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Chapter 14: SasuSaku Part IX-

A Happy Valentine's Day

It was a warm night compared to the night before. The gentle breeze blew Sakura's long hair and making it sway gently. Sasuke just couldn't help but stare in awe at how beautiful Sakura looked. When Sakura noticed, she turned her head to look at Sasuke with a smile plastered on her face. He in response quickly looked at the road in front of him and pretended that he was trying to remember the way to her house. He felt his cheeks burn and silently cursed to himself.Sakura giggled slightly at this and retuned her gaze to the single red rose she was holding.

The stars twinkled like diamonds in the dark night sky. The journey was silent and only the sound of footsteps scrapping against the concrete pavement could be heard. The warm breeze seemed relaxing as it brushed against their cheeks. Sasuke once again fell into deep thought as how to give the gift to Sakura.

Naruto had walked Hinata home to the Hyuuga Mansion she lived in. They entered the huge white gates and proceeded to the large oak doors.

"So…Umm…Hinata-chan?" Naruto said as he scratched his head and a red tinge rose onto his cheeks.

"Y-Yes N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata replied. There they stood on the porch of the mansion.

"W-Would you like to have R-Ramen w-with me tomorrow afternoon?" he asked as he smiled widely at the girl.

Hinata's eyes widened in surprise as her cheeks reddened even more if that was possible.

'D-Did N-Naruto-kun j-just ask me out? This isn't a d-dream is it?'


"Its ok if you don't want to Hinata-chan…" He sounded disappointed.

"No! No… I do N-Naruto-kun…Sure! I-I'll have ramen w-with you tomorrow…" she replied as she looked away shyly.

"Really?" Naruto asked to make sure that his ears weren't failing him. His face lit up in happiness.

Hinata nodded.

"That's Great!" Naruto cheered. "So I'll see you tomorrow then?"

Hinata nodded once again in reply, though this time she lifted her gaze to meet his. She smiled sweetly at him and he grinned back.

Naruto suddenly without thinking leaned in and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Hinata was caught off guard and she gasped in shock at the sudden action. Her cheeks began to burn in every shade of red.

"Good night sweet Hinata-chan!" Naruto bid as he began to walk backwards towards the gate. He did not want to leave without seeing her safely inside the mansion.

Hinata was still stunned by his kiss and it took a while for the words he had just said to sink in.

Because Naruto was walking backwards, he had forgotten about he step off the porch and tripped over.

"Ahh!" He fell backward and landed on his back.
Hinata snapped out of her trance at this and giggled slightly at this.

Naruto quickly got back up onto his feet and grinned nervously with cheeks red from embarrassment.
"G-Good night Naruto-kun." With one last smile she entered the large oak doors.

Naruto seeing her safely inside walked out of the gates and began to dance cheerfully in joy back to his house.

"D-Did you have a happy Valentine's Day Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked to break the uncomfortable silence around them.


Sakura just blinked. 'Hn' was his answer to most things. It could mean Yes, No, Maybe, Never, and the list goes on.

They were walking pretty close to each other and occasionally their hands would brush against each other. Sakura smiled and took his hand in hers. He in response linked his fingers with hers. Sasuke didn't know how to express his feelings in words so he acted instead. Nothing needed to be said. It was like they understood each other and just appreciated each other's presence.

Soon Sakura's house came into view. Both had wished that the journey were longer as their hands broke apart upon reaching the gates.

'Oh no! Come on Sasuke! Think!' Sasuke thought. He was still thinking about how to give his 'Valentine's Gift' to Sakura. His thoughts trailed back to the Kimono Dolls. 'I know!'

They walked through the gates and stood on the porch. Sakura turned to look at Sasuke.

"Umm…thank you for a wonderful day Sasuke-kun!" She smiled sweetly at him. "Even though it was Kakashi-sensei's idea." She added.

"Aa." Was all that he replied. 'Well go on! Give it to her!' His mind urged.

"U-Umm, Sakura?"


"W-would you like to swap dolls? I-I think that you would like this one better." He looked at the ground in front of him as a tinge of red became present on his cheeks.

Sakura blinked.


She reached into her bag to take out the pink box that contained the doll.

Sasuke had his back facing Sakura as he 'pretended' to dig through his bag for the box when really, he was slipping something around the doll and placing it back into the box with a note. He quickly replaced the lid and turned back around to face Sakura.

They swapped boxes and Sasuke smiled one of his rare smiles at her. She smiled back as a red tinge crept onto her face.

"Thanks." They both said at the same time, which made Sakura giggle.

"Anyways, Good Night Sasuke-kun!" Sakura bid and as she did, she took a step forward and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Sasuke's eyes widened in shock, he was caught off guard by the sudden action. He looked at the pink-haired angel and saw her face blushing furiously.His heart began to race, his mind quickly reacting to his intentions.

Sakura quickly opened her door and was about to dash in when Sasuke grabbed her wrist. She turned around but before she was able to say anything, he had leaned in and captured her lips with his. Sakura's eyes widened in shock as she stared at the Uchiha's face only a few mere inches from hers. Her heart began to beat harder and faster against her chest. She could feel the blood rush up to her face and the heartbeats got louder, so loud that she could've sworn that he heard it. Before she could react to his action, Sasuke slowly broke the kiss. She stared into his onyx orbs that were staring back into hers with eyes narrowed dreamily.

