One Week Later…Phoenix, Arizona…

Marcus Kent sat in his chair and watched the video, currently being projected onto the screen in front of him, with little interest. The entire board had been called for this, to watch this video and discuss the ramifications of what it held. Even Sir Spencer had come out of reclusion, sitting at the head of the table..

The video blacked out and the lights slowly came back up. The board members, all ten of them, slowly turned their chairs back to the table. Kent showed nothing, his face a stone wall. He carefully folded his hands on the table and looked toward Devon Andrews, the man with the report.

Devon stood up, smoothing out his crisp blue suit. For a moment Devon's eyes met Kent's and Devon smirked. There was no love lost between the two men and everyone knew Devon was gunning for Kent's job as Spencer's right hand man. Kent was not running scared.

"After reviewing the video several times, we have come to the conclusion that both the facility and all of Dr. Ashford's research data are a complete loss." Devon flipped through the file carefully. "In addition the traitor, Dr. Wesker appears to be alive and displaying some very unusual abilities. The two Redfield siblings have disappeared and we believe they survived the destruction of the facility. Right after the initiation of the self-destruct sequence, a UBCS team from a nearby weather facility was deployed. They observed a Harrier Jet flying away from the facility."

Devon turned another page.

"Ms. Wesker and Alfred Ashford are presumed dead, though body recovery will be nearly impossible. Still we believe no one could have survived those explosions and of course we have the video as proof."

As the board members murmured their agreement, Kent began to laugh. The murmuring immediately stopped as Sir Spencer turned his steely green eyed gaze to Kent.

"How can we be sure Ms. Wesker is actually dead?"

"I believe you saw the same video as I did Mr. Kent." Devon smiled slowly, a patronizing smile. "I understand that the video feed cut out two minutes before the final detonation, as to allow the server to dump all it's data into the main computer here in Phoenix, but you and everyone else here saw Dr. Wesker knock his sister into a wall and after that she did not get up. We examined the video carefully, she never moved…"

"I'm not disputing the fact that Ms. Wesker looked to be dead." Kent leaned forward a smirk forming on his face. "But of course, we thought the same thing about Dr. Wesker when a video showed him getting impaled by a tyrant. Your own video proves we were very wrong about that, so what if we're wrong about his sister?"

Every face in the room turned to Spencer, as the two enemies stared each other down.

"I believe Kent has a point." Spencer's voice, despite being over fifty, was strong and deep. "However, we have no proof that she is indeed alive. For now we will wait and presume her dead."

Devon looked smug, while Kent showed no emotion. Slowly, Spencer got to his feet and walked out the door. Two body guards followed closely after him, as did the rest of the board, and Devon. After a few minutes only Kent remained, looking to be in deep thought.

"It seems Devon is still trying to scurry up that corporate ladder."

Kent slowly turned his chair. Douglas was framed in the doorway, just behind him stood his assistant Ice. The two had been involved in every major investigation Umbrella had, had in the last ten years. Including Wesker's betrayal, Birkin's research, and Raccoon City itself. On paper they were independent, in reality they answered to Kent.

"Indeed." Kent got to his feet, buttoning his jacket. "Douglas, I have a job for you."

"Really now?" Douglas smiled. "What, pray tell, would that be?"

"I need you to locate two dead people."

"Interesting, I'll take it."

"I thought you might."

Kent walked out of the board room, Douglas and Ice only a step or two behind. He would find out where both Weskers were hiding. Then he would present them to Spencer with a flourish, assuring his own career and ruining Devon's in the process.

"Just wait Alexandra." Kent whispered as he stepped into the elevator. "We'll be seeing each other soon…"

Somewhere in London, England…

Chris was tired, dead tired. He'd just flown in from New York City and a meeting with the head of the STARS organization, Dennis Walls. Of everyone in the world, Chris had been sure Walls would listen to them about Umbrella and he had. After that a plan had been worked out and Chris had flown back to London to tell everyone the good news, leaving Barry to help iron out the details.

After the incident with Claire infiltrating the facility in Paris, Chris and Jill had decided it would be best to move their base of operations. Wanting to stay out of America, due to too many Umbrella eyes, they had opted for England. In the meantime, the e-mail had come to Leon from Claire and Chris had set off to Rockfort Island.

