Drabble I: Home

'It's been two years, two long years.'

"So tell me dear," the old woman sharing the train compartment started, "are you going to Eastern on state business, or for personal business?"

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye gave a small smile, "A little of both actually. The state just transferred me back to Eastern, and I'm going back to see some family too."

"Oh is it home coming dear?"

"Not really. Originally I'm from Southern."

"Oh so is there a husband or fiancé waiting at the train station?"

"More like a very close friend, but what brings you to Eastern? You must have a son or daughter in the State Military to be riding in one of these compartments."

"Yes, my son is having me live in Eastern with him because of my health, so he scheduled my transfer through the military."

"You are very lucky to have son like that." The conductor on the train made the announcement saying that the train would arrive in Eastern in five minutes. The compartment became quiet; each woman immersed herself in her own thought. Riza fingered a note in her pocket, remembering the wording perfectly


Riza remembered that some one got a hold of the note and wrote another note on the back.

I'll meet you on the platform at 12 pm. See you then.

'It's been so long, I wonder if he still has that boyish grin.' Riza waited for this moment for so long, rolling into the station, running into his arms, just holding him. A girl can dream, right?

She looked out the window, seeing the first part of the platform coming into sight. This train was mostly military personnel, so these people must be the waiting family and friends.

As the train came to a slow, lurching, halt, the old woman sharing the compartment spoke again, "I hope you enjoy your homecoming dear."

Riza nodded and smiled, "Thank you."

A giddy nervousness overcame Riza as she exited the compartment. She wanted to memorize everything about this moment. In her mind, the walk down the hall to the door felt like eternity. She waited her turn to step off the train, gracefully landing on the platform. She didn't know what to expect, almost thinking that that someone would be right in her face as she stepped off the train.

Riza looked around, seeing wives hugging there husbands and tiny children jumping into there fathers arms. She moved towards the exit of the platform, hoping that her someone would be there.

The crowd on the platform started to dissipate; Riza still searched. She looked off towards the horizon, a sadness overcoming her.

"Yip yip!" A familiar bark echoed in her ears. Riza turned around, looking down towards the dog running towards her.

"Black….Hayate?" She whispered.

"Riza!" Her head shot up, seeing a man waving his hand at the other hand of the platform. A smile started to form as she ran towards the figure, jumping into his arms. She held him tightly, as he spun the two of them around in a small figure.

"I thought you forgot," she whispered as she buried her head in his blue uniform.

"Your train came early. I ran out of the house when I heard that it was five minutes from the station." His voice a bit deeper than it was two years ago, running an ungloved hand through a few of the stray golden locks. She started to pull back, mumbling an incoherent sorry.

"Hmm?" He looked down at the girl in his arms, "What's the matter?"

"I'm sorry sir, this is very out of uniform." She looked down towards the ground, remembering that she is now his subordinate again.

He chuckled a bit, pulling her closer to him, "I think you're forgetting something First Lieutenant."

Her amber eyes looked into his onyx ones, trying to find out what she missed. That boyish grin formed on his face, oh how she missed that grin. "What time are you officially transferred under my command?"

"1300 hours sir."

"What time did I say I'd pick you up?"

"1200 hours…" Riza formed a small 'o' form with her mouth, realizing her mistake.

"So according to my watch," he pulled out the charm that signified his commitment to the state alchemists, "we still have an hour and a half to just be normal people." He replaced his pocket watch and placed his hand on her lower back, feeling the concealed pistol under his hand.

"Well, at least I know you're scheduling skills haven't dissipated." Riza giggled a bit as she rested her head on his covered shoulder, still missing the touch of his bare skin. "But, I'm glad to finally be home." She whispered the last part, so only he could hear.

"I'm glad you're finally home," he whispered back into her ear, turning so that one hand was wrapped around her waist, the other in his pocket. The two started to walk side by side to the exit, Roy's deeper voice echoing back to behind the couple. "Come Black Hayate."

What is home? Home is where the heart is. To Riza, its not a place, a city, the hospital she was born in, or even the house she lives in. No, to her, home is being in the arms of the man she loves.

A/N: Well, I just had to write this. I heard a song on the radio on the way home from a shopping trip today. It's been playing in my head all day now (even when I'm sleeping). You all should try and get this song too(too bad I can't find it TT) Its 'Will I Ever Make It Home' by Ingram Hill. Depending on how you interpret this piece, the song will either fit or it wont.

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