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Kent looked through the observation window, his arms behind his back and a small smile playing across his face. From all the reports he'd been given, Alex was progressing nicely.

"Mr. Kent?"

Kent slowly turned to find Dr. Alexander behind him, a much better replacement for the ignorant Dr. Peters. Alexander was tall and thin, with a thick mop of brown hair and pair of glasses so thick they looked like coke bottles.

"Yes Alexander?"

"Well we've come up with a solution for the scars sir." Dr. Alexander adjusted his glasses slightly. "As you know even with the most advanced plastic surgery, there is no way to eliminate all traces of the scars, especially the one on her back. Instead I think we will have to use the new product Dr. Peters has been working on. It was originally intended for cosmetic purposes, but headquarters thought it worked a bit too well."

"Really?" Now Kent was interested. "What exactly is it?"

"In plain terms it is a second skin. We cover Miss Wesker with the product and it will fill in and cover all of the scars, leaving no trace that they ever existed."

"You mean like some kind of makeup?"

"Indeed. The plus is, the solution only has to be applied once every month in order to keep up concealment. It is also waterproof."

"I can see now why headquarters doesn't want to market it."

"I thought you would also like to know that her training is almost finished. She'll be ready to ship out within two days."


"What astounds me is her uncanny resemblance to the subject. Same eye color, hair color, complexion. Height, weight, facial structure and body build are almost identical."

"Ironic, isn't it?"

It was so perfect there was no way the plan could fail. Once Alexandra was instilled on Rockfort Island as Alfred's new personal assistant it would only be a matter of time. Alfred was a loose cannon, had been since Alexia's death. Kent needed a way to control him, but every agent he'd sent to the island had either been sent back, or never heard from again. But with Alexandra, he could not fail. She would have control over Alfred, Kent would have control over her.

Kent smiled again. Alfred missed his sister desperately, so Kent would give him a new sister. One that looked and acted just like the old one. Alexandra may be Albert's sister and shared a family resemblance, but…

She was a dead ringer for Alexia…