to make us look bad? Vernon said quietly, making sure the company didn't hear downstairs, his face turning purple.

"I did. I told them to come down, "Said Harry, still leaning up against the door holding the doorknob.

"So you did then, eh? Then where are they?"

Harry shrugged. "How should I know? I can't keep track of Dudley and his -friend, "he said cooly.

Vernon seemed to ignore this comment, but he looked even madder. "Get back in your room, now! "He said growled furiously.

Harry waited till Vernon walked away down the stairs, and went to open the door. He knew Dudley was right by the door. He had to open it carefully without Dudley trying to run out of the door. Harry went to open it, but he didn't see Dudley anywhere in his room. Bernie was standing there, but he was smirking.

"Bernie, where is Dudley? "Harry blurted.

Bernie shrugged his shoulders.

All of a sudden, Dudley came out from behind the door and started to run out of it. Harry tried to grab him, but he was too late. Dudley had left the room and he heard footsteps running down the stairs.

"NO! "Harry shouted. Bernie started laughing. Harry ran for the stairs; maybe he could still catch Dudley. Then all of a sudden he heard Uncle Vernon talking.

"Oh! Here comes Dudley and Bernie now! They must be done with- "Announced Uncle Vernon.

But then an instant later, a bloodcurdling scream rang out the entire house.

Harry was too late. He came in the living room and Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon's mouths were hanging down in shock. Mr. And Mrs. Bolsen had dropped their tea cups on the ground, and they shattered. Violet was shrieking on top of her lungs.

Midget Dudley was screaming "MUMMY!"

Aunt Petunia started crying out hysterically. "My BABY! WHAT HAPPENED!"

Harry could see that Uncle Vernon was trying to stay calm and was shooting Mr. And Mrs. Bolsen reassuring smiles, but Harry could see that he looked as if he wanted to put his hands around Harry's throat and strangle him.Then a minute later, Violet started to pale and fainted. Before she fell onto the floor, Uncle Vernon gasped in horror and ran his beefy body over to her and caught her in his arms.

Aunt Petunia looked like she was near tears, and Mr. And Mrs. Bolsen looked like they were about to pass out themselves.

Vernon gave Harry a look a death as he tried to fan Violet awake.

Then Bernie came into the room a second later, and started laughing. "Isn't it cool mum and Dad! Did you see what Harry did to Dudley?"