Valentines Day


Valentines Day is coming up! And Sakura doesn't know what to do...should she ask Sasuke to be her Valentine? Meanwhile Sasuke just realises what Sakura Meant to him...what will he do now? Will it be in time for Valentines Day? first Fanfic! Just in Time for Valentines Day too...14-2-05

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"text" dialogue

'text' thought/ what the character is thinking

The Day that comes only once a year. The day that unites lovers everywhere to step forward and confess their love… Valentines Day

This day, however, seems to scare Sasuke Uchiha. Although it only comes once a year, Sasuke has to run and hide all day in order to get away from his 'fan-club' Every year its always the same…

Fan girl 1: "Sasuke-kun! Will you be my Valentine?"

Fan girl 2: " No! Of course he wouldn't want to be your Valentine when he can be MINE!"

Fan girl 3: "Sasuke-kun! I LOVE YOU! Please be my Valentine!"

And the fan club argues amongst each other, chasing after cutie Sasuke. Every girl screaming out "WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?"

Of course Uchiha Sasuke never accepted any of them. He always thought of them as annoying and a burden to his goal in life. 'Love was for the weak' he always tell himself and runs to get away from them as far away as possible.

But something about this year changed his mind…

Chapter 1: The Day Before Valentines Day

Sakura wakes up to the ringing of her alarm clock. She looks at her pink heart-shaped alarm- 7:00am

With a yawn she sits up on her bed and rubs her eyes. Then with another yawn she peers over at the calender on her bedside table- February 13th.

'hmm…tomorrow's Valentines Day… I'll ask Sasuke-kun to be my Valentine today!' Sakura closed her eyes and giggled at the thought as she hugged her pillow closer to her.

'but… I know that he'll refuse…' her happy smile dropped to a small sad one.

'What should I do?…' She pondered for a moment.

'His 'fan club' will probably be asking him all day tomorrow and if I ask him as well…he'll probably think that I am just as annoying as his fan club and maybe hate me even more…' A tear fell from the corner of her eye.

' …I just… don't want him to be lonely…' Sakura thought as she wiped away the single tear.

Sakura looked over at her clock again- 7:10am

'I'll think about it when I am walking to the meeting place'

And with that thought she got out of bed, showered and got ready to leave to meet her team for the missions for that day.

They were suppose to meet at 8:00 but Sakura left her house at 7:45 and got there early. Kakashi-sensei will probably be 3 hours late and Naruto might come an hour before that. Sasuke probably woke up even earlier to train in the forest so Sakura just sat there alone at their meeting place

'Hmm…should I even bother asking Sasuke-kun to be my valentine?'

Sakura thought hard about this. In the end she just thought 'No'.

'Sasuke will probably think that I am just a burden to him and hate me even more… he's too focused on being an 'avenger' and will probably hate me even more for asking…No, I won't bother asking him…it'll only make things worse.'

Sakura was sitting at their meeting place on the bridge. She had her knees bent and she was hugging them as she thought about Sasuke.

Sasuke was walking to their meeting place after a few hours of training in the morning. While thinking of a new jutsu he was practicing a new thought came into mind.

'Today is February 13th…hmmm…...Oh No…Tomorrow is Valentines Day!'

Sasuke hits his forehead with his hand

'Oh no, its been a year already?' he asked himself

'I'm gonna have to find a place to hide for the day, coz refusing them just won't work!'

While thinking about it, Sakura came into view.

'Well I guess that Sakura will ask me as well, so, its better to get it over and done with'

But this was not how he felt. Deep down he wanted to accept Sakura's invitation and spend the whole day with her. When he is with her, her presence doesn't seem annoying but rather welcoming. When he is with her, he actually forgets his goal in life and enjoys her presence, though he never showed and was planning to keep it that way too.

Sakura heard footsteps and breaks away from her thoughts to see who was coming. Sakura sees Sasuke and stood up to greet him.

"Ohayo Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yells while waving and smiling sweetly at him

"Ohayo." He replies in a monotone, still walking towards the bridge. When he arrived, he leaned against the bridge railing opposite to Sakura and closed his eyes.

'She's going to ask me...' he thought.

Sakura shifted a bit, now looking at the ground in front of her.
"Umm…Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked in her soft voice, which made his heart leap a bit.

'See? So predictable' Saskue thought.

"Hn?" Sasuke replied in his usual cold voice.

"Umm…have you seen Lee-san?"

"No" Sasuke replied a little too quickly.

There was a silent pause.

'Why isn't she asking me about tomorrow? Why isn't she asking me to be her Valentine like I predicted?… Why do I Care?

Sasuke broke the silence with his monotone voice.

"Why?" Sasuke asked out of curiosity.

"Oh…umm…well…" Sakura's cheeks reddened a bit. This annoyed Sasuke some how.

Sakura was still looking at the ground but then lifted her gaze to see Sasuke. He was staring straight at her, waiting for the answer. When Sakura met his gaze she quickly looked back at the ground trying to hide her red face. She shifted uncomfortably a bit before replying.

"I…just…wanted to ask him…to be my… Valentine for tomorrow…" Sakura said shyly looking away from him and blushing even more.

Sasuke was lost for words by what she had just said so he replied with an "Aa."

Sasuke felt a weird feeling surge over him, a feeling he had never felt before. He suddenly got the urge to challenge and defeat Rock Lee but for what reason, he just couldn't think of.

'What! She's going to ask thick brows to be her valentine instead of me? Knowing his love for her he'd probably be jumping with joy. Why isn't she asking ME?'

Sasuke Shifted slightly, uncomfortably, and he closed his eyes again.

'Why do I feel this way? What is this Feeling?'

Back to Sakura…

'Hmm, since I know that Sasuke-kun will reject me, like usual, I might as well ask Lee-san… I know that he won't let me down.' Sakura was back in deep thought and a small smile tugged at the side of her lips when she knew that Rock Lee wouldn't let her down. Then the thought of Sasuke being lonely on Valentines Day hit her. She felt really guilty now. Her heart seemed to ache at the thought.

' Aww… I was so busy thinking about MY valentine when Sasuke –kun will be all by himself. Hmm…maybe I should reconsider…no… I can't think of a way to change what I've just said…I'll just leave it at that then, I won't ask Lee-san… if Sasuke-kun is going to be lonely…then I'll be too…after all…its only for one day right?'

While Sakura had been thinking, Sasuke had opened his eyes and without realizing, was staring unconsciously at Sakura. He had seen the small smile tugging on the side of her beautiful, plump lips and felt anger surge through his body again.

'What is this feeling? Is it…jealousy? No, Why would I be jealous of fuzzy eyebrows? It's not like I like her or anything—'

Then at that moment it hit him like a hard rock. HE liked Sakura…No…He LOVES her. This realization came unexpected and Sasuke didn't want Sakura to be Lee's Valentine. He wanted her to be HIS…

'What am I going to do?'

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