'Sasuke-kun kissed me? This isn't a dream is it?' Sakura thought. 'Shut UP and kiss him back!' Inner Sakura exclaimed.

Sasuke didn't know what had possessed him to do what he did just now but he did not want to move from the position he was in now either. He was still holding onto her hand in his and he had his forehead leaning on hers. He could feel her warm breath caressing his lips and continued to gaze into her green orbs that were still widened in shock. He began to pull away, kind of regretting his action.

It was then that Sakura was knocked out of her trance and reacted. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him back, making their lips collide once again. Their eyes fell shut as their lips met.

"HELL YEAH!" Inner Sakura exclaimed. Her lips were soft against his as they fitted perfectly together. Time seemed to have stopped, as they both did not want the moment to end. Sakura broke the kiss and pulled away slowly after what seemed liked eternity. She removed her arms that were once wrapped around his neck and stood there with a totally flushed face. There was a red tinge on Sasuke's face also.

"U-umm… Good N-Night Sasuke-kun…"She stuttered out and smiled at him before dashing into her house and closing the door before he could reply. The soft click from the door snapped Sasuke out of his trance.

"Good Night… Sakura…" He turned around, walked out of the gates and began his journey to the other end of Konoha where his apartment was.

Sakura leaned against her front door. Her face was burning and she felt her knees go weak. Sakura let out a squeal.

"I JUST KISSED SASUKE-KUN!" She cried out. Inner Sakura took over and let out a hearty "HELL YEAH!"

She giggled a while whilst recalling the moment before finally picking up her bag and headed up stairs to her room. She dropped her bag onto her bed and grabbed her things to go take a shower before going to bed.

Sasuke walked up to his bedroom and changed into his sleeping gear; a black singlet top and navy shorts, which showed his well toned abs. (A/N: HOTTIE! -squeals–drools-XP)

He took out the pink box containing the doll and sat on his bed. He removed the lid and took out the pink kimono doll. The pink hair of the doll swayed in movement as he held it in his hand. He smiled. The pink hair reminded him so much of the kunoichi. He hoped that she had liked the gift he had given her. The image of Sakura's sweet smile appeared in his mind and he thought back to the kiss earlier that night.

After a while, Sasuke placed the doll on his bedside table, right next to the photograph of team seven. Noticing the picture, he picked up the frame and gazed at it for a while, particularly at the smiling angel in the centre. He replaced the photo and with the image of Sakura and her cheery smile imprinted in his head.

Sasuke turned off the lights and closed his eyes as he snuggled into his bed covers. The moonlight shone onto his face through his window and you could see a rare smile that was plastered on his usual expressionless face. (A/N: Kya -heartshaped eyes- So kawaii! XD)

Sakura came out of the bathroom in her sleeping gear, a white thin-strap singlet top and some pj pants that were pink. She had a towel wrapped around her pink locks. She hung up her white dress she had worn that evening and preceded to her dressing table, where she dried and brushed her hair to rid of all the tangles. Once done and satisfied, she got up and headed towards her bed. She was about to climb when she noticed the blue box she next to her bag. 'Hmm, I never actually got a good look at Sasuke's doll…'

Curiosity got the better of her and she picked up the blue box containing the Kimono Doll. She sat down on her bed and rested the box on her lap. She took off the lid and took out the kimono doll. Something glistened in the light that was on the doll. Her eyes went wide as she gasped at what she saw. There was a silver charm bracelet that hung like a sash across the doll. Sakura removed the bracelet and examined it.

'funny, that wasn't there before when I last saw it.' She thought.

Upon closer examination she noticed that the charms on the silver bracelet were little fat cherry blossoms, and on each one were the letters that spelt out her name in gold; S-A-K-U-R-A. The cherry blossom charms were painted pink and outlined in silver.

She loved it. Sakura unlocked the bracelet and slipped it onto her wrist. Once locked again she twisted her wrist side to side making it glisten in the light. After admiring its beauty, she looked back into the blue box to see if there was something she had missed. Indeed, there was. She pulled out the tissue paper and right on the bottom, there was a blue piece of paper folded in half. She took it out and opened it and inside was a big red heart-shaped piece of cut-out with a message written in silver pen.


I wanted to tell you that you mean a lot to me but I couldn't think of a way to do it but give you this card. I want you to know that I Love You. I can't imagine life without you.AishiteruSakura. I hope that you feel the same way too. I hope that you liked your Valentine's Day present. (the silver charm bracelet)

Happy Valentine's day…

Love, Sasuke

There was an Uchiha fan printed next to his name.

(A/N: realli OOC i know... XP gomen...)
Sakura read the card over and over again, each time bringing more tears to her eyes, tears of joy. Her love has been returned and she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

"Aishiteru too…Sasuke-kun…Aishiteru…" She whispered as a happy smile appeared on her face. Words alone could not explain or describe how happy she was right now. This day was recorded as the best day of her life- Valentine's Day.

Sakura crawled into bed, with her bracelet on and took the kimono doll with her. The doll reminded her so much of her dear Sasuke-kun. Once she lay in a comfortable position, she reached over to switch off the light but paused a bit when a certain photograph caught her eye. She smiled as her gaze fell onto the scowling expression on the raven-haired boy on the left. Her fingers drifted over his lightly before once again reaching over and switching off the light. Sakura snuggled up to the bed covers and held the doll close to her heart. 'Heh… you were right Sasuke-kun… I do like this doll better…' The smile she wore remained there until she drifted off into her dreamland.


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