Poem: Love Song of a Man

It wasn't supposed to be this way...

Once the daughter of a friend,
Then a companion,
Then something more.

Time changed us both.
A predetermined course
Working along side an ever-changing world.

At first a charge,
And then a savior -- in more ways than one.

How could I have known that the key-
The key to ultimate power--
The key to ultimate beauty--
How could I have known that they existed as one?

The golden goddess with me
Quickly turned red,
Proving her mortality,
Never able to be with me again…

It wasn't supposed to be this way,
It was supposed to be me.

AN: Alright, you guys probably don't believe what I said in my last update since I've updated in less than 24 hours XD Two reasons behind that. One: Hayashi Azuma kindly asked if I would post one more drabbleish thing. Two: I've been meaning to post this piece for a long time. (Let's say along the lines of two months ; ) I had to do a poetry unit on Modernism for English right after Chapter 58 of the manga came out (we were required to write 4 original poems) and this was the result for my free verse portion of the assignment. I think this best represent's my feeling towards royai and how my writing style has grown in the past year. Enjoy all!