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Chapter 4: Don't leave me here alone…

Sakura returned back home. Reaching the wooden door with tracing paper, she slides the wooden door gently revealing her grandmother kneeing on a cushion in total darkness.

Sakura shivered slightly at the sight of her grandmother, Sanako. Sanako's eyes opened slowly staring forcefully into Sakura's eyes. Sakura felt charka surrounding her feet and slowly her entire body was slowly frozen. Obaa-chan was emitting charka from her eyes, why didn't I notice. Sakura silently cursed at her weakness.

"Sakura…" Sanako called slowly taking her every step towards Sakura slowly. Each slow step that made Sakura's heart jump faster then it already was. When Sanako finally reached Sakura, her pale hand reached out to stroke her face softly.

"Sakura…Sakura, my lovely grand daughter Sakura" said Sanako with a smile spread across her face while caressing Sakura's face. Her soft strokes suddenly threw her across the room slamming her again the wooden walls.

Sakura got up slowly, her right hand reached out to touch her right cheek where a swollen bruise was growing. The corner of her lips had a line of blood flowing down; Sakura eyes stared confused at her grandmother, unsure at what was going on.

"Smile Sakura, who taught you to smile like that in the afternoon? Who gave you a reason to smile?" said Sanako in a dark tone. "I saw you in training today, pathetically defeated and smiling?"

"Obaa-san I-" Sakura tried to explain in fear

"Failure is not an option for you, Sakura. Emotions will only get in the way, haven't I been telling you that since the beginning of your training?" Sanako's cold voice rang in her head. "You disappoint me Sakura."

The shoji doors slide open as attendants entered with their head slightly bowed in respect and fear. "The clan punishment" Sanako said with disgust motioning them to get ready.

Sakura eyes opened in fear as the group of male surrounded her each hold a rope or whip. Her body suddenly collapse to the wooden floor without any strength to carry herself. She couldn't resist at all, her energy were drained by her grandmother to make this punishment even more torturous.


Not this punishment…

Sakura was lifted up and tied using ropes on both hands, shaking servants lined in front of her afraid to look at her.

"Carry out the punishment, do not stop until I say so" commanded the clan head as she left the room.

Oba-san…Don't go

Don't leave me here alone

"Daijoubu, I won't blame you. Just do it" Sakura said weakly, the servant looked at her sadly and bowed to her "gomenasai Sakura-sama".

After that, it was all echoes of screams that filled the Haruno household.

3 days later

For the past three days, Sakura had failed to turn up for her group training. Team 7, you could say was getting very worried.

"Kakashi-sensei! Sakura-chan hasn't been here for 3 days" said Naruto loudly as usual.

The tall silver hair nin looked up from his literature book and scratched his head thoughtfully. "Her grandmother requested her absents for a week" told Kakashi suddenly remembering his conversation with the old Haruno head.

The silent Uchiha member suddenly raised a question with a slight tone of concern, "Is she, unwell?"

"Hmmmm, she might be. Are you worried?" Kakashi asked back with a questioning look behind his mask.

"No way!" Sasuke shouted suddenly looking away. He could feel his face getting warmer by the minute. Baka Sasuke! Haruno Sakura is your enemy; get that in your head!

Kakashi laughed softly while Naruto just looked confused "Sasuke-teme, you like Sakura-chan?"

"Urusai dobe", the tomato face shinobi remarked with his back facing the other two guys.

Kakashi continued his laughing as Naruto was getting ready to pick a fight with tomato face again.

"Let's go visit her shall we?" the Jounin told them. The two guys wrestling each other stopped fighting and nod their head.

Sakura's body fell upon the wooden flooring after the ropes around her wrist were untied. Her eyes barely could open and the impact on falling just worsened her wounds further. Open wounds marked her entire body, while surrounding servants rushed ahead to give her medical care.

For the last three days, the Haruno punishment did not stop. The clan head had ordered for a continuous whipping upon Sakura, and also for the last three days, all that could be heard was Sakura's screams.

The pink hair girl was laid on a futon with busy servants attending to her wounds; Sakura could only use this time to catch some sleep. Suddenly the door slide violently open with an urgent messenger.

All heads turned up to see the commotion, motioning the intruder to be silent and not disturb Sakura. However nevertheless, the signs were left unseen as the message rang by Sakura's ears.

"Sakura-sama, Sanako-sama request that you get ready to meet your guest. Team 7 is on the on the way to visit you" said the messenger formally.

Sakura's eyes opened tiredly, Team 7? Of all times why now…kuso…

"Sakura-sama, maybe you shouldn't meet them. You can barely stand up in this condition and with all the-"

"Get me my clothes with maximum coverage" Sakura interrupted. "Makiko-chan, I understand that you're worried but Team 7 will find it fishy if I don't meet them right? Daijoubu dayo." Sakura forced a smile to look cheerful.



Team 7 arrived outside the Haruno household, above the door was a huge sign with the Haruno crest. Marking the territory of the spring field clan, slowly the large wooden doors creaked loudly as the 3 shinobis could tell the doors were opened using charka.

"Welcome to Haruno mansion" greeted the servants lined at the side of the path leading to the main house.

Team 7 sat down on the cushions waiting for Sakura to arrive. The Haruno clan head entered the hall with Sakura walking behind her.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto exclaimed seeing Sakura

Sakura did not answer but stood next to her grandmother to greet her guest.

