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Summary: The Haruno family has a secret, they can't confess their love. For the person that they confess to would end up dying for them so no matter how much Sakura feels for Sasuke she can't tell him but what happens when he falls for her too?

Chapter 1: Whispers of the lonely heart

"Remember Sakura, never fall in love" said a dying man with blood on his lips. Sakura cried as she held him

"Otou-san no…how? Why?" she stammered, the dying man wiped the tears off her cheeks.

"This is our destiny, it's also our curse. Sakura-chan please remember what I say" as the man's hand slowly fell to the wet ground.

Sakura crawled over to her mother lying on the floor, she had fainted and her father had died protecting them.

This fateful night the Haruno family went out for dinner, it was also Sakura's parents wedding anniversary. While they were enjoying the dinner Sakura had excused herself to use the bathroom, when she returned she saw her mother and father dancing together. Sakura's mother leaned in and whispered something in her husband's ear and he in return had a shock look on his face.

Suddenly a man wearing totally black with a mask on his face jumped out from behind the bushes and knocked Sakura's mother towards the metal fence, she slammed against the fence and dropped on the floor and her father standing had a kunai sticking out of his stomach. The masked person glanced at Sakura, pulling the kunai out of Sakura's father stomach he charged at Sakura.

"Run" Whispered Sakura's father in pain as more blood gushed out from his wound

Tears came down Sakura's pretty face "Move, why won't my legs move?" Sakura couldn't move, she just stood there too afraid to move as the masked man came closer and closer.

Sakura's eyes shut tight waiting for something sharp and painful to reach her but it never came, she opened her eyes to see her father hugging the mask man from behind preventing him from reaching Sakura.

"Otou-san" screamed Sakura

"Run SAKURA!" yelled her father

Sakura tried to run again, she tried her best but she couldn't instead she fell to the floor crawling away with all her remaining strength.

The masked man broke free of Sakura's father grip and went for Sakura, Sakura could feel him over her just when he was going to stab her Sakura's father twisted the masked man's neck. The masked man fell to the hard ground, Sakura turned around to reach for her father. She saw her father smile and then fall backwards onto the ground never to wake up again.

Sakura jumped out of the bed with sweat all over her body "That dream again" cursed Sakura as she glanced at the clock beside her which read 5am. Sakura got out of bed and washed her face with water in the bathroom, Sakura walked past her mother's bedroom and opened the door silently and glanced at the sleeping figure "She's asleep that's good" Sakura thought thankfully. Her mother had turn mentally unstable after that incident, for the past 5 months all she would do was just sit on the bad and keep on chanting "I killed him". The Hokage had announced the incident as assassination by other villages.

Sakura walked down the stairs and to the living room and towards the altar which had her father's picture. Sakura stared at the smiling face and greeted with the brightest smile she had "Ohayo otou-san", she knew her father had always loved her smile and would never want to see her frowning.

Sakura got changed and walked out of the house and towards shinobi academy, while walking something came to her mind.

On the day of the funeral for her father, the Haruno clan head which was her grandmother sat beside her and told her the Haruno curse.

"Sakura you must listen to me and listen good, the reason why your father died is because you mother Kimiko confessed her love to your father."

"What? Impossible this…can't be" mumbled Sakura in shock as the scene of Kimiko leaning in and whispering something in Sakura's father ears came to her mind

The Haruno clan head cleared her throat and continue "We the Haruno clan have a curse, we are not able to confess our love to the person we love. For the person we confess to would end up dying for us."

"What about the marriage of mother and father? Didn't they get married because they fell in love with each other?" asked the confused girl

"You read too much fairytales young Sakura, not everyone has a happy ending your parents marriage was arranged" replied the old woman

Sakura remained silent for a while recalling all the memories she had shared with her parents, did it seem unreal? Were they just pretending to get along?

"Sakura you must remember, never confess your love to anyone or even better don't even fall in love, it'll be easier that way. Do you understand?"

"Hai…"whispered Sakura, she was in no mood to bother about these things anymore. She just walked away towards the forest and sat down beside the tree, for the first time she felt truly alone as her tears fall uncontrollably to the cold hard soil.

"Ouch" Sakura shouted as something hard slammed against her left shoulder, she snapped back to reality and was greeted by the loud screams of girls in front of her, the Uchiha Sasuke fan girls.

They were following behind Sasuke screaming his name, shouting "I LOVE YOU" and confessing how they felt towards him but he just walked in front irritated by the noise.

"I love you" that was what the girls screamed, "How easily the can say it, but I can't" thought Sakura bitterly "I wouldn't ever get to say it, because of this curse"

Sakura stared at the back of Sasuke soon to be blocked by the crowd of screaming fans.

"I'll never get to say it

Never get to say

How much I

Love you,

Uchiha Sasuke"

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