Chris shook a set of keys out of his pocket, yawning loudly. This would be the second time he had set foot in their new hideout/apartment and all he wanted was a shower and a nap. He unlocked the door and pushed it open, groaning to himself. Everyone was still awake it seemed, despite it being twelve in the morning.

Jill was sitting on the couch, her legs tucked under her, and a book in her hand. Laying on the floor, with his head propped up on the couch, was Kevin. At the other end of the couch sat Rebecca, munching on a sandwich, and idly playing with Billy's hair. Billy Coen was sitting crossed legged on the floor in front of her.

Billy had come into the group with Carlos. Apparently he had been working on trying to gather information about Umbrella on his own and had run into some trouble at the installation Carlos had been stationed at. After Raccoon City, Carlos had insisted on going back to Umbrella. It had been the hope that he could relay information to them from inside. Things hadn't worked out though.

Carlos, who was sitting on a stool at the breakfast nook playing solitaire, had gotten Billy out of said trouble with help from Sicily. Sicily Marks, who was sprawled out on the floor watching Monty Python's Flying Circus, was actually Christina Kennedy, Leon's older sister. She had infiltrated the facility Carlos had been working at in hopes of finding out the truth behind Leon's supposed death. When Carlos got exposed, she'd risked her own neck, and hunt for answers, to bail him and Billy out.

Sitting in between Rebecca and Jill, was Ark Thompson. His attention was firmly fixed on the TV, a smile flickering over his face. Sitting on the other side of the breakfast nook, playing chess with Leon, was Nikka Bryant, former district attorney for Raccoon City and fiancée of Forest Speyer. She had met up with them during an outbreak at a facility in Maine. She'd barley made it out alive, but still managed to save Ark and Leon's life.

The only people Chris didn't see were Claire and Alex. He shut the door behind him and walked toward the small kitchen, stepping over Sicily in the process. Nikka glanced up from her game, making the three scars that ran down the left side of her face blatantly obvious in the bright light.

"Good flight?"

"Tiring. Where's Claire and Alex?"

Nikka pointed toward the balcony, just as the door slid open and Claire stepped inside. She looked up and smiled at her brother.

"Hey Chris, how did it go?"

"Good, we have a plan now. Should only be a week or two before we head back to the US." Chris tilted his head. "Alex still out there?"

"She's still looking ill." Rebecca looked up from the TV. "But she's finally coming out of it."

Chris nodded and headed toward the sliding door, behind him Jill and Claire exchanged knowing looks and giggled softly to themselves. Chris, stoically, ignored them and stepped out onto the balcony.

Alex was leaning against the railing, a cigarette dangling from her mouth. She turned slowly and Chris had to suppress a gasp. Her face was gaunt and paler than usual. There were dark circles under her eyes and her hair looked limp and lifeless. Though her eyes looked brighter then they had when Chris had left.

Rebecca had told him is was a combination of blood loss, the T-Virus infection, stress, and withdrawal from whatever medication they'd shoved into her before sending her to Rockfort Island.

"Hey Chris." Alex flipped the cigarette over the railing. "How goes the planning?"

"It went well." He walked over and leaned against the railing next to her. "Week maybe two, and we can go home."

"Home huh?" Alex sighed. "How is all this being funded?"

"That is the part we're still trying to work out." Chris sighed. "The city we want to use is going to be promised that the only thing they have to pay for is our wages. That leaves all equipment costs on us. I' don't know about you, but I have about 200 dollars to my name."

"Three million four hundred and fifty thousand…and twenty seven cents."

You could almost here the audible plop as Chris' mouth dropped open. Alex stared back at him. After opening and closing his mouth several times, he finally figured out how to speak again.

"Three million four…how the hell did you get that much money!"

"Umbrella pays really well and I just sort of kept chucking it into banks." Alex shrugged. "I just never found a use for it."


Chris shook his head as a sly smile crept across Alex's lips. She stepped closer to him, nudging his arm and causing him to turn and look at her. Still smiling, she stepped closer and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"So, does that kind of contribution earn me a good spot on the team?"

"As a matter of fact…"

Alex tilted her head and their lips met, cutting him off. Chris slowly wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her back. Alex was the first one to pull away and out of the corner of her eye she saw the curtain over the sliding door twitch back into place.

"We're being watched."

"So let's give them something to look at."

Alex didn't argue as Chris kissed her again….