"Welcome and Arigatou for visiting our Sakura" Sanako said politely taking a small bow. Sakura followed suit enduring the pain from her wounds, her eyes shut tightly as she bowed hiding her expression. However this did not go unnoticed to the young Uchiha who did not take his eyes off her since she entered the hall.

Sanako kneeled down on the cushion ready to prepare tea for the guest while Sakura slowly descended on the cushion with help from Makiko. When the cushion came into contact with her skin, Sakura's eyes shut tightly with her hands gripping tightly onto Makiko's arms. Sakura was kneeling on her wound that had just been stitched up not long ago.

"Sakura-sama" whispered Makiko worriedly

"Daijoubu" Sakura whispered in pain, looking up to team 7. Her eyes brought up slowly came into connection with Sasuke.

The raven hair boy was staring right back at her, into the emerald eyes of hers. Onyx eyes of concern and pain was reflected back by the emerald, Sakura moved her eyes away and focus on the ground.

Sakura bit her bottom lips, enduring the pain on her knees, the stitches were cutting into her flesh. Blood soaked slowly into the cushion as Sakura was starting to break out in cold sweat. The suffering kunochi clamped her emerald eyes shut feeling the snapping of the stitched wound.

Kakashi eyed on Sakura carefully noticing the scent of blood in the atmosphere, so did Sanako. However before anyone could react, Sakura's consciousness gave in. Sasuke sitting nearest to the pale girl rushed forward catching the falling figure.


Sasuke shook Sakura softly but she remained unconscious. Naruto was busy screaming at Sanako, demanding answers from the quiet lady that did not move from her position throughout the commotion.

The raven hair Genin gently picked up the girl motioning the servant to lead the way to her room. Sakura's head rested softly against Sasuke's chest as he held her close to him, they were about to leave when Sanako spoke up.

"Uchiha-san" Sanako's voice boomed across the room.

Sasuke did not turn his head but proceeded walking ahead when guards came out, blocking any further advancement.

"Uchiha-san, we appreciate your concern towards our Sakura. However your worry is not necessary, Makiko will take care of her. Please hand her over to us now." There was a tone of danger in Sanako's voice, filled with hatred and coldness.

There was silent pause until Sasuke turned back slightly to speak to the Haruno clan head.

"I'm taking it from here, Sakura is my teammate." His tone with equal anger, but…he's eyes were the scariest. They were no longer the cold onyx eyes, replacing them were the red Sharingan of the Uchiha clan.

With that Sasuke walked out the hall, his glare hinted the horrible death that awaited them if they got in his way.

Sakura's Dream

Chibi Sakura was looking around Haruno mansion, looking for a companion to play since her grandmother did not let her out to play.

Her parents had left on a mission earlier that day and left her in the main house with her grandmother. For the past hour she had been opening every door of the mansion looking for something interesting. When she was walking towards the pond garden, she saw a little girl folding origami and went to join her.

"What are you doing?" Chibi Sakura asked curiously, giving the girl a fright from behind.

"I…I…I'm so sorry! I'll get back to work now!" the girl exclaimed and started running away.

Chibi Sakura started laughing loudly and called out to the girl to come back. The brown hair girl turned back shyly and bowed to her.

"I'm Sakura, whats you name?" the pink hair girl looked at the brown hair girl that had her head bowed lowly afraid to look up.

"Naomi" she said very softly, but chibi Sakura heard it and smiled to herself. Finally she had found someone close to her age, all along her grandmother only allowed her to meet older sparing opponents.

The two girls enjoyed the afternoon, not knowing the consequences that awaited them.

Chibi Sakura skipped into the main hall where her grandmother was sitting there drinking tea.

"Obaa-san!" chibi Sakura called out happily running towards her.

Her grandmother looked up at her and questioned her seriously, "Where have you been all afternoon? You've missed 3 training practices today."

"Daijoubu Obaa-san, I'll do extra tomorrow. Today! I met a girl of the same age as me…" chibi Sakura started telling her day to her grandmother who had her eyes closed while she drank her tea.

"Sakura" Sanako interrupted her, "This behavior is not allowed in the Haruno clan, for that you will be punished."

"Demo, it was just one day! I hardly get to play at all…" whined the younger girl.

Servants started entering the rooms holding ropes, afraid to look up at Sanako. Sakura looked at them and then to her grandmother confusingly.


"This is something I would not tolerate a future clan leader to say" Sanako said sharply before motioning for the servants to go ahead. The servant caught the limps of the young child and tied them.

Sanako prepared to leave the room when chibi Sakura shouted out to her, "Obaa-san don't go! Don't leave me here!"

Sanako took a glance at her then left the room, leaving chibi Sakura to defend herself.

Chibi Sakura despite her tied hand tried to reach out to her but the door had already closed, closing off any light from the outside.

Oba-san…Don't go

Don't leave me here alone

After that, her mind was too preoccupied with pain to even matter. Naomi was never seen in Haruno mansion again.

Sakura's right hand shot up touching the air, Sasuke sitting at her bedside held her pale hand between his palms. Looking at her, he caught a tear slide down from her right eye before softly whispering.

"Oba-san… Don't leave me here alone."

Sasuke held her hand tightly before placing it by her side. He didn't know that was going on with the wounds and her tears but Sasuke knew something…He's heart was aching for her.

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